The Sunshine Factor

where sunshine is a way of life




it’s been here a lot lately

and even the earthworms have noticed


They get flooded out of their homes

under the grass

and come up to the roadside to breathe


Why do they not stay at the side of the street

and congregate together as if waiting for a bus?

Perhaps they think the dirt is more dry

across the street

They run the risk of being flattened by others

but they inch along anyway


These little guys deserve some credit

they aerate the dirt where they live

and are like little gardeners in their own right

Their homes are in danger of being washed out

but still they keep plodding along


Maybe we can take a lesson

from these simple, linear creatures

Author: Debb Stanton

I am an optimistic, positive person who is a seven year cancer survivor. Since that time I have learned that getting a cancer diagnosis does not always mean an automatic death sentence. I like to share my hope with others and continue to encourage them - no matter who they are or what they need encouragement for. I write poems, prayers, articles, and stories. Recently the premiere issue of my online magazine, launched. Thank you for visiting!

7 thoughts on “Earthworms

  1. Love it! You really made me picture them as little individuals. 🙂

  2. I used to collect worms in the rain at night with friends when I was a kid . It was great fun hunting worms with flashlights . It was even more fun fishing the next day catching Bluegills, Sunfish and happy memories to last a lifetime . Smiles to you

  3. I love earthworms. When I dig my garden and see them squirming around in their dozens, I know my garden bed is healthy.

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