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A Word From the Magazine

Stanton Sunshine Magazine

Stanton Sunshine Magazine


I’m feeling better now and getting excited about February’s issue.  But I need you…I’m throwing out an “SOS” here:  looking for photos, artwork, stories, poems, or recipes.  In fact, Claire (the Ask Claire lady) is wondering why her mailbox hasn’t seen much action…do you have a general question she could answer for you?  🙂

I’m sure you’ve heard me say this before, but it’s worth repeating:  don’t be shy.  Do not be so critical of your work or talent that you keep it to yourself.  I’ve been told that it’s worth it to publish a post, even if it would help just one person who needs to see or feel the message you are conveying.  Just think… if the reaching just one person happens from a lot of contributors, the more people we can reach…and love…and help…and bring sunshine to.

SEE http://www.stantonsunshine/submissionguidelines for ideas.  And, my email box is always glad to fill up.  ( 🙂

In the community spirit,



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Art Gallery in the Magazine

Hi!  Do you see the pictures below the Pinterest banner – in the right sidebar?  I refer to those pictures as my Art Gallery.  I plan to switch them out monthly unless there are some that are really liked by people.  How would I know which ones people like, you ask?

If you click on any of the pictures to see better, you will see the picture, its entire caption, AND a chance to comment on it.  My computer would not let me comment, but that’s probably because I originated the gallery.  But YOU can…give it a shot and let me know how it works out.





The Conclusion of the series, “The Adventures of Debb’s Blog…”

Ahhh.  The Great Launch.  It’s coming soon on January 4th!   I’m still keeping The Sunshine Factor blog, but it will published within an online magazine, called Stanton Sunshine.  This is where my writing trail has brought me, and it feels like a very nice place!

How will this be different than a blog, you might be asking.  This one will be a community effort of like-minded individuals willing to share their particular kind of sunshine to make up one big place where everyone can participate.   But why participate?  To give and receive emotional support in a world that seems to be getting darker by the day.   You can be published here if you want to be! You can submit artwork, or that of your children or grandchildren.  Like a great recipe?  Please share with the author of the magazine, me, and I will look into getting it out to the community.  Prefer to just read and enjoy?  That’s great, too, but hopefully we can each get the word out to our friends about Stanton Sunshine.

I’ve always believed that to be a museum curator would be an awesome job.  I could decide what would be displayed and what wouldn’t.  I could gather friends together for a good time while enjoying art (and in this case — art AND literature). I would be hot on the trail, and new finds would pepper my museum.  So actually, I can be a curator after all – just in magazine format.  And in a community format, where all people are loved and welcome and can find a positive spin on their lives.

Together we can be strong — that is my motto.  This is how we will begin the new year.  (Start now by signing up for my new Facebook page:  I will keep you abreast of the latest developments and trailmarkers on this Facebook page as well as on this blog.)

More soon!


The Adventure of Debb’s Blog and Her New Trail: Part Five

In taking a hard look at my blog, I enjoyed having a mixture of posts – recipes, poems, stories, articles…but I wanted more.  I wanted artwork from children and adults filling up the blog, along with guest poems and articles.  I wanted to have (and give my readers) it all!  So the next question was:  so where can I get all this additional writing?  The answer came to me when I defined what my blog is.

I call this blog and its readership a community of people with the same goal and focus:  finding the sunshine in your life in spite of sometimes negative circumstances.  Hmmm….a community thrives on its citizens all contributing in their own special way.  Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  Our Sunshine community could do that – offer up their own kinds of sunshine to the community.  We could be enriching each other’s lives!  The extra photos, art, book reviews, stories, poems, articles would fit into that niche in a grand fashion!

If I could write for my blog two weeks out of the month, and write my various projects in the other two weeks, how fantastic would that be?!  I had been having a conflict within myself about writing the blog so much I was neglecting the other part of my writing life.  Here, my friends, was my answer.  If I created a new website with a lot to read, enough to keep people busy for a month, I could do all my writing!  AND get my friends involved in a great project, too!  🙂

Next up:  Where Debb’s trail ends up and announcement of The Great Launch – coming soon to a computer near you!



How To Make Time Stand Still


The subtitle of this post could be “Or, How To Not Notice Time Going By”.

When writers are flowing with ideas and they are living in a dream-like world, this is called “flowing” or “in the flow”.  When I have been there, I literally did not stop for a meal or notice that I was hungry.  I was enjoying myself too much.  🙂

I don’t know what it’s called for painters, but I can imagine it’s something very similar.  I imagine that their brush strokes cannot be put on the canvas fast enough, and in their mind’s eye they can already see the finished product.

Sculptors and potters, working with their hands to create lovely objects, perhaps cannot notice anything in their world except their ever-changing, new creation.

I believe that everyone can make time stand still.  How?  They can live in and enjoy the moment, and nothing else matters.  🙂

Have a great day!


Happy November!

Some children looking at a selection of Christ...

