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The Hibiscus and the Weeds: A Story

Hibiscus was doing her thing, which was to beautify the earth and bring joy to mankind’s hearts.

The weeds, which kind of bothered Hibiscus because they were so long and gangly and were always threatening to invade her space and reach their long arms around her, made fun of her at one point.

“Hey, Pink Lady,” they called out to her.  “How come you never join us?  You just stay in one place and never bother to expand your boundaries.  You should try to be like us,  because we have a lot of fun.  AND, we don’t need a lot of space!  We just consume everyone else’s space!”

Hibiscus, with her typical grace and good posture, thought for a moment and replied.

“I need to have my space around me so the sunshine can reach me and help me grow.”

“Well, you sure are closed off to us.  Don’t you want to have fun?”  asked Creeping Charlie.

“And how come you close up your blossom every night?  Are you afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?  Get a life!”  Stinging Nettle taunted.

Hibiscus didn’t bother answering their comments that were full of judgment.  So what that they didn’t understand her, she was following the intuition that her Creator gave her.

The weeds knew she would never be on their perfect radar, because she couldn’t understand them.  Truth be known, it was that they didn’t try to understand her.

Moral of the story:  even if you think you know what is best for someone else, unless they are your young child, let them decide.  They don’t  owe you any explanations.  Let them have as much space as they need or as little.  Their life isn’t about you.


— Debbie Loesel Stanton


Miracle on a Rail

Sunday morning, while watering my flowers on the deck, I saw a miracle of nature.

After watering the flowers by the sliding glass door, I proceeded to the front of the deck where there are numerous pots of flowers. For only the second time in nine years did I see a bird or two on the railing (it is up high, above the garage). I guess the neighborhood birds know that the resident red tabby is no longer patrolling the area! Tiger would have really liked today…one of the two sparrows remained. As I quietly, slowly came closer so I could water the flowers, one of them stayed right where he was. He looked at me with his tiny beady eyes and didn’t even flinch. You just got up, I said to myself, so you are dreaming this. No bird has ever let you come this close before. He isn’t injured or anything…

As I moved onto the next pot, “Birdie” flew down to the deck floor and drank the spilled water on the wood planks underneath the blossoms. That gave me an idea…I poured some water on a nearby plank. Sure enough, Birdie hopped over and drank some more.

I went into the house to get a small, narrow saucer to give a makeshift birdbath to my new friend. But alas, when I came back, he was gone…bummer! I hope my friend comes back to visit, as I really enjoyed looking at this sparrow up close. His feathers were edged in white (sort of like my purple star-shaped petunias that are edged in white), and on the center of his back, he had some baby-bird-down. So I had befriended an almost-grown-up baby bird!

That is the narrative of the few minutes of fellowship Birdie and I seemed to have. A sweet time! Almost as if I had been in another world. 🙂


Deck Memories




I miss my cat Tiger.

Now that the deck is redone and covered with flower pots, I notice his absence even more. He always followed me around with my watering can and also drank rain water from the gutter. Now he would have appreciated the increase in flower pots from other years, and he would have been disappointed that a leaf guard has been put over the gutter, so drinking from there would have been more difficult now.

Tiger enjoyed the deck three seasons out of four. He didn’t even mind the cold, since he had a double layer of hair. Micah and Rachael are absolutely not interested in going outside, so it’s a little lonely going out there now. But I had breakfast out there this morning, and tomorrow I want to take time to deadhead the spent flowers and also read for an hour and enjoy nature. Think I will read for an hour? 🙂

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Happy Birthday Eric!


Bday2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today my friend, a wonderful storyteller and poet, has a birthday. You can send birthday greetings to Eric when you find him on his blog,  (This message was not commissioned by Eric, but I couldn’t resist. I love birthdays, mine or other people’s, and I don’t think birthdays should go by unnoticed:  life is so short.  Hope this post is okay with you, Eric.  🙂 )










NaPoWriMo #3

English: Photograph by Mario Vaden, at Simpson...

English: Photograph by Mario Vaden, at Simpson Reed Discovery Trail: Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park of Northern California. Image shows a large coast redwood trunk, with arborist Mario Vaden, aka M. D. Vaden, for size comparison. Category:Images of California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Clouds in the sky,2

Clouds in the sky,2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Renoir's painting of cabbage roses, Roses in a...

Renoir’s painting of cabbage roses, Roses in a vase (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A tree is a tree is a tree

whether sturdy, willowy, fragrant or pretty

A flower is always a flower

to make someone smile, this one has the power

Clouds roll in and clouds roll out

it’s hard to always guess their route

The sky is the king of expanse

at weddings, guests under it love to dance

Debbie – she does love to rhyme

she constantly does this – one rhyme at a time.