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The Conclusion of the series, “The Adventures of Debb’s Blog…”

Ahhh.  The Great Launch.  It’s coming soon on January 4th!   I’m still keeping The Sunshine Factor blog, but it will published within an online magazine, called Stanton Sunshine.  This is where my writing trail has brought me, and it feels like a very nice place!

How will this be different than a blog, you might be asking.  This one will be a community effort of like-minded individuals willing to share their particular kind of sunshine to make up one big place where everyone can participate.   But why participate?  To give and receive emotional support in a world that seems to be getting darker by the day.   You can be published here if you want to be! You can submit artwork, or that of your children or grandchildren.  Like a great recipe?  Please share with the author of the magazine, me, and I will look into getting it out to the community.  Prefer to just read and enjoy?  That’s great, too, but hopefully we can each get the word out to our friends about Stanton Sunshine.

I’ve always believed that to be a museum curator would be an awesome job.  I could decide what would be displayed and what wouldn’t.  I could gather friends together for a good time while enjoying art (and in this case — art AND literature). I would be hot on the trail, and new finds would pepper my museum.  So actually, I can be a curator after all – just in magazine format.  And in a community format, where all people are loved and welcome and can find a positive spin on their lives.

Together we can be strong — that is my motto.  This is how we will begin the new year.  (Start now by signing up for my new Facebook page:  I will keep you abreast of the latest developments and trailmarkers on this Facebook page as well as on this blog.)

More soon!


The Adventure of Debb’s Blog and Her New Trail: Part Five

In taking a hard look at my blog, I enjoyed having a mixture of posts – recipes, poems, stories, articles…but I wanted more.  I wanted artwork from children and adults filling up the blog, along with guest poems and articles.  I wanted to have (and give my readers) it all!  So the next question was:  so where can I get all this additional writing?  The answer came to me when I defined what my blog is.

I call this blog and its readership a community of people with the same goal and focus:  finding the sunshine in your life in spite of sometimes negative circumstances.  Hmmm….a community thrives on its citizens all contributing in their own special way.  Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  Our Sunshine community could do that – offer up their own kinds of sunshine to the community.  We could be enriching each other’s lives!  The extra photos, art, book reviews, stories, poems, articles would fit into that niche in a grand fashion!

If I could write for my blog two weeks out of the month, and write my various projects in the other two weeks, how fantastic would that be?!  I had been having a conflict within myself about writing the blog so much I was neglecting the other part of my writing life.  Here, my friends, was my answer.  If I created a new website with a lot to read, enough to keep people busy for a month, I could do all my writing!  AND get my friends involved in a great project, too!  🙂

Next up:  Where Debb’s trail ends up and announcement of The Great Launch – coming soon to a computer near you!



The Adventure of Debb’s Blog and Her New Trail: Part Four

Line art representation of a Quill

Line art representation of a Quill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As writers, we all have ups and downs, flow and no flow, and metaphoric high tides and low tides.  At the beginning of my blogging days, I couldn’t imagine ever having writer’s block.  After all, I thought, I have been instructed how NOT to have writer’s block.  And, I go for a walk and usually get three to four ideas for more posts.  How hard can it be to keep the writing going?   But, as it turned out, I was not immune to writer’s block — the time when creativity seems to have gone on vacation, the muse up and leaves, and you’re the opposite of a prolific genius.

Granted, I haven’t had a lot of writer’s block.  I did quick cover-ups — anything to keep to my internal deadline of posting once each day.  You probably have read the cover-ups:  the story that was filled with references to popular songs; alphabet games; anything unusual.  At least I came up with something, I thought to myself.

You might have noticed that I don’t post on a daily schedule anymore.  It was like pulling teeth when I first left the daily goal unmet.  Then I began to admire the many writers who stated they had writer’s block; by golly, they admitted it!  When things started to change in my personal life (lots of overtime at work, combining two households into one, creating a new vehicle for my writing), I finally waved the surrender flag.  I knew God would understand.  Perhaps the idea of writing every single day had been the way to get me back into writing, period. Now the new vehicle for my writing was giving me impetus to continue being a writer, albeit one for a different kind of blog.

Next up:  What was the reason behind the new website?


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The Adventure of Debb’s Blog and Her New Trail: Part Three

Awarded by on 9/1/13

Awarded by on 9/1/13

When I said to God, “Okay, Lord, I will post something on the blog every day!” I hadn’t planned on what type of writing I would do.  Flying by the seat of my pants, I just sat down to write each day.  (I was and still am very thankful for my computer because my writing hand cramps up and my handwriting is very small unless I take time to write neatly.)  As mentioned before, I’d take a morning walk and come back with three or four ideas at a time.  Perfect, I said to myself, I will schedule the extra posts for the days ahead and I’ll still be posting every day.

