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Today Sunshine Factor welcomes my friend Tom Lucas to the writing board.  I really appreciate his poetry because it lets me know that I’m not the only one who thinks and feels like I do…


on the way to a new destination

on the way to a new destination


It’s Hard to Move Slowly


I was in Cape Canaveral driving

Headed to a housewarming

Not sure where I was going

The first time driving somewhere


Is always a bit irritating.


Silence, looking for the turn

GPS barks “turn right”

So I do. It’s not the

Right turn at all.


I turned right, but it wasn’t right.


It was some dead-end RV park

As dead as Cape Canaveral dreams.

Ratty metal boxes, and a single dirt road

I wanted out fast, but had to go slow.


Stupid 5 mph speed limit in the joint.


I can’t go 5 miles per hour.

I can’t even sit at 5 miles per hour.

So I didn’t. I needed to get back on track.

Then, from somewhere unseen


A voice yells, “SLOW DOWN!”


Dammit, really?

This is how you spend your day?

I’m not even supposed to be here.

This wasn’t my choice of destination.


Part of me wanted to stop the car and smack this guy.


Instead, I kept going and eventually

Made it out and to the party.

But I thought about that voice

And who was behind it.


A lone guardsman against perceived chaos.


Sitting deep in a sea of aging tin cans

Retirement plans choked by weeds

A sad dirt road winding through them

On a chair, staring at the blankness of it all.

I never want to be that guy.


by Tom Lucas



Tom has a blog on WordPress – check out   His latest book Leather to the Corinthians premiered on 12/12/12 to the excitement and applause of many.   He continues to teach,  is hard at work on his next book,  and still offers his unique commentaries.


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