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sisters are gifts!

sisters are gifts!

by Debb Stanton

There are many types of sisters out there
the kind you are blood sisters with
the ones you choose to consider to be your sisters
and the Sisters in the Catholic Church
(I am not Catholic, but I appreciate the Benedectine order)

The nuns are the lucky ones:
they get to devote their whole lives, their whole beings to God
It’s nice to have a sister in your blood family:
she shares your beginnings
The ones you find along life’s way
to brighten your life and brighten your day —
now THOSE are the major finds of a life!

This is to my sister
(the find along the way kind):
I love how you:
make me smile
make me laugh
make me think
make me feel
bring hope alive
dole out courage
are always there
won’t give up on me
are the ideal friend, too

Know that I love you
I pray for you
I am inspired by you
I am proud to know you
I am blessed to know you
and I am healed

* Lovingly dedicated to you-know-who

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The Snow Fairies


The calendar said early spring

although the snow fairies said winter.

They danced and whirled and swirled

across the pavement

sashaying until all of a sudden,

they looked like they forgot their steps;

they scattered every which way

and the wind just laughed


I figure the snow fairies live with the wind

he pushes them:  sometimes angrily

but most of the time, gently.

He is partially responsible for ….

for what?

The brilliant little diamonds on their tiny crowns

these diamonds end up lying at the side of the road,

crashed and clunked and run over by unsuspecting motorists


Now it’s April Fool’s Day

and the weather joke continues

Spring is scared to come back

and take her rightful place

We pray she won’t be scared much longer

As the robins are already chirpingclouds their pleas to her


A Word From the Magazine

Stanton Sunshine Magazine

Stanton Sunshine Magazine


I’m feeling better now and getting excited about February’s issue.  But I need you…I’m throwing out an “SOS” here:  looking for photos, artwork, stories, poems, or recipes.  In fact, Claire (the Ask Claire lady) is wondering why her mailbox hasn’t seen much action…do you have a general question she could answer for you?  🙂

I’m sure you’ve heard me say this before, but it’s worth repeating:  don’t be shy.  Do not be so critical of your work or talent that you keep it to yourself.  I’ve been told that it’s worth it to publish a post, even if it would help just one person who needs to see or feel the message you are conveying.  Just think… if the reaching just one person happens from a lot of contributors, the more people we can reach…and love…and help…and bring sunshine to.

SEE http://www.stantonsunshine/submissionguidelines for ideas.  And, my email box is always glad to fill up.  ( 🙂

In the community spirit,




Stanton Sunshine

Howdy!  There are many things I could write about Stanton Sunshine – why I’m launching it on January 4th; what it is; my Stanton Sunshine page on Facebook; and what you can look forward to.  I will discuss the last three options today.

Stanton Sunshine is an online magazine that posts new material monthly, focusing on a positive, joy-filled lifestyle with the help of an online community (you).  I will be publishing art from both children and adults, writing pieces from both children and adults, and many other features.

Thanks to those of you who have already “liked” the Stanton Sunshine Facebook page.  I would love to have all of you get over to that page: (Debb Stanton) and click on   Perhaps you could click on “Share” and help me get the word out.  🙂

So what can you look forward to?  A family-friendly community of friends who build each other up, a place of encouragement and caring, and sometimes even a place of laughter.  If you are interested in sharing your writing (or artwork or photography) in a medium other than your own blog, we at Stanton Sunshine think this magazine is your ticket!  Stay tuned to The Sunshine Factor and Stanton Sunshine page for updates later on.  (If you are a person who likes visuals, I have a countdown going on in the right sidebar relating to the launch date, January 4.)

Keep on soaking up that sunshine!  🙂





Happy Anniversary to my Love!

I have a husband sweet

he makes me feel complete

It was just a year ago today

we joined together on life’s way

This year went by so fast

No question that we will last

I love you, David, with all my heart and soul

and the wonder of a newborn foal

never losing one another again is our goal

On us, nothing will take its toll

I’ll be loving you forever

our strong bond of marriage, nothing will sever

Happy Anniversary, Honey!

~~ Debb


The Adventure of Debb’s Blog and Her New Trail: Part Five

In taking a hard look at my blog, I enjoyed having a mixture of posts – recipes, poems, stories, articles…but I wanted more.  I wanted artwork from children and adults filling up the blog, along with guest poems and articles.  I wanted to have (and give my readers) it all!  So the next question was:  so where can I get all this additional writing?  The answer came to me when I defined what my blog is.

