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Such a Fine Day!

My bad cold is still hanging on, but I’m feeling better.  The snow is finally melting around here, and the sun is out.  Today I went to two appointments.  For those times, I saw one lady in the parking lot that complimented me on my hot pink purse – that made my day!   And I got to actually pet a service dog – poor thing is deaf, but he sure was cute!   He is a long-haired (white) Chihuhua.

I then took myself out to lunch with help from my honey, and when I got home I took a nice long walk with my friend Pat.  It sure is fun to catch up on news when you can be out walking in the sunshine!

Wishing you all a good day, and keep that smile on your face!



Seeing and Doing: A Story Poem

Statue, Three Servicemen, Vietnam Veterans Mem...

Statue, Three Servicemen, Vietnam Veterans Memorial (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After Roger*’s time in the service,

his life went down the tubes.

Too much booze

and not enough work

and post traumatic stress

did a number on him.

A request out of the blue

gave him the courage

and the necessity to live again.

His buddy from the war

had asked if his friend could look after his wife

and children in case he should

not make it home safe.

With the buddy gone now, the buddy’s wife

was dying of cancer.

She was living in the hospital

but her two children had nowhere to go.

The place where Roger was house sitting for the winter

would not let the children stay there unless he was married.

Marcy* said,

“Sure, I’ll marry you,

if you can stand an ugly shell of a person

who can’t give you anything in return.”

Roger by this time had given up the monkey on his back,

gotten a job as an early morning  newspaper delivery person and  as a waiter.

All his money went toward feeding and clothing his new stepkids.

I saw him at this restaurant once ~

his eyes were penetrating and watchful

as if to wake up out of a dream

and watch the patrons

and try to remember how it felt

to live like they do.

Can you see him?

Marcy walks around in a daze

when she has a day here and there

with enough energy to walk.

Repeat motions.  Repeat thoughts.

Repeat fears.  Enough repeats already.

Can you see her?

Ryan* and Shelby*

feel alone in a scary world,

walking to the shelter after school

until their new daddy can pick them up after work.

They’re missing their precious Scruffy,

the dog they had asked for so many times

and now who had to be given away

so he wouldn’t starve.

Can you see them?

Will you help them?

* fictitious name

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It’s Never Too Late


Cockerpoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning on my daily walk I met a cute Cockerpoo named Herbie and his man-dad.  Like a lot of other dogs, Herbie came running up to me for pats and didn’t give me time to ask permission to pet him.   Toddlers that I don’t know have often raised their arms up to me to be held, even if their parents say they normally don’t do that with strangers.  This kind of thing gives me warm fuzzies!

Herbie’s man-dad found out about my previous cancer, and he told me about his heart condition – that they can’t give him any more stents, but they’re hoping if he even walks just a little bit each day he’ll be able to grow more arteries or capillaries.

Before we continued on our separate ways, I urged this man to PLEASE take care of himself, and I will ask the same of you and me.

Even 90-year-olds in nursing homes nowadays are attending light exercise classes where they live.  Reports show that these people are capable of adding muscle to their bodies, even if they are frail.  And, I’ve heard it said that if a person loses just 10% of their body’s weight (if they have some to lose, that is), they can immediately decrease the risk of all kinds of health maladies.  So apparently it doesn’t take much to improve your health – even 10 minutes of normal activity a day is helpful for the heart and to ward off cancer and diabetes.

But actually, I’m here to also stress the importance of doing something for yourself that you never had time to (or you never made time for).  Following a dream is in the same category (just think of the Sound of Music song, “Climb Every Mountain”).  It’s never too late, and you’re never too old, to add something new to your life – something to live for and be happy with.   Remember, the joy is in the process and not necessarily the end product.

So….here are a few suggestions to get your mind going:

*  Like crossword or jigsaw puzzles, but thought you didn’t have time?  You can always find time for something that is important to you, and it doesn’t have to be the Pulitzer prize you are shooting for.  🙂

*  Would you like to get out and meet new people while learning a new language?  There is camaraderie in groups when you all have the same goal.  I speak to myself on this one – I am going to learn the French language in the future.

*  Now is the time to try your hand at painting or sculpture – you won’t be graded, and no one has to see the results but you.

*  Does your apartment not allow you to have a dog but you can’t stand not to have one?  You could sign up to walk the dogs at the Humane Society or local pound.  They sure could use a good walk and someone to spend time with them.  You’d be doing both yourself and the dog a favor.  🙂

*  Is there a subject in school that you always wanted to get better at or learn?  That would be me:  I’ve asked a good friend of mine to teach me algebra this fall.

And now, my friend, it’s time to let you get going and have some fun.  You deserve it!