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Don’t Let Your Dream Die

In my walk today I was thinking about how my writing projects are like children.  Do you feel that way about your writing or other things you are pursuing?  Our dreams are like children because you feed and clothe them (figuratively), nurture them and watch them grow (literally).  Would a good parent lock a child out of the house in sub-zero temperatures?  I don’t think so.  Does a good parent ever stop thinking about their child or planning for them?  No.  So it is with our dreams, or at least mine.   I always take the words of the song “Climb Every Mountain” from the Sound of Music seriously,  Very seriously.

Put another way, I say it is important to not give up on your dreams.  Ever.  They are with you for a reason.  Don’t let yourself  (and others  who would benefit from your dream/gift) down.

Oh, one more thing.   Hang your “I’m my own worst critic” hat on the closest wall.   You have a lovely dream and aspirations.  Don’t let them die!

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Poetry Saturday: The Dream Trail

The Dream

The Dream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

~ This is a metaphorical look at chasing our dreams and goals ~

When we are young

everything looks possible

and only a few

know what their special vocation is


In our teens and twenties

we start to zero in

on what we really like and enjoy

and yes – what we are talented for


Maybe people as young as that

find their niche right away

but most of us

are busy soaking up all of life

and putting off until later

focusing on our true dream


My dream was like that

but then I started chasing the rainbow

of my hopes and dreams:



The thunderclouds rolled in

(very difficult writing assignments

in my writing course)

but the storm itself did not arrive


Then my dream

looked very much like a summer’s day

by the lake:

water bringing inspiration

nice warm sand of ideas

trickling through my fingers

seagulls crying out

with more and more ideas

bright beach ball colors

giving me hope

children nearby playing

with giggles that lighten my heart


Now my writer’s mind and soul

are like the Fourth of July

colorful explosions of ideas

and a throbbing like a sore toe


Come follow me on my trail

as I continue realizing my dream

I can promise we won’t get bored






Seaside Sparkles

“Seaside Sparkles”


Oh, to once again be by the seaside

where the seagulls glide

and negative thoughts hide

this is my dream


You can smell the salt in the air

where everything is fair

where my spirit will dare

to be at peace and just be


The sun sparkles on the sea

blissful I will be

the sparkles make a plea

“please be open and appreciate the now!”


Beauty can make you squint in surprise

beauty and nature tell no lies

let’s live this life for all it’s worth

what a wonderful new birth

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Death of a Dream, Birth of Forever

When 15
I had dreams of becoming a concert pianist

All factors
seemed to point in that direction

till one day
it dawned on me

I was told
“Get off that piano! You’ve been on it way too long today”

This happened every day
until finally I saw the light

I would never get to Juilliard
much less Carnegie Hall

Though I didn’t know it at the time
that was the death of my dream

Meanwhile I continued working with words
(had loved them since a child)

Occasional poems would be written
and I was told to journal every day

The journal was opened in spurts
but never for more than a week at a time

I just couldn’t connect

Then divorce happened
and I went to writing school

Cancer then showed up
but I flung defeat in its face

With the help of many
I overcame my malady

My optimism never left
and it pointed me in a new direction

I finished writing school

I started dating my ex-husband
the past was exonerated

and a new dream began
Hope encouraged me to start a blog

My sweetheart was back in my life
and my words began to find a home

on the computer screen
and in my imagination

No longer
did I have to try to force myself to write every day

Now you wouldn’t be able
to tear me away from it

Sometimes I write more than once a day
I have found my true calling
(I believe)

Now I am living a new dream
still love music of all types

but my dream is that of forever

Now married to my former husband
who encourages my writing and loves it

I have come full circle
and forever is already here


NaPoWriMo #26


Time goes by faster and faster now

and life doesn’t slow down either

Take time to laugh and sing and dance and dream

really relish the life you’ve been given

Sure, bad things happen
and people and our pets die
this is a part of life we never want to see
but death, too, has its place

Time goes faster than we would like
and our lives don’t slow down either
Make it a reminder for yourself
that going forward, you will really live as you live

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Penrose Tiles (using GPU)

Penrose Tiles (using GPU) (Photo credit: Syntopia)

One definition of “dreamer” is one who dreams often while sleeping.Another is a person who has lofty ideals and goals.

I am the dreamer of both definitions.

I inherited the dreaming style of my father,

going to sleep seems like going to the movies, dreaming in color and being able to remember my thoughts in the character I play in my dreams.

I have big hopes and dreams for myself, my family and our nation.

I don’t see too much negative and see a lot of good.

Herein lies the contradiction.

My dreams while sleeping have often been nightmares,

the kind where the rush of adrenaline through my body wakes me up and keeps me spooked for hours afterwards.

Dreaming such big dreams is dismissed by many as being impractical and a waste of time.

Bad things happen to people when they are deprived of sleep and not allowed to dream.

I like thinking lofty, comforting thoughts and have dreams for myself – because what is life for,

if not to be walking toward a rainbow?

I rather like being a dreamer of both factions.

It allows me to be who I am and who I was created to be –

and actually, this is one of the few dreams of mine

that have come true in a positive way.

May you start to find or realize your own dreams today.

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It’s Never Too Late


Cockerpoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning on my daily walk I met a cute Cockerpoo named Herbie and his man-dad.  Like a lot of other dogs, Herbie came running up to me for pats and didn’t give me time to ask permission to pet him.   Toddlers that I don’t know have often raised their arms up to me to be held, even if their parents say they normally don’t do that with strangers.  This kind of thing gives me warm fuzzies!

Herbie’s man-dad found out about my previous cancer, and he told me about his heart condition – that they can’t give him any more stents, but they’re hoping if he even walks just a little bit each day he’ll be able to grow more arteries or capillaries.

Before we continued on our separate ways, I urged this man to PLEASE take care of himself, and I will ask the same of you and me.

Even 90-year-olds in nursing homes nowadays are attending light exercise classes where they live.  Reports show that these people are capable of adding muscle to their bodies, even if they are frail.  And, I’ve heard it said that if a person loses just 10% of their body’s weight (if they have some to lose, that is), they can immediately decrease the risk of all kinds of health maladies.  So apparently it doesn’t take much to improve your health – even 10 minutes of normal activity a day is helpful for the heart and to ward off cancer and diabetes.

But actually, I’m here to also stress the importance of doing something for yourself that you never had time to (or you never made time for).  Following a dream is in the same category (just think of the Sound of Music song, “Climb Every Mountain”).  It’s never too late, and you’re never too old, to add something new to your life – something to live for and be happy with.   Remember, the joy is in the process and not necessarily the end product.

So….here are a few suggestions to get your mind going:

*  Like crossword or jigsaw puzzles, but thought you didn’t have time?  You can always find time for something that is important to you, and it doesn’t have to be the Pulitzer prize you are shooting for.  🙂

*  Would you like to get out and meet new people while learning a new language?  There is camaraderie in groups when you all have the same goal.  I speak to myself on this one – I am going to learn the French language in the future.

*  Now is the time to try your hand at painting or sculpture – you won’t be graded, and no one has to see the results but you.

*  Does your apartment not allow you to have a dog but you can’t stand not to have one?  You could sign up to walk the dogs at the Humane Society or local pound.  They sure could use a good walk and someone to spend time with them.  You’d be doing both yourself and the dog a favor.  🙂

*  Is there a subject in school that you always wanted to get better at or learn?  That would be me:  I’ve asked a good friend of mine to teach me algebra this fall.

And now, my friend, it’s time to let you get going and have some fun.  You deserve it!