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sisters are gifts!

sisters are gifts!

by Debb Stanton

There are many types of sisters out there
the kind you are blood sisters with
the ones you choose to consider to be your sisters
and the Sisters in the Catholic Church
(I am not Catholic, but I appreciate the Benedectine order)

The nuns are the lucky ones:
they get to devote their whole lives, their whole beings to God
It’s nice to have a sister in your blood family:
she shares your beginnings
The ones you find along life’s way
to brighten your life and brighten your day —
now THOSE are the major finds of a life!

This is to my sister
(the find along the way kind):
I love how you:
make me smile
make me laugh
make me think
make me feel
bring hope alive
dole out courage
are always there
won’t give up on me
are the ideal friend, too

Know that I love you
I pray for you
I am inspired by you
I am proud to know you
I am blessed to know you
and I am healed

* Lovingly dedicated to you-know-who


Yoooo-Hooo! All January Birthday People: Please Check In

who has a January birthday?  Let Sunshine Factor know

who has a January birthday? Let Sunshine Factor know

Howdy doody,

The new website that The Sunshine Factor will be a part of in January, has space for me to have a birthday column. If you or anyone you know (or know of, such as a figure in history) has a birthday in January, please consider letting me know. When you are letting me know, you can use either their last name or last initial. If it’s someone else’s birthday, you can mention, if you would like, your relationship to them. (My dad’s birthday is January 13, and I still celebrate it even though he lives in heaven now — so I would say, “my father, Richard (or Richard L), January 13th.”)

I have a habit of praying for people who I know are celebrating birthdays, even if I knew them as a child. It helps me feel close to them. I would love to also celebrate you or someone in your life.

Thank you,

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September 6th

Dave’s Aunt Betty was born on September 6.  She has passed on, but we remember her always.

My childhood friend Cindy was born on this day, and Laurie was born on the 14th.  I wish these ladies well – haven’t seen or spoken to them in years.

My memory always holds people’s birthdays in my heart.  Most likely, I will remember your birthday too, if I am told when it is.  🙂

I do sometimes wonder why I can remember Cindy’s parents’ phone number (from grade school!), my number in Michigan until I moved away, and Laurie’s number and Laurie’s folks’ number…

Anyone out there with a September birthday, too?



Happy September!

English: Happy family Two cygnets and two swan...

English: Happy family Two cygnets and two swans enjoying the sun but being cautious parents. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hopefully you’ve all had a nice summer. Mine was terrific!

A lot of thoughts now, at least for parents and kids, are on back to school. I always enjoyed this time as a kid.

I am still in the learn stage of my life — learning how to have minimal stress in my life.  To that end, I am working on two goals this month.  They look small and insignificant at first glance, but if I can keep up with them, they will reduce my stress significantly.

{don’t laugh, we all have to start out somewhere}

1.  If the dishwasher is full of clean dishes, don’t put dirty ones in the sink.  Just do it – empty the dishwasher – now!

2.  Write down each and every expenditure this month.  Doing so will help to make better budgeting decisions in the future.

Do you have anything you’re working on currently that you would like to share with us?

Have a great September!

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Response to Daily Prompt 7/27/13

Daily Prompt: A to Z

by michelle w. on July 27, 2013
My response:
A 1910 photograph of The Orchard in bloom

A 1910 photograph of The Orchard in bloom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Apples, cherries, apricots and peaches are what her dad grew in his orchard on a high hill. Bees made it a point to drink the nectar from the blossoming trees in spring and summer. Choirs could not attempt to capture the glory of this orchard. Dentists liked the orchard because their patients could eat something healthy, that wouldn’t cause problems for teeth. Everything in its time and place, the orchardist often said. Failure to try meant a failure to live fully. Gossiping was over-rated, since it was not a very healthy habit. Hayrides could be held in orchards, but not in this one. Importance was placed on working hard, not hardly working. Jugglers would love to juggle in this orchard, as the view to the surrounding Lake Michigan would have been a beautiful backdrop. Kildeer birds were found in the orchard, the birds with the long, spindly legs and seagull-like cry. Lake Michigan down below was like a beautifully sparkling, blue jewel. Monarch butterflies flew nearby, but human monarchs did not have as beautiful a kingdom as this. Never be afraid of hard work, the orchardist said. Optimize joy, is the idea his daughter now practices. Press memories firmly in your heart so they can add value to your life. Questions in life will always abound, but good questioning leads to wonderful living. Ranting and raving tends to bring a person down, so stay away from it. Sarcasm is also another energy-draining vice that is a good idea to leave at the door. Troubles are made easier by sharing with a trusted friend. Umbrellas do their best work when rain is falling without heavy winds. Victory can be ours if we but persevere. When someone asks for help, freely give it, because someday you may be asking for help. Expound on the good, forget the bad, and balance can be found, pretty as a peace rose.  Yellow is the orchardist’s daughter (me)’s favorite color, its creaminess being a very calming feature for her.  Zebras are black and white, but woe to the person who sees the world in just those colors.

