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Friends Are Strangers…

English: All Friends Conference, London, 1920....

English: All Friends Conference, London, 1920. First of the World Conferences of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) Français : All Friends Conference, London, 1920. Première conférence mondiale de la Société religieuse des Amis (quakers) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…that haven’t met yet.  I’ve heard that saying before and liked it immediately.   I never set out to live life thinking about friends and strangers like that, but believe that saying, I do.   Of course, you can’t be friends with everybody (nor would you want to), and you don’t want to treat your young children like friends because they need your boundaries and guidance and need a parent; but for the most part, I believe people do want to meet new friends.

I know, I know, some people are shy and aren’t outgoing.  People usually throw in “introvert” when talking about shyness — but for me that definition does not work.  On  a Meyers-Briggs test I scored smack dab in the middle (well, actually, one more point for the introvert side), and as you can tell from my blog, I am not a shy person.  But I am indeed introverted.   I get my peace and get centered when I can be alone with my thoughts – usually early morning.  While crowds of people are fine and even energizing for extroverts, they (crowds) make me tired.

But no matter what type you are – have you met a new friend today?


Sunshine Factor Blog Turns One Today!

copy-sg201935balloons.jpg Hello, dear readers, followers, and friends!   of193teddybearbirthday

I thank God above for Sunshine Factor reaching its first milestone. A year ago today my first post went public; I had no idea what life in the blogging world would bring, but I’ve loved my first year! I have met so many nice people through WordPress; I am humbled to have received 160 followers (not counting my Facebook peeps). I have written 575 posts so far, which leads me to believe I do have something to say. 🙂  In the past year I’ve started some other blogs, I collaborate with Eric in the Story Squared blog, and I collaborate with Lyn in the Sunday Showcase blog.  Adventures aplenty abound!  🙂

Blogging has turned my world upside-down (in a good way), and I am so thankful for all of you out there and for the chance to share some of my writing. I have also learned a lot from you, and I cherish our friendship.

I recently changed my blog theme to include some of my favorite things: castles and tartans! Let’s see how long I keep this theme! LOL

Thanks,  and God bless you,                                                  4201_1140582920254_1419477_n-puppies-in-a-bowl




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The Hibiscus and the Weeds: A Story

Hibiscus was doing her thing, which was to beautify the earth and bring joy to mankind’s hearts.

The weeds, which kind of bothered Hibiscus because they were so long and gangly and were always threatening to invade her space and reach their long arms around her, made fun of her at one point.

“Hey, Pink Lady,” they called out to her.  “How come you never join us?  You just stay in one place and never bother to expand your boundaries.  You should try to be like us,  because we have a lot of fun.  AND, we don’t need a lot of space!  We just consume everyone else’s space!”

Hibiscus, with her typical grace and good posture, thought for a moment and replied.

“I need to have my space around me so the sunshine can reach me and help me grow.”

“Well, you sure are closed off to us.  Don’t you want to have fun?”  asked Creeping Charlie.

“And how come you close up your blossom every night?  Are you afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?  Get a life!”  Stinging Nettle taunted.

Hibiscus didn’t bother answering their comments that were full of judgment.  So what that they didn’t understand her, she was following the intuition that her Creator gave her.

The weeds knew she would never be on their perfect radar, because she couldn’t understand them.  Truth be known, it was that they didn’t try to understand her.

Moral of the story:  even if you think you know what is best for someone else, unless they are your young child, let them decide.  They don’t  owe you any explanations.  Let them have as much space as they need or as little.  Their life isn’t about you.


— Debbie Loesel Stanton


New Concept


Hi folks! This post is written to discuss Sunday Showcase, my other blog.

There are many people on WordPress who are gifted and yet humble. They are shy to turn their own works in to be posted by me each Sunday. Posts you think are great, written by other people, are still welcome. But it dawned on me, why shouldn’t we post our own writings? I know we don’t want to brag on ourselves. However, here are the reasons why you would not be bragging if you turned in one of your favorite posts that you wrote:

1. Having a blog, and making friends on other blogs, is part of being in a social network. And one way of getting to know people is sharing with each other.

2. In the blogosphere, of course you have choices. You can mark your blog as private, or you can open up. It’s entirely up to you. But your friends “out there” benefit from reading your works, even if you don’t want a following.

