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Happy Birthday, Mom!

English: Pink roses in the garden

English: Pink roses in the garden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unidentified pink hybrid tea roses against lea...

Unidentified pink hybrid tea roses against leaves and sky. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It’s your birthday again
but you’re not here to celebrate
you live in a perfect place
very far away – and I miss you very much

If you were still here
you wouldn’t believe our weather:
snowstorm in April
Sandra would have seen her birthday
covered in snow!

you were the original “lady in pink”
I’m sure you’re feeling in the pink now
and loving those heavenly roses

Happy Birthday!



Poll Update

There has been a nice, albeit small, response to the poll featured on “Debbie’s Experiment”.  I would like to drum up more business so that I can decide something.  The main question for me as a writer is:

If I started a blog that contained only one growing story, written by interested readers – could that story be as good as a one-author story?  Would an ever-changing (or not) “cast”  of characters and storyline be frustrating or wonderful for readers?   Are you interested in trying a unique writing project?  Creative minds want to know.   🙂

Please scroll down to the “Debbie’s Experiment” post and answer the poll, if you would.   Followers or not, friends or strangers, please consider taking the poll.   “Yes” or “No” is fine, but there is also additional space if you can elaborate.  Or, write me at to discuss.  ALL COMMENTS ARE WELCOME AND VERY MUCH NEEDED.

Thank you for your time,

BLACK-POLL WARBLER. Male and Female.

BLACK-POLL WARBLER. Male and Female. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Do the Debbie

English: Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls, made ...

English: Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls, made by McKee Foods. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donal...

English: Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor in Singin’ in the Rain trailer Français : Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds et Donald O’Connor dans le film-annonce de Chantons sous la pluie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is there a way, perhaps,

to share my joy?

That begets silliness,

that brings on contentment?


I will try to help people out

make them laugh over the smallest things

reconnect with their inner child

do things that are harmless but fun.


The Debbie (A) is a dance where you only use your arms

which makes Debbie (B) the dance for your lower half.

Debbie (C) is dancing in the car only

where your shoulders move, your lips sing and your non-driving foot taps out a rhythm.


Oh boy, can’t we just say

she’s referring to Debbie Reynolds or Little Debbie treats?

No indeed

for that would be too logical.


We mustn’t forget Debbie (D) and (E)

this will give you a more complete picture

Debbie (D) is the smile she uses at all times so her face won’t frown and fall off

Debbie (E) is the “EEEeeekkkkk!” when she is so happy, she can think of nothing to do but shriek in a good way.


For why did you endure reading this poem?

So you can laugh and then

figure out what YOU do that sets you apart from the others

We’ve gotta enjoy this life while we can


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The Golden Age of Four

goodbye hug

goodbye hug (Photo credit: kev_walsh)

I started babysitting neighborhood kids at age 12.  As the years went by, I got very popular and couples would literally fight over who could hire me for New Year’s Eve.

Then, I was a live-in nanny in an Ann Arbor suburb.  My two precious charges were a boy, age 4, and a girl, age 2.   (Note to Rocky and Nannette:  if you are reading this, please get in touch with me!)

I’ve often thought about the kids I babysat for, how all the four-year-olds were my delight.  Here’s why:  they’re old enough to communicate with you but usually too young to sass you.

Here’s a story Rocky told me:

[All summer I had been pointing things out to the kids and taking them to the library so we could find out about different animals and birds and what they liked to eat and where they slept, et cetera.  So one day I asked Rocky a question to see what he thought]

Debbie:  “Rocky, remember that bug I showed you on the sidewalk before we went to visit the people across the street? ”  (I think it was a caterpillar.)  “Well, it’s gone now.  Where do you suppose he went?”

Rocky:  “Oh, I’m sure his mother must have called him in for supper.”  Out of the mouth of babes!  Love it!

Thanks for the memories, Rocky, wherever you are…


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Story: My Coronation Day

Ocean's Melody

Ocean’s Melody (Photo credit: QY qinn): not quite the opal and ruby and aquamarine crown this story talks about ~

Debbie was all excited because someone had sent her the first telegram of her life.

A company in England was going to pay her expenses to visit their country.

Is this a joke? she wondered.

Even though gullible, and knowing she was gullible, Debbie did fly to England.  There really was a plane ticket and then a taxi cab waiting to take her to a beautiful garden, of which there are many in England.

It was such a beautiful, sunny day.  For what more could she ask?

It turns out there was a whole crowd waiting for her, waving and smiling and calling out to her.

Oh no, she gasped inwardly.  How is this going to turn out?  I’m all for adventure – but a crowd gathering for me?

Soon a dignitary approached her.  He held out a red velvet cloak, and she obligingly put it on.

“My dear woman,” began the man.  “We have brought you here to crown you for your efforts.”

“What efforts?” she asked.

“The efforts to be content in your life and deciding that you were glad to be who you are,” the man, Sir Tuttle, explained.  “Most of us are still searching, trying to be someone else or being frustrated that they aren’t happy.  You, most gracious woman, have arrived at contentedness and acceptance.  For this achievement, you must be crowned.”

“Well, okay then, sir,” Debbie answered, fighting an overwhelming desire to faint.

An army of giant nutcrackers arrived when the trumpets began to play.  They were in exact formation as they came to her and saluted.

“Debbie Loesel Stanton, I hereby crown you Queen of SSS,” Sir Tuttle announced.  He put upon her head a crown covered with irridescent opals, rubies and aquamarine.  She nearly fell down with the weight of the crown!

“What is SSS?”  The Queen of SSS asked.

“Ahem, I suppose you must know.  SSS stands for sensitivity, silliness and searching,”

Sir Tuttle explained.

“Uh, because…?” Debbie ventured forth.

“Tsk, tsk, always asking questions, aren’t you?”  Sir Tuttle mildly scolded.  Well, I guess that fits you.  You are forever researching things and asking questions.  Oh, and your friends nominated you for silliness.  They think it’s great you found your voice (and also your literal voice after it got affected negatively from chemotherapy) and that you’re not afraid to let loose.  You love to have fun, but it is only at your expense, never others.”

“Thank you, I think,” Debbie said.  “What about the sensitivity part?”

“Well, didn’t people used to tell you you’re too sensitive?”

“Yes, but I’ve decided that it’s okay to be sensitive and being that way is an asset sometimes,” Debbie explained.

Sir Tuttle went on, “Good, but I just want you to know how you’re sensitive.”

Great, Debbie thought.  Let’s hear the list of how I’m super-sensitive, like I didn’t know!

“Debbie, your skin and stomach are sensitive.  You are allergic to so many medications.  Your feelings get bruised easily (but less so now that you’re older), and you have a heart of gold.  You can feel others’ pain almost more than they can.  You never want to hurt others, and from the time you were a child, you have felt sorry for inanimate objects.  Everyone and everything!”

“Oh,” Debbie recalled, “like when I felt sorry for the box elder bugs that got into the house, because my mom hated them?  Or the dolls with the chopped off hair that the other girls didn’t want?”

“Precisely,” Sir Tuttle confirmed.

Debbie, Sir Tuttle, and the whole crowd took one collective deep breath.

Then the string quartet began to play, little children grabbed hands and danced in circles together, and the light in Debbie’s eyes started to blind Sir Tuttle until he looked away.

Oh, what a day!, thought Debbie.  Now I really can be glad that I ask a lot of questions and hurt for other people and make people laugh.  It’s good to be the queen of something!