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Pier One Review

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I may have mentioned that I was going to change my kitchen colors and style once the new furniture came.   I came up with a great one (French Country) which uses 2 of my favorite colors.  Generally, French Country (for kitchens, that is) is made up of cobalt blue, red, yellow, green, and even rust (dark orange).

I’ve always called my kitchen a “country kitchen” because it has tall ceilings and lots of room above the cupboards.  My mom’s teacup collection used to grace that space, and now I’ve made room for other things.   I put a huge (16 quart, I think) red stockpot on one end, a big picnic basket in the middle (because FC likes to use natural woods), and a soup tureen at the other end.   I then filled in the available space with some other kitchen articles up there to bring out all the colors of this scheme.  It’s been fun climbing up there and adding to my display.

So how does this have to do with Pier One, you ask?  I’m getting to that…yesterday on my day off I decided to go to Pier One to buy little white ceramic dishes that you can use for dips – because I wanted several dishes on hand to feed my cats.   I found them, and then some.     I bought a big rooster painting (roosters and sunflowers are very big in FC) and some other pieces.  That is what I’m ecstatic about – most of the things were on sale that I bought, and all fit into my French Country plan.    Now my decorating is complete 🙂 —

They also had cool wall sculptures made of painted tin and other materials.


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