3. I think of the famous writer’s rule: “Show, don’t tell.” Posting on a blog is showing. 🙂

Hope to hear from you soon,

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Are You Getting Ready For the Sunday Showcase?

This is a letter written by Jan Stalmans sent ...

This is a letter written by Jan Stalmans sent to Paul Van Hoeydonck who returned it to Jan Stalmans with a handwritten answer on it (Photo credit: Wikipedia)This is sort of the same principle for Sunday Showcase – sharing. 🙂

Don’t forget, Sundays are when Sunshine Factor posts links to your favorite blog posts since last Sunday.  This way, my readers and I can have a taste of various types of posts and writing (and get to know more writers).  Items will be accepted any day of the week but only published on early Sunday mornings.  Contributors will be listed as such.  Let’s share the love.  🙂  Just fill out the form below, and away we go….



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The Heart Walk

It turns out, Pat and I didn’t go to the Heart Walk this morning because of miserable weather.  So, we walked around a mall two laps and stopped for lunch.

My lunch was delicious:  strawberries and walnuts on top of dark lettuce with its own dressing, 2 breadsticks, milk, and soup.    Fortunately, since I originally ordered a different salad but noticed that the garganzola cheese was bleu cheese, that I am really allergic to, I noticed the mistake and got a better salad instead.  But hey, this upping of my vegetables and fruits is really fun!

Pat gave a me a fortune that she had found a couple of days ago and thought of me.  It says:

You are a lover of words.

Someday you will write a book.    That is one of my dreams, so you can imagine how excited I was to read my fortune!   🙂

Well, I just wanted to say “hey” – how is your day going?


Over and out,


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Happy Birthday Eric!


Bday2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today my friend, a wonderful storyteller and poet, has a birthday. You can send birthday greetings to Eric when you find him on his blog,  (This message was not commissioned by Eric, but I couldn’t resist. I love birthdays, mine or other people’s, and I don’t think birthdays should go by unnoticed:  life is so short.  Hope this post is okay with you, Eric.  🙂 )









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It’s possible my situation is a result of the pink cloud I was on after my wedding – now still very happy but without the adrenaline that had been filling my days since December. 🙂

I’m also going to cut down on my TV watching at night – that should help with the time and energy thing.

But for sure, the most important thing for me to do is remember my blessings – not just the big ones I’ve received lately and being a newlywed – but every day little things that I appreciate in my life. Of course, I count you guys as my blessings from above, so once again I thank you for your friendship and readership, as you really mean a lot to me!

Ciao for now, dear friends ~


A New Addition To Our Family

English: A cat named Kylie. Español: Una gata ...

Our new cat Rachael has this coloring but not any white. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dave and I adopted a little female cat for our cat Micah yesterday.  I say “for Micah” because he and I both were inconsolable after losing Tiger…and Dave’s birthday is coming soon so “Rachael” is also a birthday present.Rachael, who is a little wisp of a 3 year old cat, was found at a local rescue place where the cats can roam free and learn how to interact with other cats.   She is half the size of Micah and came with that name.   We are keeping the name because now both cats have Biblical names!  🙂

The shelter had labeled Rachael as “calico tabby”, but I say she is a Torbie (tortoise shell and Tabby mix).   We pick her up Tuesday night at our new vet’s house.

And speaking of new additions….you may remember me saying how I’m grieving over my friend Patti’s moving away this year.  Well, they are having a new house built for them in their new town and cannot take much furniture or their BIG tv…so I am buying most of it from them.   Now our family room will have matched, wonderful furniture, our master bedroom will be very classy now, and we’ll be able to get rid of my mom’s kitchen set that I always hated and have the set that I always loved….when I had my cat and dog care business, I spent many a week or weekend in Patti’s house and got used to their furniture.   Patti and her husband are like family so they (er, their furniture) will be a part of our home now.

The big furniture transfer will hopefully be on March 7th.  I’ve been having fun planning what furniture will go where, and now we’ve got some rearranging to do to help that to happen!  🙂   Oh, which reminds me, our garage’s storage area needs to be cleaned out too.  Never a dull moment in the Stanton household, and for that I am thankful!   🙂

P.S.  Patti is such an amazing lady.  Before I met her, she had her own photography business.  She bequeathed to me her award-winning, huge picture that I already have put up in the family room.   It’s a wonderful remembrance of my dear, precious friend.