From in my heart and down through my fingertips, I wrote in different styles.  A recipe here, a poem here and there, a commentary about the goops in traffic, a bedtime story…once in awhile a questionnaire or poll…and then a story consisting of song titles throughout (THAT was a lot of fun!)…whatever came to me.

This is great!  This is fun!  Who knew?!  I often said, accompanied by excited and happy hand and arm movements (to be exact, my hubby named one of these expressions as The Debbie).

I’m sure you’ve heard of artists and writers who experienced problems while doing their craft.  I was not exempt from this stellar group.

Next week:  Debb shares the not-so-smiley valleys in her writing.


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Response to Daily Prompt

English: William de Brailes (active c. 1230 — ...

English: William de Brailes (active c. 1230 — c. 1260) was an English 13th century scribe and Early Gothic manuscript illuminator, presumably born in Brailes, Warwickshire. He and Matthew Paris are the only two English 13th century manuscript illuminators about whom we have much personal information, since he signed two manuscripts, and his life is otherwise documented. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daily Prompt: Ebb and Flow

by michelle w. on September 28, 2013

Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog — but three years in the future.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us LIFE.


Hi folks!

When I look back three years

and reminisce

about what life was like then —

I smile


Back then I was very hopeful

and I really applied myself

A lot of my pursuits

have yielded success

Other things have worked out as well


Dave and I finally have our two households merged

and there is actually a place for everything

*downsizing feels great!*


My eating disorder has left the premises

and I am leading a full,  recovered life now


I am now a published author of a book —

Some manuscripts for other books I wrote

have been turned down

but there are still a few more on my list to tackle

Of course, who is to say I can’t try polishing my rejected manuscripts?


I now own and write for my own magazine

thankfully it’s online, so I can work it remotely

I am still editing and proofreading others’ manuscripts

(also remotely)

and I like reading and writing book reviews


I still have my day job

that I’ve had for 27 years

I like the benefits I get there

but at times I wish I could write full-time

I won’t be retiring for awhile

so it’s best I keep using time wisely

so I can write as much as possible


Best of all:

I am a seven-year cancer survivor

still as feisty and funny as before

although maybe a little bit stronger


I am playing tennis and swimming again

life is wonderful ~ ~


What has changed in the last three years of YOUR life?

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Sunday is Coming…Please submit your favorite post of last week!

Wow, it’s that time of week again when I ask you to send me your favorite posts from last week – those you or other people wrote.  Photos are another good find to be celebrated.   I will post them on “Sunday Showcase” tomorrow morning.

You can email me the link or links to at:  My mailbox, who feels empty lately, and I would feel much obliged.  🙂


See you tomorrow!

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Today I’m quoting some of the lyrics to a Neil Diamond song.  He has good wisdom in this song – words that I can better take to heart now that I’ve had cancer.

” Time is all we’ll ever need
But its gotta have a meaning
Be careful how it’s spent
Because it isn’t gonna last
I hear you wonderin’ out loud
Are you ever gonna make it
Will you ever work it out?
Will you ever take a chance?
Just believe you can
Hell yeah you will
Gonna be okay
You might get lost
But then you’ll find a way
Don’t go alone
Can’t be afraid
Hell yeah this life is here
And it’s made for livin’
And loves a gift that’s made for GIVING
Give it all away and have it still
And hell yeah you will.”

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NaPoWriMo #21

Inside of a Grand Piano

Inside of a Grand Piano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oops!  It looks like I did not post a NaPoWriMo for the 21st.  Here it is…


I took a long, beautiful walk this morning

enjoying the spring sights, smells, and sounds

when I was particularly entranced by a grand piano

that was next to someone’s window


I’ve walked past that house hundreds of times

but today for some reason was different

I think I was remembering my piano-playing days

not to mention, when I saw the piano today

the word “glissando” immediately came to mind


The flourish of my right arm

and the graceful twist of my right wrist

used to help my fingers travel up the keyboard

and let loose some beautiful sounds


Oh Debbie, remember loving the piano?

You could display a wide range of emotions

right then and there on one instrument

It was fun to play classical music and even ragtime

popular songs too and soul-comforting stuff

until of course you were forced to stop playing


I wish I had never stop stopped

It’s beyond me now

but I still to this day

wonder if my talent is still around

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Scrapbooking, Anyone?

English: Anne Wagner scrapbook collage page, 1...