I call this blog and its readership a community of people with the same goal and focus:  finding the sunshine in your life in spite of sometimes negative circumstances.  Hmmm….a community thrives on its citizens all contributing in their own special way.  Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  Our Sunshine community could do that – offer up their own kinds of sunshine to the community.  We could be enriching each other’s lives!  The extra photos, art, book reviews, stories, poems, articles would fit into that niche in a grand fashion!

If I could write for my blog two weeks out of the month, and write my various projects in the other two weeks, how fantastic would that be?!  I had been having a conflict within myself about writing the blog so much I was neglecting the other part of my writing life.  Here, my friends, was my answer.  If I created a new website with a lot to read, enough to keep people busy for a month, I could do all my writing!  AND get my friends involved in a great project, too!  🙂

Next up:  Where Debb’s trail ends up and announcement of The Great Launch – coming soon to a computer near you!


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The Adventure of Debb’s Blog and Her New Trail: Part Three

Awarded by on 9/1/13

Awarded by on 9/1/13

When I said to God, “Okay, Lord, I will post something on the blog every day!” I hadn’t planned on what type of writing I would do.  Flying by the seat of my pants, I just sat down to write each day.  (I was and still am very thankful for my computer because my writing hand cramps up and my handwriting is very small unless I take time to write neatly.)  As mentioned before, I’d take a morning walk and come back with three or four ideas at a time.  Perfect, I said to myself, I will schedule the extra posts for the days ahead and I’ll still be posting every day.

From in my heart and down through my fingertips, I wrote in different styles.  A recipe here, a poem here and there, a commentary about the goops in traffic, a bedtime story…once in awhile a questionnaire or poll…and then a story consisting of song titles throughout (THAT was a lot of fun!)…whatever came to me.

This is great!  This is fun!  Who knew?!  I often said, accompanied by excited and happy hand and arm movements (to be exact, my hubby named one of these expressions as The Debbie).

I’m sure you’ve heard of artists and writers who experienced problems while doing their craft.  I was not exempt from this stellar group.

Next week:  Debb shares the not-so-smiley valleys in her writing.



How To Make Time Stand Still


The subtitle of this post could be “Or, How To Not Notice Time Going By”.

When writers are flowing with ideas and they are living in a dream-like world, this is called “flowing” or “in the flow”.  When I have been there, I literally did not stop for a meal or notice that I was hungry.  I was enjoying myself too much.  🙂

I don’t know what it’s called for painters, but I can imagine it’s something very similar.  I imagine that their brush strokes cannot be put on the canvas fast enough, and in their mind’s eye they can already see the finished product.

Sculptors and potters, working with their hands to create lovely objects, perhaps cannot notice anything in their world except their ever-changing, new creation.

I believe that everyone can make time stand still.  How?  They can live in and enjoy the moment, and nothing else matters.  🙂

Have a great day!

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The Adventure of Debb’s Blog and Her New Trail: Part Two

nature often inspired Debb to write

nature often inspired Debb to write

Want to know how Debb decided what posts would be in her blog?  She explains it below.

I promised God that I would post something every day, since He had inspired me to write a blog.  Amazingly, I was able to accomplish this.  (I try not to make promises lightly, since I am a woman of my word; but this promise to God – well, I thought that maybe I was promising in the heat of excitement and realization, and maybe I wouldn’t carry it out.)

In September I noticed that my early morning walks often yielded an idea for a post (or many posts).  I drafted the post or posts in my head while walking and enjoying nature.  (Oftentimes, the posts did talk about the nature I’d seen.)  I’d come home from work and rush to the computer so I could capture my thoughts.

The more I wrote, the more lively my imagination became.  I no longer cared what my audience would think.  Whatever grabbed my attention is what would show up in my blog.  I laughed at myself within posts (for instance, when I had bragged to my boss I was a good cook, and when he came to dinner, the dinner bombed – haha) and put myself out there as someone who makes mistakes – plenty of them at times!

Next up:  what forms of writing did Debb employ?  See you next week!


The Adventure of Debb’s Blog and Her New Trail: Part One

Being a breast cancer survivor was the first reason Debb started to blog

Being a breast cancer survivor was the first reason Debb started to blog

Have you ever wondered why I started this blog and why I gave it the name I did?  Today you shall find the answers.

