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Fanciful depiction of cotton by John Mandevill...

Fanciful depiction of cotton by John Mandeville, featuring sheep instead of cotton bolls. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I saw a question today about someone possibly having an allergy to a cotton blanket.

I’m no allergist, but I have many allergies, so I think I may be able to answer the question.

What you may be experiencing is allergic dermatitis, which is a rash that comes from your body protecting itself against certain allergens.

Wool is a covering that many people are allergic to, but I have not heard that about cotton.   So….my guess is perhaps your skin is reacting to the laundry soap or softener used to wash the blanket.  You can switch to a fragrance free detergent (luckily, they come in an HE formula too) and see if this helps.

Hold the applause till next year.  🙂

Author: Debb Stanton

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