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Terrifically Tuesday!

Publicity photo of Marilyn Maxwell, Tuesday We...

Publicity photo of Marilyn Maxwell, Tuesday Weld and Gary Lockwood from the television program Bus Stop. The episode is “Cherie” and is taken from William Inge’s play of the same name which also inspired the movie with Marilyn Monroe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Wednesday Island (center) and Tuesday...

English: Wednesday Island (center) and Tuesday Islets (bottom, right), Torres Strait Islands, Queensland, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi y’all,

Why is this Tuesday terrific?  I’d say not just this Tuesday, but every Tuesday is a humdinger of a day (in a good way).  You’re still fairly relaxed from the weekend, and the week is new enough that you haven’t given up yet on your plans and dreams for this week.  If the days of the week were people and ages, I would say that Tuesday would be a rambunctious and hopeful teenager.  Look at that energy!  See all the hope!

Like the title of this post, I will try to make every word in this sentence start with a ‘t’.:

Take time to tease terror toward triumph, thereby telling tormentors that trembling tears tell tales to tyranny that talk tonelessly terrific thoughts toward thanksgiving.   Huh?  🙂   At least I did use all ‘t’s.   🙂

Have a good Tuesday!



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Alphabet Metaphors – Part II

Non-existent dreams are as helpful as apathy.

Oranges are as needed as oars for a boat.

Pearls are as precious as paternal love.

Queens are as quick to make mistakes as the next person.

Rations of food are a relief to the starving, like water to the most terrible thirst.

Sunshine is as bright as solitude is helpful to the worn out person.

Timber is as sturdy as a giant is tall.

Umbrellas are uncharacteristically unhelpful as a dry sponge.

Victory is as valiant as a job very well done.

Water is as wonderful as life itself.

Xylophones are extra special, like a Stradivarius.

Yellow is a yearning for light, like black calls for dark.

Zebras are as beautiful as the sleekest palominos.

Edgar Bundy: Antonio Stradivari at work in his...

Edgar Bundy: Antonio Stradivari at work in his studio (1893). 35.5×52 cm, private collection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Writer’s Burn

Line art representation of a Quill

Line art representation of a Quill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve talked about writer’s block on my blog, and it is a common discussion among writers…but what about writer’s burn?

I don’t know there if there is such a term for writers, but I define writer’s burn as a time when you are flowing (another writer’s term I was taught) and having all kinds of creativity, but your mind is starting to feel burned out.  Usually when I am creating I have a lot of mental energy, but when my physical energy doesn’t match the mental, then there is a short, a hiccup in my process.

People often say they are burned out, and I tend to think they’re referring to their physical energy.  Well, when I say writer’s burn, I’m referring to their mental creative capacity or its decrease of it.

I wonder what a person could do if afflicted by writer’s burn?  Slow down and stop writing so much?  That is hard for me to do, because I write compulsively.  There are too many ideas in my head not to do something with them all.

Let’s get a discussion going – did you ever have writer’s burn, and/or how do you define it?  Any suggestions on what I can do?




A New Month

Empty Bench

Empty Bench (Photo credit: juliejordanscott)

Hello – Happy September!

I love the first day of each new month – it gives me such energy when I think of the possibilities that lie ahead.  I tend to do all the good self care habits a person can do when it’s the first of the month.  My goal now is to continue the good self care, day after day…

A new month for some reason always reminds me of a batch of freshly washed towels, warm and fluffy from the dryer.  Or crisp new cotton sheets.  A new month is a fresh start, a chance to change and grow, forgetting the old hurts and events and making way for the good stuff to happen.

I wish you all a blessed and happy new month!

Yours truly,