Debb Stanton was used to “silent retreats” at her friend’s Catholic church.  Contemplative was another way of describing them, and Debb was hooked.   “Still waters run deep” had been said of her to describe her quiet curiosity and introversion.  She liked the silent retreats because she could be alone with her thoughts and her Lord except for a couple of worship services and meals with the other retreatants (meals which were also silent, a woman needing to smile and point at the salt shaker in order for it to be passed to her).  She could nap all afternoon in her tiny guest room, or she could pray, or journal, or whatever.  At this point in Debb’s life, she was very much a perfectionist who said to herself, “I’ve got to journal every day.  I must journal every day.  What kind of writer can I be if I don’t write every day?  I’d better journal every day…”  and with white-knuckled determination she would come home from a retreat and force herself to write — for a grand total of two, maybe three days and then -poof!- she’d ease up on herself and no more writing would be done for awhile.
In August of 2012, Debb was two weeks away from her third cancer survivorship anniversary, and she went on a women’s retreat with her church friends.  This retreat was not a silent retreat (in fact, anything but).  Debb brought her Kindle along, and she discovered a poet who had a blog on WordPress.  By the end of the retreat, Debb was convinced that her “assignment” was to start a blog, and to write on it every day.  She was very thankful for her cancer recovery, and she was in a hurry to let as many people as possible know that getting a cancer diagnosis was not necessarily a death sentence — she was living proof.
WordPress was the blogging platform Debb chose, and when it came time to name the blog, she decided on “Sunshine Factor”.   Sunshine because this described her personality and was the nickname she was called by many people.  The ‘factor’ part came because “inner sunshine” was a big part of her life, and it was one of the factors that helped her through her cancer and beyond.
When Debb found out that Sunshine Factor is also the name of a pet and bird food and medicine company, she added a disclaimer to her blog, stating that she and they were not the same.  In the last couple months she bought her own domain name; now the blog is “The Sunshine Factor”.  Even though she loves animals and birds, Debb was now her own entity, not part of a company about animals, and she had her own blog.
Next up:  Part Two, which discusses how the blog became something of a melting pot of ideas, encouragement and creative writing.   See you next week!

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Poetry Saturday: Aware


Micah watches Rachael constantly

Rachael comes to Micah’s aid whenever he cries

They have a sturdy communication system going on


Even when sleeping

they are totally aware

of the other’s presence


Like siblings do,

they want equal attention

and more of Mom’s time


Who are Micah and Rachael?

They are my fur babies:

totally aware cats

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Saturday Poetry:


George has taken leave of his senses

He ought to be out mending fences

But no, he is just outside strolling along

They label him “strong”


Mabel is outside, too

checking which of her flowers grew

She is content to stay here

She is fine, thank you, never fear


George appears outside Mabel’s garden gate

Ooh, is this going to be their fate?

That the two “misfits” fit well together

as beautiful as Scottish heather?


We shall have to see

what fate awaits them

whether they’ll find each other at last

or just let another chance go by



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Poetry Saturday: Bags


Bags, bags

the more of them I receive

the more they grow

Like busy rabbits

they’ve multiplied in my house


The cloth ones from charities

given to me as a thank you

hang around

with me thinking

there could be a purpose for each one


the pretty paper bags

holding gifts given to me

wait to be re-used for other gifts


the paper grocery sacks

fortunately are kept neat and tidy

but even they

should have a maximum number

allowed in the house at one time


Ah, but there is an answer!

Come Monday

I will bring them to work

and place them on the “free table”

where almost every day

it’s like a flea market

to see the things people don’t want

and others pounce upon the items as treasures


Okay, so a crisis has been averted

to be a streamliner I have converted

If I’m not careful, the bags will still grow

But out!  The bags have to go



Humanizing Wednesday: The Porch and the Clock

Temperatures in the Midwest

were finally turning cooler

the central air conditioning was turned off

Life couldn’t be greater


Mrs.  Craziwell

now read every day on her front porch

Porch was so pleased,

since Mrs. C had hidden inside from the heat

most of the summer


The grandfather clock in the front hall

was feeling the pleasant breezes

from the front door

His wood was getting dry and old

He was glad that Porch was nearby


“How do you do it?”  Clock called out to Porch.

“How do you remain cheerful

when people don’t come out and sit very much anymore?”


Porch answered,

“I just remind myself

that I can always be counted on

when people actually remember to come outside and relax.”


“How do YOU remain cheerful, Old Grandfather?”

Porch asked Clock.


“But I’m not cheerful,” Clock corrected his friend.

“You just can’t see my thoughts behind my face.

I am mad that people around here

let me wind down

and don’t wind me up again — for DAYS!”


Another example of things not being as they seem

was handed to Porch through all his time-worn, paintless planks.


“Oh, you’re feeling forgotten?” asked Porch.

“Yes, that’s right,” answered Clock.

“How can I keep my family on time

if they don’t remember to wind me every day?”


“I guess that’s out of your control,” said Porch.

“Maybe you just have to be glad for the times you are telling the correct time.”


“True,” Clock agreed,

shifting his weight so he only rested on

two legs instead of four.

“Hey – do you think you could wind me up, Porch?”