English: Anne Wagner scrapbook collage page, 1795 – 1834 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Scrapbook page belonging to Anne Wage...

English: Scrapbook page belonging to Anne Wager, a note from her niece Elizabeth Venables, in Abergale, July 29, 1803 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Anne Wagner scrapbook page, finely de...

English: Anne Wagner scrapbook page, finely detailed watercolour sketches of found objects including a butterfly, a feather and seashells (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You might already know that I am  a person of enthusiasm and zest.

I am as excitable as a child, and I “do the Debbie” quite often.   🙂

My list of writing projects I’ve written up for myself is now very long, simply because the ideas keep coming.

Last year, before I started this blog in August, I began to buy sketch pads and paints and crayons and watercolors.  I all of a sudden wanted to express myself creatively with color.

Very early in January I was at a craft store for something and happened upon the scrapbooking section.  My oh my, I thought I was in heaven on earth.  There were all the textures, sizes, thicknesses of all types of paper and decorations and stickers that a person could ever want and need.   It took a major effort on my part to tell myself, “no, it’s not time yet.  Work on your book first.”

Now I’ve seen a catalogue of scrapbooking items, and do you think that caused a stir in me?  Yes, it did – and I thought, “if I start this and find it fun and exciting like writing is, then I’m in TROUBLE! ”  Writing every day is already consuming me (in a good way) and I doubt there’s room for a hobby.

Maybe you can help  me figure this out?  Would it be so terribly wrong to start a hobby when my life is already lovely and full and fun?  I don’t want a house of craft items I don’t use, and I still intend to get back to the painting and drawing – but I don’t know when.

If you are a “scrapbooker”, how many hours per week would you say you spend on it?  What are the advantages, and also disadvantages, of scrapbooking for you?

I really do want your opinion if you would be so inclined to express it.

Thank you,



English: Anne Wagner scrapbook page, showing a...

English: Anne Wagner scrapbook page, showing a portrait silhouette and handwritten poem, 1795 to 1834 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Ode to Sandra: A New Year’s story

New Year’s Day reminds me of my dear sister.

Although I’m a writer,

I have never had a concrete writing-each-day-in-a-diary or journal practice.

Back when I was 7 or 8

I received my first diary for Christmas,

and I can still remember the simple notation

I made on January 1st.

“Played with my new doll.

Walked down the street to Clancy Park with Sandra

to see if the ice rink was ready to skate on yet.”

Such innocent words,

full of hope and love.

Sandra was three years older than I,

so I thought it was fabulous

that SHE would invite ME for a walk.

I had to grab those great chances when I could.

Now that she’s dead and gone,

I of course wish I could make another memory with her.

I miss her most of all

when I do use a journal

and even now when I am blogging most of my words.

She had encouraged me in my writing

and had even bought me a book on publishing children’s stories.

Maybe she could see something in me

that I wasn’t aware of yet.

I miss Sandra terribly

and hope that other people can be close to their siblings

while they have the chance.


God's artwork

God’s artwork

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Song Study

Common musical notes

Common musical notes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I did another study on a word, as I am prone to do, and this time the word is “song”.

We normally think of a song as musical notes sung with words to music.

But there can be a song (happiness) in your heart.

Her laughter was like a song.

It was the same old song and dance (predictable action).

Their joy was like a song.

He purchased them for a song (good price).

The violinist’s playing made his instrument sing a song.

Well, and if you prefer to think of regular songs – see my post “Let’s Have A Little Fun”.  I remember I had fun that day coming up with song titles from many genres.  🙂


About Me and My Blog

Hi, I’m Debbie Loesel Stanton.   My friends call me Debb…

I am a:  writer, small-time philosopher, small-time get out of debt and  stay that way advisor, big-time lover of  people/animals/nature/beautiful writing/beautiful poetry/beauty-period/peace/photography; a reader, cancer survivor, comforting and encouraging friend, bringer of sunshine to the soul and spirit, and appreciator of life.

I am for:  peace, love, joy, and other such blessings; fairness, equality, and respect.

I am against:  hatred, violence, abortion, abuse of people and animals, wasting the earth’s natural resources, and judging one another.

My political stance:   I believe we each need to study the arguments and vote according to what our conscience states, and not what side we think we are supposed to be on.  Suffice it to say, just make sure you get out and vote.

What my blog is for and about:  a smile for your day, loving thoughts and encouragement, sometimes whimsy,  sometimes a recipe or two, a movie review here and there, and always a love of life that I hope to pass on to others.  I’ve been writing a lot of poems since being on this blog but I also write in other forms.   I post daily because there is so much we can talk about. . . I welcome your comments.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure we call life.