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English: Blonde girl Русский: Блондинка

English: Blonde girl Русский: Блондинка (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Aichi Prefectural Arts Theater

English: Aichi Prefectural Arts Theater (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A baby carriage with sled runners at ...

English: A baby carriage with sled runners at the IXL Museum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So why am I writing about actors and actresses?  Because I was thinking of a funny story about my theater arts class in high school.

The final exam in my theater arts class was in the form of a play I put on with some of my classmates.  So, nerves and our final grades were on the line.

I was backstage during one of the scenes, waiting for my cue to enter stage left.  I remember being totally engrossed with the scene I was hearing played on the other side of the curtain.  I wasn’t paying attention to the janitor who for some reason chose this, of all times, to mess with stuff backstage.

Here I was, very shy at that time in my life, trying to look like a grandma for my part and finding out that baby powder put into blonde hair does not gray hair make.  I wore cat-eye glasses because the setting of the play was the 1950s-60s.  The baby carriage, supposedly holding my character’s grandchild for the next scene, was placed at the flat top of the long sloping ramp backstage.

Joe the Janitor was standing just a little past the top of the ramp, and like I said, I was not watching him but I figured this out later.

Joe bent over to pick up the nails that the crew building the ramp had forgotten to pick up.  Joe’s backside nudged the baby carriage into action.  Before we could say “crash alert!”, the baby buggy rolled down the ramp at lightning speed and crashed into the sheets of plate glass clear on the opposite side of the backstage.  (How come Joe wasn’t concerned about the safety of the glass like he was worried about nails on the floor?)

I am glad there was not a live baby in the buggy.  I did wonder if the audience heard the crash, which was confirmed to me later.  So much for a good final grade!

It all ended well.  During the scene where Joe was active backstage, something heavy was going on in the story.  It turns out the scene had to do with thugs in a downtown area after midnight, and when the crash was heard, it seemed to fit into the scene very well.  The sounds of glass breaking and shattering just made the thievery and maliciousness of the thugs more believable!  And because of this, our teacher Ms. Thornberg did not mark us down for the backstage noise.  In fact, our play, one out of four, won the top prize.  🙂

Michal Trowbridge, young, blonde hair, teddy

Michal Trowbridge, young, blonde hair, teddy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





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