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Trust Your Gut!


If I were to get up on a soapbox and give a speech, there would be only two topics to cover. Today I will show you the reason you can and should always trust your gut. When I did, that action saved my life.

When I found a lump in my breast, the oncology surgeon asked when I wanted the lumpectomy scheduled. “No,” I said with a demanding sort of calm, “I want you to remove both of them. Yes, that’s right,” I confirmed, as my bold redhead friend’s jaw dropped to the floor. She had always been more courageous than I, a meek and mild-mannered person. I kind of surprised myself, I guess, but all of a sudden when the doctor asked me that question, I found courage and strength – and yes, boldness – things which I didn’t know I had in me.

It turns out that the “clean” breast was tested after surgery, and it was found to have pre-cancerous cells. No wonder my gut knew before I did what I was supposed to do.

My breast cancer was very aggressive, it was determined. If I had paid so much attention to it that I left the “clean” breast alone, I might have had to have two surgeries and two sets of chemotherapy – if I even caught the second one in time.

Encouragement for the day: If your body seems like it is trying to send you a signal, you would be wise to heed it. Don’t let anyone sway you out of doing what you know needs to be done (or not done). And believe me – your courage will show up just in time.

Author: Debb Stanton

I am an optimistic, positive person who is a seven year cancer survivor. Since that time I have learned that getting a cancer diagnosis does not always mean an automatic death sentence. I like to share my hope with others and continue to encourage them - no matter who they are or what they need encouragement for. I write poems, prayers, articles, and stories. Recently the premiere issue of my online magazine, launched. Thank you for visiting!

2 thoughts on “Trust Your Gut!

  1. Trusting these instincts may indeed be one way our Creator and Savior can communicate with us on some very important things. Of course, this does not happen always, but there are some imp occasions in life when it does, please take this in balance! I am not saying God directs every single thought or circumstance, we have a lot to do also!

    • Exactly. I mentioned “Body signals” as a way of me knowing for myself that the courage and definitive feelings I have are not something ordinary but ones that need to be taken seriously. For me, relying on these signals is not magic, just sort of self knowledge – and maybe even faith. Hope this makes sense…

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