Some children looking at a selection of Christmas Cards during the 1910 holiday season. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ahh, now the snow can come freely; it will be more seasonable now than if it comes in October.   It is a month where on the last Thursday, Americans celebrate their freedoms and their blessings.  Some gather with friends and family for a scrumptious feast.

For others, November marks the start of a flurry of holiday shopping, baking, and parties.  Or the approach of the end of the term or semester at school.

For Ms. Stanton this November, it marks the glorious time of our two households merging together, and we’re loving the changes already.  🙂

It also marks a very creative and exciting time in this writer’s life, as she is getting the Sunshine Factor ready to join another website.  It’s exciting because I will be offering my readers many new features in addition to the ones you’ve come to know and love.   What’s also exciting is the possibility of this new website being a clearinghouse for great ideas and letting our community contribute – male and female, children, teens and adults – contribute their drawings or poems or stories or recipes or ideas…  The deadline for the January issue is December 10, 2013.  More details coming soon!

Here’s to another awesome month…take good care.




I am a music lover who particularly enjoys songs that tell a story. (I’m not surprised, since I like stories so much.) The more you listen to a story song, the more details you pick up. Stories can bring on many different emotions and can teach you something, if you’re paying attention.

I think human beings are a form of storytelling. Sometimes there’s plenty of action or suspense or mystery going on in their lives, questions to be answered, character descriptions…

What story are you telling by the way you live your life? Do people see the real you, or are you an actor portraying yourself?

Let’s carry this one step further. If you were a story or a book, what type would you be? Adventure, comedy, poetry? Sunshine Factor wants to know. Please let me hear from you soon. Thanks!

00000——–> the zeros are a gift to you from my cat Rachael.


Who Is This?

English: rain flowers

English: rain flowers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She walks in grace and beauty

with a flimsy gauze garment like the sunrise

She loves animals and birds

and helps them to find food

She loves the humans

and comforts their disappointment of a long winter

She is an intelligent artist

who makes sure that the blossoming trees provide awe

She coaxes the tulips and spring flowers

to come out of the soil and inspire enjoyment

She tends the rain bin

and dispenses rain to the earth on schedule

She perfumes the air

with her rain and her blossoms on trees and flowers

She gives hope for a wonderful day

with her elegant sunrises

She lends sweet peace at night

with her peaceful sunsets

Who is this creature

who inspires love and helps us all?

She is Spring.


The Myth of Delicate – Part One

English: Surf at Clipperton Island in the Paci...

English: Surf at Clipperton Island in the Pacific Ocean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She was a lady of the ocean, the girl that the song phrases “Brandy, you’re a fine girl” and “green-eyed lady, ocean lady” were written about.  Yes – she did work as a cocktail waitress at a seaside bar, and she had beautiful green eyes like that of the sea she loved.  Her long hair of copper hue made her look like a princess.

This girl was named Delicate at birth, and indeed she lived up to her name.  Her limbs were long, and she had a charming delicacy about her.   She loved the ocean and birds and animals, often wishing she had a horse that she could ride up and down the coast.   Delicate rented a room above her grandmother’s duplex, so her waitress salary was adequate.  She spent her spare time at the ocean’s edge, frolicking in the surf or painting an oil picture of her favorite subject.

Delicate had many friends and was loved by all, young and old and anywhere in between.  This is why a well-known fact was a mystery.

Delicate had only two great loves in her whole life.

Her first love was actually just a school-girl crush, and he wasn’t actually hers.  She was a pretty although timid girl, so did not make moves on anyone.

Her second and last love was what all love stories are written about.   They had the love of the century, and of course Delicate thought it would last forever, till the day he came to her and announced to her his intention of leaving.

He, the seaman, who had treated her so well and gave her a silver locket bearing his name, had resolved that he was ultimately more in love with the sea than with her.

Delicate understood this because she loved the ocean with the same passion and fervor too.   But she didn’t understand why he couldn’t love both of them.  How could the ocean, this fluid, wonderful friend of theirs, be her enemy and competitor?

Delicate was in an awful state of mind.   She stopped eating and sleeping, lost her dreams and her passion of music and artwork.  To be sure, she stopped swimming in the surf.  She even said goodbye to her dolphin friends and to her grandmother.

Delicate unceremoniously quit her job at the bar and ran away to the forest, to where the sunlight only partially came beaming down on her.  This was a pretty dark place, matching her mood exactly.  She lived there for days with the beasts and birds of the forest and ate berries for sustenance.

Weaker and weaker this girl got, and she yearned for the ocean.  The sound and sight of it had always calmed her down before…but this time, when in the forest she could hardly hear the ocean anymore, it provided no help.

Delicate decided that even though she was mad at the ocean for taking her love away, she needed to go to it.  To lay at surfside and let the water wash over her and tickle her feet.  To splash its water and maybe even frolic in it once again.

By this time, Delicate was fading fast.  She was so weak, it took her a week to crawl back to the water.  When the ocean saw her, it rejoiced.  It celebrated with exploding waves that imparted happiness to Delicate.  She got in the water, and then something incredible happened.