“Um, maybe you’ve never seen me,” came the reply,

“but I am big and bulky,  I have no hands and fingers

to do what you are asking me to.

But I can ask Squirrel to help you out!”


Clock eagerly began huffing and puffing,

moving slowly toward Porch

because he was a heavy grandfather clock

and too old to be waltzing lightly to the front door.


Once Clock got to the door,

he pushed against the screen door

so that Squirrel could come inside


It didn’t take Squirrel very long

to shimmy up Clock and retrieve the key

and then wind up the poor old clock


“Hey – maybe that’s what we can be happy about,” said Porch.

“We may not always feel needed, but we give darn good service

to others when they need us.

And you, Squirrel, thank you for coming to our aid today!”


“You’re welcome, guys,” Squirrel said.

For the first time, Porch and Clock saw each other.

Clock couldn’t wave at Porch because

his hands were needed to keep the right time

but Porch understood.

Squirrel looked from one to the other, transfixed.

And he let a bunch of flies into the house

but no one cared.



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Response to Daily Prompt

English: William de Brailes (active c. 1230 — ...

English: William de Brailes (active c. 1230 — c. 1260) was an English 13th century scribe and Early Gothic manuscript illuminator, presumably born in Brailes, Warwickshire. He and Matthew Paris are the only two English 13th century manuscript illuminators about whom we have much personal information, since he signed two manuscripts, and his life is otherwise documented. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daily Prompt: Ebb and Flow

by michelle w. on September 28, 2013

Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog — but three years in the future.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us LIFE.


Hi folks!

When I look back three years

and reminisce

about what life was like then —

I smile


Back then I was very hopeful

and I really applied myself

A lot of my pursuits

have yielded success

Other things have worked out as well


Dave and I finally have our two households merged

and there is actually a place for everything

*downsizing feels great!*


My eating disorder has left the premises

and I am leading a full,  recovered life now


I am now a published author of a book —

Some manuscripts for other books I wrote

have been turned down

but there are still a few more on my list to tackle

Of course, who is to say I can’t try polishing my rejected manuscripts?


I now own and write for my own magazine

thankfully it’s online, so I can work it remotely

I am still editing and proofreading others’ manuscripts

(also remotely)

and I like reading and writing book reviews


I still have my day job

that I’ve had for 27 years

I like the benefits I get there

but at times I wish I could write full-time

I won’t be retiring for awhile

so it’s best I keep using time wisely

so I can write as much as possible


Best of all:

I am a seven-year cancer survivor

still as feisty and funny as before

although maybe a little bit stronger


I am playing tennis and swimming again

life is wonderful ~ ~


What has changed in the last three years of YOUR life?

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Poetry Saturday: The Dream Trail

The Dream

The Dream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

~ This is a metaphorical look at chasing our dreams and goals ~

When we are young

everything looks possible

and only a few

know what their special vocation is


In our teens and twenties

we start to zero in

on what we really like and enjoy

and yes – what we are talented for


Maybe people as young as that

find their niche right away

but most of us

are busy soaking up all of life

and putting off until later

focusing on our true dream


My dream was like that

but then I started chasing the rainbow

of my hopes and dreams:



The thunderclouds rolled in

(very difficult writing assignments

in my writing course)

but the storm itself did not arrive


Then my dream

looked very much like a summer’s day

by the lake:

water bringing inspiration

nice warm sand of ideas

trickling through my fingers

seagulls crying out

with more and more ideas

bright beach ball colors

giving me hope

children nearby playing

with giggles that lighten my heart


Now my writer’s mind and soul

are like the Fourth of July

colorful explosions of ideas

and a throbbing like a sore toe


Come follow me on my trail

as I continue realizing my dream

I can promise we won’t get bored





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Humanizing Wednesday: The Peach and the Cucumber

This selection is from my archives; I will share it again.  Debb


One day Peach begged Cucumber

to give her a big push toward the seashore.

(She could only roll, so round was she.)

Cucumber agreed,

only because the sand was flat

and she wouldn’t be able to gain any momentum on her own.

Peach desperately wanted to meet Tide

because Tide competed for attention from Debbie.

When Peach rolled down to the water’s edge,

she met Tide who was wearing sunshine sparkles currently.

“So you’re wondering why Debbie likes me so much, eh?”  Tide asked.

“She can hear me in easy listening music anytime she wants

and she can look at me and feel calm,

and apparently I center her back to sanity.”

Peach bit her lip, because she was getting nervous.

Juice dribbled down her chin, which gave her an idea.

“The kind of complexion Debbie has, is named after me,” she said.

“I am her favorite fruit, and she also likes my scent.”

Peach was getting to be so competitive,

that her motivation literally rolled her a few more inches!

