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A Word From the Magazine

Stanton Sunshine Magazine

Stanton Sunshine Magazine


I’m feeling better now and getting excited about February’s issue.  But I need you…I’m throwing out an “SOS” here:  looking for photos, artwork, stories, poems, or recipes.  In fact, Claire (the Ask Claire lady) is wondering why her mailbox hasn’t seen much action…do you have a general question she could answer for you?  🙂

I’m sure you’ve heard me say this before, but it’s worth repeating:  don’t be shy.  Do not be so critical of your work or talent that you keep it to yourself.  I’ve been told that it’s worth it to publish a post, even if it would help just one person who needs to see or feel the message you are conveying.  Just think… if the reaching just one person happens from a lot of contributors, the more people we can reach…and love…and help…and bring sunshine to.

SEE http://www.stantonsunshine/submissionguidelines for ideas.  And, my email box is always glad to fill up.  ( 🙂

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Are You Getting Ready For the Sunday Showcase?

This is a letter written by Jan Stalmans sent ...

This is a letter written by Jan Stalmans sent to Paul Van Hoeydonck who returned it to Jan Stalmans with a handwritten answer on it (Photo credit: Wikipedia)This is sort of the same principle for Sunday Showcase – sharing. 🙂

Don’t forget, Sundays are when Sunshine Factor posts links to your favorite blog posts since last Sunday.  This way, my readers and I can have a taste of various types of posts and writing (and get to know more writers).  Items will be accepted any day of the week but only published on early Sunday mornings.  Contributors will be listed as such.  Let’s share the love.  🙂  Just fill out the form below, and away we go….