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Happy Birthday, Cherry Blossom!

English: Cherry tree blossom Русский: Цветущая...

English: Cherry tree blossom Русский: Цветущая ветка вишни Latina: Prunus cerasus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve had so many nicknames throughout the years, it’s fun to go back and try to recall them all. 🙂

The one having to do with my dad’s cherry (and other fruit) orchard was the one that was my favorite, but only one person ever called me that (one of my dad’s sisters). I loved spending time in the orchard, and to that end, that’s why I thought the nickname “Cherry Blossom” would be easy to remember. Here’s what I liked about the orchard:

My dad, always having loved forestry and nature, would sometimes bring us home something to teach us…I remember the pail of water he brought home (our orchard was on the outskirts on the other side of town) filled with water from the small pond. The pail had a few tadpoles in it. I forgot what we fed the poor things, but grow up they did: first they grew legs, then their tails disappeared. Then it was time to let them loose!

There was a little, two-room, run-down shack in the middle of the orchard, in the shade and near a bubbling brook. Dad affectionately called it “The Hilton.” I wanted to sew him some curtains for the two windows, but then I realized I hated to sew! (This was at age 10, but I still have not changed my mind about sewing! haha)

The water in the creek running through the orchard was mesmerizing – a quiet but happy sound of bubbling water – and the water quality was better than what we have nowadays in “filtered water”. It was clean, clear, and refreshing!

The grass in the orchard grew tall between the rows of fruit trees. My dog Cookie took great advantage of that. Dad would drive our two dogs to the orchard. As soon as the dogs got out of the truck, Cookie would leap through the high grass, jumping high like a rabbit. (You could see her “smile”, she was so happy to not have to be on a leash.) Trixie, our older dog, just ambled along slowly. Evidently the orchard wasn’t her favorite place like it was Cookie’s.

Last but not least, there were the dark (sweet/”black”) cherries. We as a family could not eat many of them, since they would be sold at the markets in town, but we still managed to eat too much of them. (If you’re not aware of this, sweet cherries can give you a good stomachache if eaten in excess.) My mom made the best sweet cherry pie – the rich custard she would pour over the cherries baked around each individual cherry. Pure bliss!

“Cherry Blossom”