See you on Saturday with the conclusion of this tale

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Art and Decorating Style

I LOVE visual arts and have favorite art styles.

I find it interesting that our house has more than one decorating style.

I LOVE impressionistic art and its fine pastels, hence my impressionistic ocean-themed living room.  I like the artist Thomas Kincaid (“Painter of Light”).

Bright colors intrigue me, and our guest bedroom speaks to the French Country style (like Ms. Engelbreit’s pictures).

The master bedroom’s style is American Country, complete with quilts and decorations not-so-shiny.

Maybe it’s because of the new furniture we are getting that has my mind wrapped up in interior decorating – but either way, what is life if we can’t enjoy color?  🙂

takes your breath away

takes your breath away


Charcoal Dawn

Study for the Painting ‘Dawn at Sea. Homewards...

Study for the Painting ‘Dawn at Sea. Homewards’ by William McTaggart, c.1891, watercolour and bodycolour over charcoal on paper. National Gallery of Scotland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Driving to work

right before dawn

I saw puffs of charcoal clouds

in the sky


like on a painter’s canvas

waiting for the artist to return to his work


Light gray now

and the sky turned lighter than that

The sunshine decided to sleep awhile

and not show herself yet

I never thought that gray clouds could be pretty

but I surprised myself once again


Can there be beauty in nonvibrant colors

with even them having a story to tell?

Yes indeed

There is beauty everywhere

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In My House

There are common themes that run through my house:

they would be books and flowers.

The books are in bookcases, on desks and countertops and more,

silently begging to be picked up and read.

The flowers are everywhere too,

in artwork and silk arrangements

and in one very large, live poinsettia still in all her red glory.

What connection do these two themes have?

Appreciation of beauty.

The books contain words that come alive

with imagination and feelings and gusto,

promoting beauty of the spoken and written language.

The flowers are of many colors,

just like nature who is also beautiful.

They recall other seasons and the beauty therein.

I am glad to be in such a beautiful, loving, appreciative space

Flowers are common subjects of still life pain...

Flowers are common subjects of still life paintings, such as this one by Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Poetry Saturday: “Winter Bliss”

Today’s poetry style is the occasional or random rhyme in a free verse poem – example:  

“They crossed the rocks in stocking feet

while the wind troubled locks of golden hair.”

This will take some effort for me because I am used to rhyming almost everything.  🙂

English: Snow covered trees.

English: Snow covered trees. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Maybe there is winter bliss after all

I hope you didn’t miss nature’s embroidery

that was strewn on the trees and bushes with a kiss

from Mother Nature.


A beautiful design in nature could be seen

there is nothing more fine than frosted branches

when a straight line you cannot find

in this sky-reaching embroidery vine of snow.


Stark, cold and beautiful

was this bold, generous display of Nature.

It never gets old, this gorgeous sight

If you miss it, you can’t experience it but only be told.





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Scrapbooking, Anyone?

English: Anne Wagner scrapbook collage page, 1...

English: Anne Wagner scrapbook collage page, 1795 – 1834 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Scrapbook page belonging to Anne Wage...

English: Scrapbook page belonging to Anne Wager, a note from her niece Elizabeth Venables, in Abergale, July 29, 1803 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Anne Wagner scrapbook page, finely de...

English: Anne Wagner scrapbook page, finely detailed watercolour sketches of found objects including a butterfly, a feather and seashells (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You might already know that I am  a person of enthusiasm and zest.

I am as excitable as a child, and I “do the Debbie” quite often.   🙂

My list of writing projects I’ve written up for myself is now very long, simply because the ideas keep coming.

Last year, before I started this blog in August, I began to buy sketch pads and paints and crayons and watercolors.  I all of a sudden wanted to express myself creatively with color.

Very early in January I was at a craft store for something and happened upon the scrapbooking section.  My oh my, I thought I was in heaven on earth.  There were all the textures, sizes, thicknesses of all types of paper and decorations and stickers that a person could ever want and need.   It took a major effort on my part to tell myself, “no, it’s not time yet.  Work on your book first.”

Now I’ve seen a catalogue of scrapbooking items, and do you think that caused a stir in me?  Yes, it did – and I thought, “if I start this and find it fun and exciting like writing is, then I’m in TROUBLE! ”  Writing every day is already consuming me (in a good way) and I doubt there’s room for a hobby.

Maybe you can help  me figure this out?  Would it be so terribly wrong to start a hobby when my life is already lovely and full and fun?  I don’t want a house of craft items I don’t use, and I still intend to get back to the painting and drawing – but I don’t know when.

If you are a “scrapbooker”, how many hours per week would you say you spend on it?  What are the advantages, and also disadvantages, of scrapbooking for you?

I really do want your opinion if you would be so inclined to express it.

Thank you,



English: Anne Wagner scrapbook page, showing a...

English: Anne Wagner scrapbook page, showing a portrait silhouette and handwritten poem, 1795 to 1834 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)