And she got sand in  her mouth,

poor thing,

and the sand muffled her words:

“So I think I am best.”

Tide, being much bigger than Peach,

ebbed and flowed for a bit,

making a pretty picture of his playfulness.

He was quite wise, you see

and all of a sudden ROARED!

He was tired of all these other things

enchanting Debbie

but yet he had a gentle soul.

Tide made a deal with Peach:

“I think she loves both of us.

Why not put that to good use?

In loving us both, she can use all her senses for the enjoyment.

And we can each be wonderful in our own way.”

Peach agreed, saying,

“You’re right, Tide.

There is beauty in everything,

and there is nothing to prove.”

Soon it was time for Tide to go out

and Peach to get home for dinner.

They separated with a clearer understanding of Life

and a new-found friendship.

Later Peach found Cucumber

getting all oiled up

so he could be more attractive at the grocery store.



Cooking and Life

Life is like a recipe

wouldn’t you say?

The ingredients vary

from person to person

yet they all must combine

in the right way

and with the right timing


Sometimes the recipe flops

we’ve all had those moments

but then we pick ourselves up

and go on

or tweak the recipe a little

and the product or life

turns out better than before


Some people hate to cook

while other people thoroughly enjoy it

I hope we all enjoy life

and don’t think of it as a miserable burden


How will you tweak your life today?

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Poetry Saturday: The Brook


I sat near the bubbling, happy brook
and eased into reading a good book

Oh, my heart the brook took
but the brook was not appreciated by the rook

Happy waters do not make a crook
It was his crimes that made him be forsook

Alrighty, then, please take a look
is there anything finer than a clear, lovely brook?

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Humanizing Wednesday: The Wind and the Petunias

English: A Petunia sp.

English: Petunias (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sitting on my deck one day

I noticed the hanging purple petunias

they seemed to be laughing with glee

at the wind, who made the flower pot dance

The wind, it turned out,

was telling the flowers a funny story

sometimes he would come closer to them

and they would bob their heads up and down

laughing singly and with their petunia friends

(their blossoms would blow sideways when they were sharing the joke with their friends)

As the laughter died down

and the petunias didn’t move too much anymore

the pot stopped spinning on its hook

and the wind decided to go somewhere else

to tell his funny stories


Versatile Blogger Award


My good buddy Tom from has given me this award.   I am almost speechless (and for me, that says everything!  LOL)  Tom, you were my first follower ever on Sunshine, and I credit you with half the enthusiasm I have for blogging!  I hope my readers look you up.  Thank you so much for this award!

I am supposed to pass this award on to 15 other versatile people.  Tom, hope you don’t mind, but that has to wait till later…

Next, I am to list seven interesting things about myself.  Well, they’re interesting to me, and hopefully they will be to you, too.


1.  I was married last December 12, 2012 — the same day that Tom Lucas introduced his new book, Leather to the Corinthians to the world.  From Florida to Minnesota, there was just one huge happiness party!  🙂

2.  One day when I was in kindergarten, I came home from school and told my mom this fib:  “Mom!  Ya know what I learned in school today?  The colors blue and red are best friends!”  Maybe I was born with this wild imagination!  🙂

3.  I was a profound sleeptalker and sleepwalker as a child.  As an adult, a medication I took rendered me totally forgetful about what my actions were the night before, so I might have walked (or did other things) in my sleep, and occasionally I still talk in my sleep.  Fortunately for me, the chemo side effect of insomnia has finally gone, and I don’t need any sleep aids.

4.  When I was in second grade and my sister was in fifth, our class got to see her class play.  But I panicked because I couldn’t see my sister on the stage.  I didn’t recognize her with her stage makeup on!

5.  I played “Auntie Em” in my 4th grade reading class school play of “The Wizard of Oz.”

6.  As a child, I won a trip on a helicopter for a new store opening.  But alas, the helicopter never showed up!

7.  I am now back to a normal, 5 day a week schedule at work.  I changed it because my writing career is taking off.  I am blogging, reviewing books, am a professional proofreader, and hope to enter writing contests and write articles – as well as write all the books on my long list of writing projects!  And I will write them all!   🙂




Poetry Saturday: Mister

English: The original Piggly Wiggly Store, Mem...

English: The original Piggly Wiggly Store, Memphis, Tennessee. The first self service grocery store, opened 1916. Français : Le premier supermarché Piggly Wiggly ouvert en 1916 à Memphis, Tennessee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went grocery shopping yesterday

I was in the canned fruit aisle

She was in a wheelchair at the other end of the aisle

and her husband was behind her pushing a shopping cart


The lady kept asking “where’s the fruit?”

even though I called out to her and pointed:

“I just passed the applesauce, ma’am,

it’s on your left.”


