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Scripture Memory

Hello friends,

I am curious about scripture memory — what method do you use – how often do you choose a new verse to memorize, and how, for example – could you help me? I have the Topical Memory System but didn’t get past the third verse —

Thank you,


“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

John 8:32


The context in which this was written defines freedom as holding to the teachings of Jesus and being his disciple.  I know that for me personally, when I live my life this way, I do feel a freedom.  As Christians, we do not and should not expect freedom from pain and loss and hardship.  But freedom from inner worries and turmoil is the freedom I feel.  When nagging thoughts from the past come up, I can be free of those, too.

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Happy Birthday to my dad Richard!

Written in Latin, Polish and German. Discovere...

Written in Latin, Polish and German. Discovered in 1827 by Josef Chmel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My German reading and writing dad Richard passed away in 1991, and today was his birthday.

I imagine in Heaven they don’t measure time, and he is probably oblivious to the goings-on down here.

Heaven is where his physical body, that was so hard-working and strong, was able to take a rest, and now he has a spiritual body.

The man was very wise, and his favorite books of the Bible were Psalms and Proverbs.

As I’ve mentioned before, Dad was a great story teller.   He had a vivid imagination to boot.

He loved the out of doors, nature and animals.

As a child, he told me time and time again to “write it down.”  Even though he meant write down the time and date someone left a phone message, that instruction has served me well.  Especially now that I’m a writer and it is helpful to write down ideas before I forget them.

His very-strong work ethic, love of God and wisdom are what I try to emulate.

His youngest daughter, she with the same bone structure, eyes, nose, humor and imagination as he, waits for the day she can see him again.