The Conscientious Commentor Award

The Conscientious Commentor Award

The Conscientious Commentor Award

Good morning!
Today is the day to unveil the third award I have created. The recipients were chosen because they provide thoughtful comments to my posts, and even more importantly, actually converse back and forth with me (which I greatly appreciate).

Would you please give a drum roll now and acknowledge these conscientious commentors:

Susan Michaels

I would also like to acknowledge my friend Jim Laux in this category.  Jim, when someday you start a blog on WordPress, you will be able to show this award!  🙂

Thank you folks!

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When Your Heart Cries


When your heart cries

do you listen?

Are you surprised at what it’s telling you?

Or do you disregard

this very important part of you?


Please, do not put regulations or rules on your heart.

Let it live free

and know that

for this time you are supposed to be here

created to be just the very way you are,

please do not think you’re unimportant,

because you do really mean so much to us.


I get sad when I think about

people who put themselves down,

they think their head should rule their heart

and they’re sometimes busy

putting up a facade-like wall.


They say I’m a good judge of people and character,

thank you very much,

and I already know

that I have not found anyone on WordPress

that I dislike.

You each make my day

in your own unique way

and I wouldn’t give you up for anything.

Neither will I throw your trust away.


I’m hoping and believing for the day

when the only thing we cry about is

the joy we see, feel and experience,

and the total awesomeness of

everything around us.



know that I love and appreciate you

and I’m happy to be walking along with you.





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A Wonderful Friendship

English: The Queen of Hearts, from a 1901 edit...

English: The Queen of Hearts, from a 1901 edition of Mother Goose, New York: McClure, Phillips, 1901. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My best friend (second to my husband) is moving out of state.

This news was announced to me lately

and it didn’t make it into the “good news” column.


This news jumped between my earlier abandonment issues,

loss, and sadness.

Hope kept trying to pop up amongst the ashes,

but this girl didn’t want to listen.


This will be something new that I have to recover from.

The questions pound in my head:

Who will get me like she does?

Who will understand my jokes?

Who will take time out of her busy schedule

to see movies with her favorite movie pal?

Who will provide such awesome wisdom that

I was getting used to receiving from her?


The answers will show up later

I don’t need to know them now

I just need to keep using email and phone calls

to stay in touch,

but Skype – no thanks.


She and I will survive

in this land of new challenges and dreams and blessings

But thank God,

She is alive

and I never have to forget her.


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Daily Prompt – Dec. 31st – Use It or Lose It

Write about anything you’d like, but make sure the post includes this sentence:  “I thought we’d never come back from that one.”

When my husband and I divorced, it was a peaceful divorce.  We were labeled as “the friendliest divorced couple.”   Yet, we had each changed, gotten intolerant and impatient with the other, and gone our separate ways.  At the time, there seemed to be no solution but to be divorced.  I couldn’t possibly think of ever getting back with him.   Though peaceful, our divorce was very sad.  I thought we’d never come back from that one.

But then cancer happened to me.  And  being laid off from a 25 year job happened to him.  Because we were still friends, it just seemed natural to lend each other support.  It felt right.  Dave took me to my first chemo appointment, in fact.

Then, that year of my breast cancer surgery and treatment, we were good buddies again and went to many cancer benefits together.  I just wanted to HELP people, and Dave has never changed his generous nature; he wanted to help cancer survivors too.  This even led to us going to a benefit for a family whose house and dog were lost to a huge fire while they were out of town for a hockey tournament.   When I saw the news story, my heart went out to them because my family had also had a house fire.

Out of town we went to that benefit, and I had written to the grieving mom that she would recognize me at the benefit because I would be the bald lady.

It was on the way home from that benefit that Dave and I discussed that it was silly to pretend it wasn’t happening.  We weren’t just hanging out, we were dating now.  That was 2010.

Near Valentine’s Day of 2012 Dave proposed to me.  And a little over two weeks ago, he and I married on 12/12/12.  This second time around is already happier than before.  And we would have missed it, had we not been open to changes.



I’m Totally Delighted!

Many, many thanks go to my friend Marianne at for this award she gave me today.   Marianne, I’m sure you don’t realize how I needed a lift like this!  Planning a wedding that is coming up soon is fun, but I forget to relax and enjoy and appreciate! I sure appreciate your kind heart and thoughtful words. — Debb