She probably didn’t heart me

but by the tone of her husband’s retort

you would think

she had committed a federal crime


He responded, “You don’t need that.

I spend too much on your groceries.”

He yelled at her further

but I won’t repeat it here ~

you get the sickening idea.


Fast forward to my next stop:

a grocery store where they have fresh produce and dairy

A man one aisle over was yelling at his wife

I thought:  “Oh no, not another one!”

I was horrified when I turned the corner:

it was them!

I will call the man Mister

but he really does not deserve a nice title like that


This time he shouted at her

that he might as well leave her and go home

and when he came back

maybe she would have a shopping list ready, for once


Where is the love, man?

Do you hate yourself so much

you take it out on your wife?

Don’t you have any empathy

and did you forget –

you are no better than she?


My tender heart gets torn up so easily

when I see and hear things like this

I probably should go shopping when the stores first open

(since I am a morning person anyway)

and there might be less hate around

due to not a lot of people being up that early


Hate unfortunately is ever-present

but I still like to avoid it

Let’s let our love shine forth

so people don’t have to be humiliated

and treated so badly


Poetry Saturday: Happy Birthday Again!

English: Breat Cancer ribbons

English: Breast Cancer ribbons (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many August twenty-fourths ago
I lost my dear sister to cancer

Then on that same day four years ago
I received my breast cancer diagnosis

August 24
is my second birthday of the year
I got a second chance at life
so I can call it a rebirth.

The only problem is
Sandra couldn’t be cured of her cancer

So now I live life for both of us
waiting patiently to see her again in heaven

Trying to live fully
so that my life counts

Forgetting the bad and the have-nots
and remembering with gratefulness the haves and the good

Happy 4th Birthday!

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From a Dream

She was as sharp as a tack
Kind of like her good friend Jack

She had a younger sister
who got caught up in a twister

Yes, the farm was now gone
You couldn’t see it by the next dawn

What happened here?
Was there now heartache and angst and fear?

Yes indeed
You couldn’t even read – –

because the world was gone



I am a music lover who particularly enjoys songs that tell a story. (I’m not surprised, since I like stories so much.) The more you listen to a story song, the more details you pick up. Stories can bring on many different emotions and can teach you something, if you’re paying attention.

I think human beings are a form of storytelling. Sometimes there’s plenty of action or suspense or mystery going on in their lives, questions to be answered, character descriptions…

What story are you telling by the way you live your life? Do people see the real you, or are you an actor portraying yourself?

Let’s carry this one step further. If you were a story or a book, what type would you be? Adventure, comedy, poetry? Sunshine Factor wants to know. Please let me hear from you soon. Thanks!

00000——–> the zeros are a gift to you from my cat Rachael.

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Focus for Wednesdays


As a writer for both children and adults, I often give human traits to plants and animals. My imagination seems to soar, turning things I see in my everyday life into a story or poem.

Instead of writing of series of “humanizing” posts, I will reserve each Wednesday for my humanizing writing. I have two ideas so far, and having a focus for Wednesdays will prompt me to keep on finding more stories.

My first “humanizing” post will be Wednesday, August 21st. I hope you will join me.  🙂


Sunshine Factor Blog Turns One Today!

copy-sg201935balloons.jpg Hello, dear readers, followers, and friends!   of193teddybearbirthday

I thank God above for Sunshine Factor reaching its first milestone. A year ago today my first post went public; I had no idea what life in the blogging world would bring, but I’ve loved my first year! I have met so many nice people through WordPress; I am humbled to have received 160 followers (not counting my Facebook peeps). I have written 575 posts so far, which leads me to believe I do have something to say. 🙂  In the past year I’ve started some other blogs, I collaborate with Eric in the Story Squared blog, and I collaborate with Lyn in the Sunday Showcase blog.  Adventures aplenty abound!  🙂

Blogging has turned my world upside-down (in a good way), and I am so thankful for all of you out there and for the chance to share some of my writing. I have also learned a lot from you, and I cherish our friendship.

I recently changed my blog theme to include some of my favorite things: castles and tartans! Let’s see how long I keep this theme! LOL

Thanks,  and God bless you,                                                  4201_1140582920254_1419477_n-puppies-in-a-bowl





Poetry Saturday: Prayer

English: Holy Willie's Prayer is a poem by Rob...

English: Holy Willie’s Prayer is a poem by Robert Burns. It was written in 1785 and first printed anonymously in an eight page pamphlet in 1799. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s another day
a good reason to pray

What is prayer, really?
Just talking to God, ideally

He’s interested in what we have to say
then we choose – will we obey?

