The Sunshine Factor

where sunshine is a way of life


Who Is This?

English: rain flowers

English: rain flowers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She walks in grace and beauty

with a flimsy gauze garment like the sunrise

She loves animals and birds

and helps them to find food

She loves the humans

and comforts their disappointment of a long winter

She is an intelligent artist

who makes sure that the blossoming trees provide awe

She coaxes the tulips and spring flowers

to come out of the soil and inspire enjoyment

She tends the rain bin

and dispenses rain to the earth on schedule

She perfumes the air

with her rain and her blossoms on trees and flowers

She gives hope for a wonderful day

with her elegant sunrises

She lends sweet peace at night

with her peaceful sunsets

Who is this creature

who inspires love and helps us all?

She is Spring.