The Sunshine Factor

where sunshine is a way of life


NaPoWriMo #29


My, but she’s a pretty one

you would never know that she wanted to roll up her leaves

dry up

stop the admiration of others

and just start  life again as a tiny, precious splash of color


She is beautiful but very fragile

very delicate indeed

yet her stem is strong

and she sure has had her times of windy weather

threatening to blow her down


The deer and squirrels have chewed at her bulb

and root rot threatened to destroy

She’s been trampled by kids and stray baseballs

and dogs wanting to use her soil as a place for their bones

but she’s still here


Pretty Flower reached a turning point lately

it happened during the April Snow of ’13

If I can get through this, she thought

then I can get through anything

Maybe all these bad things happening to me

is the secret to my strength


Now I don’t want to curl up and die

it’s much too soon for that

I have a life to be lived

it is right here, right now

and I am whole




The Myth of Delicate – Part One

English: Surf at Clipperton Island in the Paci...

English: Surf at Clipperton Island in the Pacific Ocean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She was a lady of the ocean, the girl that the song phrases “Brandy, you’re a fine girl” and “green-eyed lady, ocean lady” were written about.  Yes – she did work as a cocktail waitress at a seaside bar, and she had beautiful green eyes like that of the sea she loved.  Her long hair of copper hue made her look like a princess.

This girl was named Delicate at birth, and indeed she lived up to her name.  Her limbs were long, and she had a charming delicacy about her.   She loved the ocean and birds and animals, often wishing she had a horse that she could ride up and down the coast.   Delicate rented a room above her grandmother’s duplex, so her waitress salary was adequate.  She spent her spare time at the ocean’s edge, frolicking in the surf or painting an oil picture of her favorite subject.

Delicate had many friends and was loved by all, young and old and anywhere in between.  This is why a well-known fact was a mystery.

Delicate had only two great loves in her whole life.

Her first love was actually just a school-girl crush, and he wasn’t actually hers.  She was a pretty although timid girl, so did not make moves on anyone.

Her second and last love was what all love stories are written about.   They had the love of the century, and of course Delicate thought it would last forever, till the day he came to her and announced to her his intention of leaving.

He, the seaman, who had treated her so well and gave her a silver locket bearing his name, had resolved that he was ultimately more in love with the sea than with her.

Delicate understood this because she loved the ocean with the same passion and fervor too.   But she didn’t understand why he couldn’t love both of them.  How could the ocean, this fluid, wonderful friend of theirs, be her enemy and competitor?

Delicate was in an awful state of mind.   She stopped eating and sleeping, lost her dreams and her passion of music and artwork.  To be sure, she stopped swimming in the surf.  She even said goodbye to her dolphin friends and to her grandmother.

Delicate unceremoniously quit her job at the bar and ran away to the forest, to where the sunlight only partially came beaming down on her.  This was a pretty dark place, matching her mood exactly.  She lived there for days with the beasts and birds of the forest and ate berries for sustenance.

Weaker and weaker this girl got, and she yearned for the ocean.  The sound and sight of it had always calmed her down before…but this time, when in the forest she could hardly hear the ocean anymore, it provided no help.

Delicate decided that even though she was mad at the ocean for taking her love away, she needed to go to it.  To lay at surfside and let the water wash over her and tickle her feet.  To splash its water and maybe even frolic in it once again.

By this time, Delicate was fading fast.  She was so weak, it took her a week to crawl back to the water.  When the ocean saw her, it rejoiced.  It celebrated with exploding waves that imparted happiness to Delicate.  She got in the water, and then something incredible happened.

See you on Saturday with the conclusion of this tale



English: Wildflowers, Nisqually National Wildl...

English: Wildflowers, Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, Washington, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She is like the wildflowers that grow

in sunshine, rain and heavy snows.

She worries not about what she will wear,

With God on her side, she has no care.


She delights all who see her,

she even makes them smile.

She is beauty in the midst of the starkness

and lack of color.


She is gentle and delicate

and unseen by others,

but she was created by God

and this is her great legacy.