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For Sensitive Skin and Stomachs



Goat’s milk has long been known for being good for sensitive stomachs, and babies who cannot digest cow’s milk find a good replacement in goat’s milk. Yes, I’ve tried it, buying first goat’s milk and then cheese at my local health food store. Now, however, even my regular grocery store carries the milk.

The same properties that make goat’s milk good for sensitive stomachs is what makes it super for external use as well. Sensitive skin like I have (including rosacea) is calmed by using goat’s milk soap.

My friend Jennifer and her sister make these handmade soaps as well as other delights. (See her calling card above, web address below.)  I tried the soap on my face this morning, and even in midafternoon, my skin feels fresh and not dry at all. I also have some of their natural mineral makeup too. It is the first makeup I’ve used that I am glad to have on my face – seriously, all other brands, no matter how expensive, have always made me feel like removing it immediately. This one feels like it’s not even on my face, it is so light. And it makes my skin look even better!

Thank you, Jennifer, for giving me the soap and makeup for my birthday. I can’t wait to try all your other delicious scents. From the looks of your website, each bar of soap is actually a work of art, so beautifully made. I am really a firm believer now! You didn’t ask me to advertise for you, but I told you I would be blogging about this. 🙂

Here’s where you can find Jennifer on email and on the Web:

Just tell her Debb sent you! 🙂

To my male friends: I think it is phenomenal how many scents the goat milk soaps come in. But – never fear – there are some scents that are manly or neutral, so they’re even good for men!

Author: Debb Stanton

I am an optimistic, positive person who is a seven year cancer survivor. Since that time I have learned that getting a cancer diagnosis does not always mean an automatic death sentence. I like to share my hope with others and continue to encourage them - no matter who they are or what they need encouragement for. I write poems, prayers, articles, and stories. Recently the premiere issue of my online magazine, launched. Thank you for visiting!

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