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Hi, I’m Debbie Loesel Stanton.   My friends call me Debb…

Disclaimer:  I do not represent or compete with Sunshine Factor Bird and Pet Foods, its affiliates, and publishers.  Any similarity in name is purely coincidental.

A little about me:  I grew up in Frankenmuth, Michigan until the age of 7, when I moved with my family to Traverse City, Michigan.  From there I moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1984.

I am a:  writer, small-time philosopher, small-time get out of debt and  stay that way advisor, big-time lover of  people/animals/nature/beautiful writing/beautiful poetry/beauty-period/peace/photography; a reader, cancer survivor, comforting and encouraging friend, bringer of sunshine to the soul and spirit, and appreciator of life.

I am for:  peace, love, joy, and other such blessings; fairness, equality, and respect.

I am against:  hatred, violence, abortion, abuse of people and animals, wasting the earth’s natural resources, and judging one another.

My political stance:   I believe we each need to study the arguments and vote according to what our conscience states, and not what side we think we are supposed to be on.  Suffice it to say, just make sure you get out and vote.

What my blog is for and about:  a smile for your day, loving thoughts and encouragement, sometimes whimsy,  sometimes a recipe or two, a movie review here and there, and always a love of life that I hope to pass on to others.  I’ve been writing a lot of poems since being on this blog but I also write in other forms.   I post daily because there is so much we can talk about. . . I welcome your comments.  Please keep in touch!

Thank you for joining me on this adventure we call life.

41 thoughts on “About

  1. Good to meet you. 🙂

  2. Hi there Debb and thanks so much for stopping by my blog. It’s great to be hanging out at yours. I love your about page and wondered if you could put a live photo up so we can see the beautiful person behind the beautiful words. I say this because when I saw your avatar on my site, I nearly didn’t visit you because I suspect these kinds of photos as spam. Then I would have missed out on such a great blog. Just a suggestion in case there are others like me. Merry Christmas and I look forward to getting to know you better. Thanks again for the blog support. I’m a newbie!

    • Merry Christmas, Charmaine! I am very fortunate indeed that you decided to read my blog even with my cartoon picture up there! It turns out that you are not alone, Charmaine – I just received another request asking for my real picture. 🙂 Starting January 4th, this blog will be part of a new online magazine – written by me and other people – and I will have real photos there. I hope you like the new mag – it will have lots of different features and a chance for other people to submit their artwork or poems or stories, etc. Anyways, I am very glad to support you as a newbie blogger. Yay! I do like your blog, and I too looking forward to a friendship with you. Blessings!

  3. Hi there Debbie thanks for stopping by my blog and it’s great to stop by yours. I’d love to see a real live photo of the person behind the passion! Your about page is so personable so I’d like to see who’s behind these beautiful words. Thanks for your support and Merry Christmas.

    • Hi! Nice to meet you; a very Merry Christmas to you, too! Thanks for wanting to see a picture of me. 🙂 Interesting you ask that, because when my new magazine launches on January 4th (this blog will be a part of that), you’ll be seeing quite a bit of “real me” photos. 🙂 Stay tuned!

  4. Hey Debb, why aren’t I getting notification when you post to your blog?

    • I’m glad you asked, Lyni, because I wasn’t aware of the problem: it looks like somehow my computer gobbled up your name from my followers’ list. 😦 I sure did not delete it. Can you ‘like’ one of my posts and then re-follow me when it asks if you want to follow me? Thanks very much, honey. P.S. I haven’t been writing steadily lately, so you haven’t missed much. 🙂 xxoo

  5. You rock. That’s why I’ve given you the Versatile Blogger Award. Carry on!

  6. Hi Debb. Thanks so much for following “Honey.” I like to read poetry not write so will be back!

  7. “I am for: peace, love, joy, and other such blessings; fairness, equality, and respect.”

    Indeed, I am. Righteous, sister. Righteous.

  8. Hi; I like your words and how you use them. 🙂 Thank you for liking one of my posts. It always amazes me that someone finds and reads my offerings … I like being connected. I look forward to reading more of your words. Write ON! 🙂 Shirley

  9. Nice reading about you Debb my sister so nice about you to be so positive and a sunshine for all of us here,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

    Thank you so much dear
    Love Ajay

    • Ajay, I will look through the categories. It will be fun learning from you. 🙂 I feel like you are right here with you, because as I am writing, you are reading my blog and commenting. 🙂 I think you are probably across the world from me, and we are on here at the same time! Blows my mind. 🙂

  10. Its lovely to be here and was really wonderful to know about you! Thanks for your kind visit on my blog

  11. Hi Debb, I am so happy to hear you are a cancer survivor. I am a mammographer, and I am sure you have seen many women like me, so I see breast cancer patients and breast cancer survivors everday and their strength is so encouraging. I love your blog and am so happy that you have choosen to share your story with other women who may be facing what you had to as well. You might be just what they need, a dose of encouragement 🙂 I wanted to thank you for following my blog, I really appreciate it! I hope you find many recipes to help keep you happy and healthy and cancer free for many years to come. Cheers!

  12. Hi Debb, thanks for dropping by my blog, The Call of the Pen and deciding to follow. I’m about to set off on an exploration adventure through your blog 🙂

  13. Thank you for the like!! 🙂 Love your blog!

  14. You are equally as inspiring! I am so happy to connect with you on WordPress!! Love and blessings to you!!!!

  15. What a great intro and I just love the tagline for your blog – what a wonderful intention,:-) I’m all for a bit of daily sunshine, especially living as I do in Northern Scotland! Thanks so much for the follow and…reciprocated my friend:-) Now let me read a little more…

    • Oh wow! How beautiful Scotland appears to be! One of my 3 part-poems (in February or March, I think) was written with Scotland in mind. You will have to read it and see if it stays true to the real Scotland.

  16. Nice blog, Stelllar.


    Lots of nice pictures.

  17. I think we have a lot in common. When reading your posts, I feel joy and lightness. In addition to my blog, I just started writing a children’s story which came to my dream two days ago. I’ve never written a children story, but I felt so much love and joy writing it. Thanks for finding me so that I can find you 🙂

    • Thank you so very much for telling me what you feel when reading my posts. So nice of you! Yes, I do believe we have a lot in common, too. I’d love to find out more about your writing. 🙂

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  19. Glad to make your acquaintance…that’s a cute puppy…who’s winning? Thanks for liking a poem of mine at OUR POETRY CORNER…I’m also blogging at BY THE MIGHTY MUMFORD. It is my personal blog with occasional special guests…including you! 🙂

  20. Thank you for visiting LightWriters ( Looking forward to following your blog, and love your prayers!

  21. Hi Debb. Thanks for visiting my blog and enjoying some of my posts. I’ve read through your blog and I love your posts. I also appreciate that you are so positive. So keep spreading the sunshine and I’ll keep reading. 🙂

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