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Writing Fun!


Ice Skating in Beijing

Ice Skating in Beijing (Photo credit:

A newer, plastic-wrapped Hershey Bar

A newer, plastic-wrapped Hershey Bar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and co...

cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and cocoa powder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s the chance to get rid of writer’s block OR do this simple exercise just for the stretching of your writing muscles and fun of it.

Here’s the assignment my writing prof gave me, and my answer is below.

Q.  Choose a childhood memory that’s important to you (or make one up).  Write about how you used all five senses to take it all in.

A.  I went ice-skating at a park down the street every year that I was a child.  The crunch of the hard-packed snow as I walked was very evident.  When I got to the warming house, the old, washed-out white painted one room shanty, it was like coming home.  It was fun to walk on the floors with my ice skates on and choose one of four built-in benches, one for each wall and little window, to sit on.  For once no one yelled at me to take my shoes off in the house!  Then, the year that our Girl Scout leader came to go skating, she was an absolute angel – she had brought two thermos’ of hot chocolate!  The big white marshmallows drifted into the chocolate, and that was the first and last time I drank hot chocolate that tasted like a melted Hershey bar!  Mmm.  Once outside, the frosty air made my cheeks rosy, and the almost-sleet-snowflakes stung me, like hundreds of tiny needles.  My hand-knit mittens were a gift directly from Sweden.  They were scratchy on my hands, but at least the yarn was very thick and colorful, and my little world was at peace.  I was overly confident as I skated around the rink, faster and faster, until I wiped out.  (I also played the piano, and did other things, way too fast too!)  Finally, back in the warming house, the heat from the pot-bellied stove warmed me so much that I felt very relaxed and tired.  The warming house had that good aroma of burning wood, which to me has always smelled so good.  Little by little, the warming house cleared out, until there were only a few of the “big kids” left.  I looked up to see the ticking clock on the wall…nine o’clock p.m. was my time to be home, so I dejectedly trudged home.  I did not want my skating adventure to come to an end.


Author: Debb Stanton

I am an optimistic, positive person who is a seven year cancer survivor. Since that time I have learned that getting a cancer diagnosis does not always mean an automatic death sentence. I like to share my hope with others and continue to encourage them - no matter who they are or what they need encouragement for. I write poems, prayers, articles, and stories. Recently the premiere issue of my online magazine, launched. Thank you for visiting!

9 thoughts on “Writing Fun!

  1. Debb,

    YOU brighten up our day! We are so thrilled to hear that a) you decided to buy it and b) you thought of us in that moment. Vibrant colors are essential in a season that is filled with grays and blacks! Rock that hot pink purse!!!


    The Ultimate Betties

  2. Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Very helpful information particularly the last part 🙂 I care for such info much. I was seeking this particular information for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  3. This is a great idea! Thank you for sharing, we will definitely keep it in mind next time we get stuck:)

    • Thanks! Also glad you liked “The Declaration of Intelligence and Intuition.” 🙂

    • Hi again –
      By the way, I was thinking of you ladies when I was shopping for a purse lately. I wanted to call you right there and then because I was thinking of buying a HOT PINK PURSE FOR WINTER! And your post about doing one new thing in November must have struck a chord….I did buy it! And I don’t care what people think. I mean, my winter coat is hot pink …. so why not? 🙂 Besides, I like bright colors (some, not all) in the winter.
      Whadd’ya think? :0) Debb

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