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It’s Good to be a Girl!

[Unidentified girl seated in dress] (LOC)

[Unidentified girl seated in dress] (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

Well, it is bedtime of a day that was glorious.  I’ve already posted a lot here today, so why another post?  I just made an observation that I wanted to talk about….

When I was growing up, my parents wanted two boys so they could help out on the farm.  They had two daughters instead.  And because I was the second and last daughter,  I always felt like I shouldn’t really be here, since I REALLY disappointed my parents’ wish for a boy.  Sad, huh?

I was sort of a tomboy at one time and then became a “girly-girl”, and I am feminine to this day.  Now my parents are both dead and gone, and my sister too; but if they were alive today, I’d be telling them that now I don’t mind that I’m a girl.  (I loved the shirt a friend got me when I had cancer – it said “Fight Like A Girl”.)

I can be a loving addition to society even if I wasn’t born a boy.  A writer can be of either sex, and I do believe my writing flow has come back.!

With loving thoughts, and a reminder to know that you’re just fine the way you are ~



Dying Person’s Prayer – In Three Perspectives


My Prayer For All The Dying

Dear God,

I pray for all dying cancer patients –

If they’re sad, may the sadness lift,

May they turn to You in their last moments,

May they feel calm in the safety of your hand.

Give the gift of the peace from your love

And may they catch a glimpse of you and heaven

ahead of time, if that will encourage them.

Keep them safe in your care

until it is time for them to finally go home

and see their friends and family

waiting for them on that far shore.

The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.


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You’re My Family

Capt. Kate Gowel, bottom row, left, poses for ...

Capt. Kate Gowel, bottom row, left, poses for a picture with her siblings at her parents’ home in Lorton, Va. Gowel, a military lawyer, was the first of six siblings to join the military. See more at West Point grad, family bring new meaning to word service (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I enjoy looking at words and seeing if they can have additional meanings…the word that I have considered lately is “family“.

I was born into a family; that’s the automatic meaning of the word.  Yet, I am a member of many other families, and gratefully so:

  • the body of people I worship with
  • the people I work with
  • the people I love (which is practically everybody)
  • the family of God
  • those with interests similar to mine
  • cancer patients and our doctors and nurses
  • pets, past and present
  • writers
  • bloggers (I think WordPress bloggers are the coolest people around!)
  • and of course, this list gets added to as the days go by.

Who is in your family?  It will be interesting to hear from you.  I’m just fascinated by this topic!

I want to again thank you, my WordPress family, for letting me be a part of you.  I’m so glad we’re associated!



WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)


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Soap Box #2

Fred at the Soap Box

Fred at the Soap Box (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now it is time to write about another soap box of mine.

Its theme is love, and how that needs to be expressed before it’s too late.

When my sister was dying in a hospital, I received a lot of courage into my being.  It made me talk to strangers and people in the family waiting room that didn’t know me at all.  I didn’t care, because the message I wanted to stress felt so important.  It still is.

You can’t assume that your friends and family and mate know you love them.  Sometimes people wear a very thick shell around them so they can’t always feel the emotions you are expressing to them.  (I should know, I wore this shell for many years.)  Some don’t trust anymore.  Some guess that you love them, but they don’t know for sure.    That’s why it’s so important you let them know – now!!

It sounds ridiculously simple and unnecessary.   But don’t be afraid…it can make their day or give them a cushion of love to snuggle into.

If you were raised in a generation where those things weren’t spoken, it’s not too late.

If you feel self conscious or stupid, write the words in a card and mail it to them.

Kind words bless both the receiver and the speaker.

Oh, and don’t forget, I love you.