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The Golden Age of Four

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goodbye hug

goodbye hug (Photo credit: kev_walsh)

I started babysitting neighborhood kids at age 12.  As the years went by, I got very popular and couples would literally fight over who could hire me for New Year’s Eve.

Then, I was a live-in nanny in an Ann Arbor suburb.  My two precious charges were a boy, age 4, and a girl, age 2.   (Note to Rocky and Nannette:  if you are reading this, please get in touch with me!)

I’ve often thought about the kids I babysat for, how all the four-year-olds were my delight.  Here’s why:  they’re old enough to communicate with you but usually too young to sass you.

Here’s a story Rocky told me:

[All summer I had been pointing things out to the kids and taking them to the library so we could find out about different animals and birds and what they liked to eat and where they slept, et cetera.  So one day I asked Rocky a question to see what he thought]

Debbie:  “Rocky, remember that bug I showed you on the sidewalk before we went to visit the people across the street? ”  (I think it was a caterpillar.)  “Well, it’s gone now.  Where do you suppose he went?”

Rocky:  “Oh, I’m sure his mother must have called him in for supper.”  Out of the mouth of babes!  Love it!

Thanks for the memories, Rocky, wherever you are…


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