We can listen to him too
He can make sense of our goo

Don’t make a fuss
Prayer can never be taken from us


Seaside Sparkles

“Seaside Sparkles”


Oh, to once again be by the seaside

where the seagulls glide

and negative thoughts hide

this is my dream


You can smell the salt in the air

where everything is fair

where my spirit will dare

to be at peace and just be


The sun sparkles on the sea

blissful I will be

the sparkles make a plea

“please be open and appreciate the now!”


Beauty can make you squint in surprise

beauty and nature tell no lies

let’s live this life for all it’s worth

what a wonderful new birth

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More Goofiness

“Odd and Strange”

Jingle jangle

Tingle tangle

My goodness, what are these?

They are nothing but rot

Esteemed they are not

Much like snot

that’s their lot


Fiddle faddle

up the creek without a paddle

shake, roll and rattle

for me to be serious today is quite a battle


I leave you with this

this you wouldn’t want to miss

I pull you out of the abyss

so you can hiss

at your silly friend Niss

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The farmer in the dell

The choir director in the choir loft

My cats in their sleepy nap places

The writer in her favorite writing spots

The housewife in the house

The flowers in the garden

The bus driver in his bus

The baby in its bassinet

The page in the chapter in the book:

What have all these things and people in common?

They are right where they are supposed to be

Not second-guessing

but accepting

and growing and thriving

They are doing what they are called to do

and even if they can’t think about it

(i.e. flowers)

they are all the richer

for being in their right place at their right time

Isn’t it nice to know we each have a purpose

even if we haven’t spotted it yet?

Never fear, friend so dear

You are purposeful too

and I am very glad our paths crossed!




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Poem: Strange

Here I sit
waiting for inspiration
No – I don’t knit
maybe I need a vacation

I do love rhymes
lovely as chimes
I have nothing to say
it’s a very strange day

C’mon Mr. Muse
give me some news
What shall I write about?
I’m usually wordy, there’s no doubt


Sunday Showcase 7/28/13


Greetings, friends.

My friend Lyn from writes:   “I’ve just discovered this blog, but I’m amazed by the talent of this dear lady. Her “about” is so encouraging and the start of her “Marie” story had me laughing and crying Her latest poem is beautiful and sad. So without further ado, I give you Len Williams-Carver

This same lovely friend and encourager wrote me this comment, and I share it with you because it is worthy of being in a showcase!  (I have changed nothing except add an addition ‘b’ in my name:)

There is a young lady called Debb
Who wanders around the web
Posting poems, and wisdom and sometimes a pic
She’s funny, and silly and chic
Helping out where she can
Where woman or man
She shares treasures she’s read
I read her Sunday Showcase in bed
A hard road of illness she’s trod
But her faith is solidly in God

Thanks Lyni!   The first poem that’s ever been written about me – I love it!  xxoo

See y’all next week!Take a rest park bench

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Cat Limerick

Did you hear of the cat owned by Jack Spratt?
The one who could only sleep on an old mat?

I don’t know who was stranger, the cat or the man
I do know that the man liked to boil marbles in his sauce pan.

I like Jack Spratt and his cat far more than I like a fly-by-night bat!


Poetry Saturday: Stars and Paths

Wonders of the night sky map 20

Wonders of the night sky map 20 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“May a happy star always light your path.”
— Chinese proverb


I have never looked at the stars at night

without feeling happy

I am part of this great universe

but ultimately tiny


My path has always been lit

but sometimes the clouds got in the way

boulders both literal and figurative blocked my way

but the path did not disappear


I suppose I am most happy

when the night sky is filled with stars

and when I choose to take a path

that I can follow


Nature and life mimic each other

no promises are made

except that change will always exist

and God never changes


Poetry Saturday: The Wedding




Spiffy suit and tie
black dress shoes

Silky green dress
(the color of the sea and her eyes)
High-heeled sandals

A wedding ceremony
they will never forget

Bride walking up the aisle
to meet her groom

thinking “this is the joy
I’ve been waiting for”

Groom letting out a contented sigh
his sweetheart looks so beautiful

Forever starts today
because they are where they are meant to be

and with the one they are supposed to be with

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Death of a Dream, Birth of Forever

When 15
I had dreams of becoming a concert pianist

All factors
seemed to point in that direction

till one day
it dawned on me

I was told
“Get off that piano! You’ve been on it way too long today”

This happened every day
until finally I saw the light

I would never get to Juilliard
much less Carnegie Hall

Though I didn’t know it at the time
that was the death of my dream

Meanwhile I continued working with words
(had loved them since a child)

