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The Adventure of Debb’s Blog and Her New Trail: Part Two

nature often inspired Debb to write

nature often inspired Debb to write

Want to know how Debb decided what posts would be in her blog?  She explains it below.

I promised God that I would post something every day, since He had inspired me to write a blog.  Amazingly, I was able to accomplish this.  (I try not to make promises lightly, since I am a woman of my word; but this promise to God – well, I thought that maybe I was promising in the heat of excitement and realization, and maybe I wouldn’t carry it out.)

In September I noticed that my early morning walks often yielded an idea for a post (or many posts).  I drafted the post or posts in my head while walking and enjoying nature.  (Oftentimes, the posts did talk about the nature I’d seen.)  I’d come home from work and rush to the computer so I could capture my thoughts.

The more I wrote, the more lively my imagination became.  I no longer cared what my audience would think.  Whatever grabbed my attention is what would show up in my blog.  I laughed at myself within posts (for instance, when I had bragged to my boss I was a good cook, and when he came to dinner, the dinner bombed – haha) and put myself out there as someone who makes mistakes – plenty of them at times!

Next up:  what forms of writing did Debb employ?  See you next week!

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Humanizing Wednesday: The Cat Who Could Cook

Cat food for sale at an Istanbul animal market

Cat food for sale at an Istanbul animal market (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Micah the cat

not generally a brat

put on a cook’s hat

and cooked for his sister.

He thought he was smart enough

because he watched his human mama

open cans of moist cat food

that smelled delish.


But he wanted to actually cook..

The delicacies his mama made for people

sent him scurrying to his favorite cat cookbook:

The Cat of Cooking.


Mama didn’t see all the proceedings

but a rare sight greeted her when she came home.

Micah had gotten into the refrigerator

and somehow got some pancake syrup in his hair.

When he made homemade pasta,

the flour went up his triangle nose

and some unused, cooked pasta

hung around his tail.


The smell of beef came from his mouth

but his sister rejected him, saying,

“I told you to cook fish for dinner!”

Micah, I guess, was not a winner.


Then Micah became content again

to wait patiently for his cat supper.

Only the best for this interesting cat

and his darling, princess-like sister!


“No matter who are my guests, they always like my kitchen best.” — Unknown

I’m surprised that my mom didn’t coin this phrase. She kept a spotless house but still didn’t like people visiting in her kitchen.
Me? I don’t really entertain anymore, but when I did, I was always glad to have people with me in my kitchen. We could talk or laugh or tease…how about you?

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NaPoWriMo #24

He was Italian
and even owned a stallion
He frequented the House of Bernaducci
where the guests wore clothes from Gucci.
That was, of course, before he joined the battalion.

He was a brave man, fearless and bold
there never was a thought that he would get old
He weathered the war then to his home went back
Sadly he suffered a heart attack
simply because his stallion had been sold.

His wife, she was a strange one
never smiled at him till her work was done
She cooked, she cleaned, she stewed
“I work too hard,” was her attitude
She could not loosen up, for she didn’t know how to have fun.

Then one day the Italian and his wife were together
the wife decided to cut her husband’s tether
She wanted to treat him better
told him this without writing a letter
and kissed him, lightly as a feather.

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NaPoWriMo #14


They say coffee gets them going

and with writers, their thoughts start flowing.

Me?  I don’t like the stuff

Water, milk and juice is enough.


Sugar is what I am quite attracted to,

sweets for the sweet, they say ~~

Giving sugar up is very hard to do

Having fun with sugar is my way to play.


Salt is what some people crave

the road to a higher blood pressure, it will pave.

It gives meals a taste to savor ~~

and you don’t even have to waiver.


Nothing is bad if done in moderation —

that’s a right dandy quotation.

However, as I try to learn this small trick,

I feel like a sad, water-logged candle wick.


English: Main complications of persistent high...

English: Main complications of persistent high blood pressure. Sources are found in main article: Wikipedia:Hypertension#Complications. To discuss image, please see Template_talk:Häggström diagrams. To edit, please use the svg version, convert to png and update both versions online. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Easiest Pot Roast Recipe in the World!

Put 1 roast into your crock pot, sprinkle 1 envelope of onion soup mix over it, on top of that pour 16-22 ozs of Coca Cola, do not stir, cook on low 7-8 hours, and your roast will be very moist and not taste like pop at all.

I made this for Sunday dinner and put a layer of onion chunks and then a layer of carrot chunks on the bottom of the crock pot before I added the meat.

I forgot to buy Coke at the store so I used Dr. Pepper.  I couldn’t tell the difference and neither could my husband, who I consider to be the meat expert at our house.

I have heard that you can use ginger ale instead of cola in this recipe.