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Humanizing Wednesday: The Pigeon Secretary


Frontispiece from a volume of articles, The Pa...

Frontispiece from a volume of articles, The Passenger Pigeon, 1907 (Mershon, editor). The caption reads: “PASSENGER PIGEON (Columba Migratoria) Upper bird, male ; lower, female (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Pigeon Secretary

I was in my downtown office building

and seated in a work meeting


I watched a beautiful pigeon

on the windowsill

yet fully participated in the meeting


The bird kept trying to look in

and looked like she wanted to be with us


I thought of a story that could go with this bird

Oh-oh, here comes my muse (imagination)!


Mrs. “Pidgeon” was an administrative assistant

wearing a beautiful, irredescent dress

She was very smart and attentive

She cocked her head often as if to say

“What?  You said what?”

Cocked her head in many positions

and gazed at us with her beady eyes

She got bored once or twice during the meeting

so she turned her back to us and readjusted her dress

but she always returned her attention to the meeting

She wanted to memorize what was said

because she didn’t have a note pad with her

and she didn’t know how to use a pencil or pen


Miracle on a Rail

Sunday morning, while watering my flowers on the deck, I saw a miracle of nature.

After watering the flowers by the sliding glass door, I proceeded to the front of the deck where there are numerous pots of flowers. For only the second time in nine years did I see a bird or two on the railing (it is up high, above the garage). I guess the neighborhood birds know that the resident red tabby is no longer patrolling the area! Tiger would have really liked today…one of the two sparrows remained. As I quietly, slowly came closer so I could water the flowers, one of them stayed right where he was. He looked at me with his tiny beady eyes and didn’t even flinch. You just got up, I said to myself, so you are dreaming this. No bird has ever let you come this close before. He isn’t injured or anything…

As I moved onto the next pot, “Birdie” flew down to the deck floor and drank the spilled water on the wood planks underneath the blossoms. That gave me an idea…I poured some water on a nearby plank. Sure enough, Birdie hopped over and drank some more.

I went into the house to get a small, narrow saucer to give a makeshift birdbath to my new friend. But alas, when I came back, he was gone…bummer! I hope my friend comes back to visit, as I really enjoyed looking at this sparrow up close. His feathers were edged in white (sort of like my purple star-shaped petunias that are edged in white), and on the center of his back, he had some baby-bird-down. So I had befriended an almost-grown-up baby bird!

That is the narrative of the few minutes of fellowship Birdie and I seemed to have. A sweet time! Almost as if I had been in another world. 🙂


Curly, Comfy Morning

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis was illuminated ...

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis was illuminated in pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month during the Arch Lighting for Breast Cancer Awareness Thursday, Oct. 12, 2006. Mrs. Laura Bush delivered remarks and met with the audience members during the event. White House photo by Shealah Craighead (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As you might have guessed, writing is my favorite method of communication.  In writing this blog, I don’t usually try to get my writing “just right” or worry about meter or rules.  It is fun to be spontaneous, and that is what I am today.

For my walk this morning I walked on the bridge over the pond or marsh.  Up ahead, at the far end I saw of pair of Canadian geese.  I could see little flashes of yellow near one of them, and sure enough, it was the mama goose.

I didn’t want to turn around so decided to see if I could persuade the geese to stay right where they were.    I couldn’t walk to the side of them because then I would be in the water.   Maybe if I walked slowly and spoke softly to them, I could coax them to stay.  Well, that didn’t work.   First mama goose stood up, and four little, bright yellow goslings tumbled out of her protective wing cover.  She jumped into the pond, and surprisingly for how young they are, the goslings did too.  (I was glad that their first venture into water would not be a panic-filled one.)  Papa goose brought up the rear, jumped in the water, and gave me one sidelong hiss.

I know there are mallards in the area, and I love them, too.  I especially get a kick out of the mallard’s perfect little curl at the end of their tail feathers.

Speaking of curls, I didn’t have to do my hair today.  The rain did that for me.  When I got home from my walk, I just had to scrunch my damp hair, and voila, it was done for the day.  I’m really digging this short hair!  🙂

I’m also appreciating my little pink hoodie that I wear on my walks on these chilly spring mornings.  It is soft and cozy on the inside and displays the breast cancer awareness symbol and sayings on the outside.    I have a penchant for things that are comfortable and make me happy on the inside and outside!

Another comfortable aspect of this morning was the fact that I don’t have to go in to work till later this morning, so I am getting some writing and housework done.

Here’s wishing you a comfy day and a happy spirit.




My Morning Constitutional

English: An illustration of a European Robins ...

English: An illustration of a European Robins by Henrik Grönvold (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My walk today was wonderful –

English: Mated pair of Pileated Woodpeckers.

English: Mated pair of Pileated Woodpeckers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

not because I got a lot of thinking and planning done

but because I felt like I was on a science class trip.


I saw and heard the great Canadian geese

come back for the season and trumpet

The lone male mallard

was just standing in the middle of the street, waiting

I even saw two loons (the bird type!)

hover over one of the small ponds around here

(Apparently they live down here in the Twin Cities now

Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

instead of just up north around the lakes)


The rest of the birds

mourning dove (who didn’t mourn today)



and the rest of the regular variety

performed their own impromptu concert

They didn’t remember

that this neighborhood is known to be a quiet one

I guess I’d rather have bird songs break the quiet

and woodpeckers drilling on trees

than cars driving, music blaring

and people yakking


The ones from the amphibian world

the frogs that are always mating or dating

were still asleep – imagine that


And the weeping willow:

she was not weeping today

she is still trying to find the spring


As for my friends

I wish they were right here

but I will settle for them being in my heart

where I have a nice, comfy place for them

which I guard intensely


Dear friends,

As you greet the new day

remember I love  you

you’re never farther

than a thought away

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What I Don’t Expect

Did this really happen?!

Blue Jay

Rooster: “I’m the cat’s bait, but how come he’s not moving?”
Cat: “Mother never told me hunting would be this easy. How fast can he fly?”

Here you see pictures of an unlikely event.  I just love them because they are so out-of-the-ordinary, a cat and bird getting along (for now, anyway!).

A little old lady was given two pieces of candy by the Santa Claus in her grocery store, and he talked to her in a kindly manner.  It made her cry, to think that someone thought of her and didn’t dismiss her because she was “too old”.   (That Santa Claus was my father.) I never expected to get cancer, either – It would only happen to other people…and three years after the fact, it seems like it never happened.  🙂 Today, six blue jays were flying together by my study  window – first to the porch (whose edge I can see from my window), then to the big bushes, then up to my roof and down to the oak tree.  What is truly amazing is the fact that they didn’t squawk like crows do when they get together (blue jays are in the same family of birds as crows).  They kind of whined, didn’t really sing, and they sounded sort of like puppies! I am finding out that there are many things that happen that really surprise me.  I forget that not everything out there is written in stone, and change can be good.  🙂  What are your thoughts on the subject?English: Photo of Jonathan G. Meath portraying...

Blue Jay Portrait