Occasional poems would be written
and I was told to journal every day

The journal was opened in spurts
but never for more than a week at a time

I just couldn’t connect

Then divorce happened
and I went to writing school

Cancer then showed up
but I flung defeat in its face

With the help of many
I overcame my malady

My optimism never left
and it pointed me in a new direction

I finished writing school

I started dating my ex-husband
the past was exonerated

and a new dream began
Hope encouraged me to start a blog

My sweetheart was back in my life
and my words began to find a home

on the computer screen
and in my imagination

No longer
did I have to try to force myself to write every day

Now you wouldn’t be able
to tear me away from it

Sometimes I write more than once a day
I have found my true calling
(I believe)

Now I am living a new dream
still love music of all types

but my dream is that of forever

Now married to my former husband
who encourages my writing and loves it

I have come full circle
and forever is already here


Poetry Saturday: Animals and Their Language

Golden RetrieverAnimals have a way of communicating with us
having nothing to do with words

They don’t ponder if they’re going to communicate
but communicate, they do.

On a pre-dawn walk this week
I saw Matthew and his dog Buddy

I called Buddy’s name
I could see the hello in his eyes
and the rhythmic wag of his tail
“Mrs. S!” he seemed to say
even though his lips did not move at all

When I got home from my walk
My cats communicated with me too

Micah circled my legs and gave me a head bump
Rachael ran toward her momma and “chirped” with her tiny little voice

I don’t think my household could ever be without a pet
we would miss the little signs of love and acceptance shown by them

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July Fourth

English: Flag of the United States of America ...

English: Flag of the United States of America — version with reduced SVG code (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Birthday to my country! The world and also my country have changed a lot in the past 20 years, and usually not for the better. But still, I sing the song “America” and still believe the words. (By the way, I’m referring to “America” as the patriotic song. But I also like the Neil Diamond song “America”.)


We still have lots of starving people in this “rich” land.
I want them fed – and now.
I don’t care what race or religion they’re from – I care.
We need freedom from hangups and hate and evil intent.

“Brother can you spare a dime?” was once said.

I would like to amend that now.

Brother, can you lend us some compassion

to lessen the blows?

Sister, can you share your “fun money”

with those who don’t have money, period?

Little girl, can you share your toys

with the kids across the street?

Little boy, can you be a friend to others

and not a bully who makes them feel bad?

Dear God in Heaven,

Please help us to spread your love:

We pray for freedom from hate.


Inspiration – a Poem

I think it would be inspiring to visit a castle like this!

I think it would be inspiring to visit a castle like this!


Inspiration like wisdom

is sometimes fleeting

you have to give it all you’ve got

to not lose what you’ve been given


Inspiration is like a friendly spirit

who aims to bless people

if they will but take notice of her

and let her help them beautify their world


Who can beautify their world?

Everyone whom Inspiration visits

those who are considerate of others

those who listen to guidance from above


Taking the high road takes courage

but it is better than taking the easy road

the lower road, one that leads to a cliff

Inspiration tends to live on the high road


Do not scoff at Inspiration

or tell her to go away

if spurned or ignored often enough

she will do just that

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Poetry Saturday – phrases ending in “ate”

Slices of red onions

Slices of red onions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My friend, you I need to congratulate
You went through the gate
and happily sealed your fate
As a cook, you desire onions to grate
but onions are not good for fish bait

This is a reminder from your cousin Kate
She is trying to find a nice man to date
one that is strong, who can carry a crate
Oh yes, he must be on time and never late
He must wear a complete pair of shoes, each with its mate
the belief that he’s a dummy, let’s negate

A choice between love and hate, never choose hate
and always love that person Nate
who can find a good rate
for another friend Tate

Hold the phone – please wait!
Hurry, Tate is going to the isle of Zait!

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Quote Series Day 17 – and Debb’s Prayer Poem

“Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven.  But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in heaven.”

—– Jesus  (Matthew 10:32, 33)

THIS DAY by Debbie Loesel Stanton

Dear Jesus!

Here I take my stand, dear Lord ~ ~

I acknowledge Jesus as the Lord of my life,

and therefore I acknowledge you, Jehovah G-d, too, on this day and for all time.

You are the one who inspires this blog

and brings the sunshine I am always talking about.  🙂

I ask for help and guidance in my blog,

You have saved my soul

and saved my life from the ravages of cancer;

I dedicate Sunshine Factor WordPress blog to you this day

and may I be your instrument

to bring joy and your love and blessings to others on their own journey.

In Jesus’ name I pray (simply saying what’s on my mind and heart; talking with you),


P.S.  Lord, I also ask you to bless the other Sunshine Factor – the company who makes animal and bird feed and vitamins.  🙂