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Poetry Saturday: Stars and Paths

Wonders of the night sky map 20

Wonders of the night sky map 20 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“May a happy star always light your path.”
— Chinese proverb


I have never looked at the stars at night

without feeling happy

I am part of this great universe

but ultimately tiny


My path has always been lit

but sometimes the clouds got in the way

boulders both literal and figurative blocked my way

but the path did not disappear


I suppose I am most happy

when the night sky is filled with stars

and when I choose to take a path

that I can follow


Nature and life mimic each other

no promises are made

except that change will always exist

and God never changes

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Such a Wonderful Thing is the Moon

goodbye to La Palma

goodbye to La Palma (Photo credit: Florian Seiffert (F*))

Do you remember the children’s book “Goodnight Moon” ??

The full moon that I saw in the sky on my way home from work tonight was something very awesome.  It would have been a good moon to pattern a storybook picture after.

The moon had a haze around it — or shall I say, it looked like it was covered with see-through white gauze.   So totally serene!

Seeing the moon tonight made me wonder how many beauties of nature I miss each day or evening by being so busy that I may not want to take 30 extra seconds to stop what I’m doing and just rest and enjoy the view.  Or enjoy the people I am with.  Or just enjoy the state of I’m here.  I exist.  I can just BE.

Well, there’s at least one thing I don’t take for granted:  my readers and fellow bloggers.  To you all I say, “Goodnight, dear ones!”