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From Peony Palace to Hibiscus Haven

An unidentified white peony blossom.

An unidentified white peony blossom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When Dave and I were house shopping for one of our homes, I was standing in the backyard of one of our choices when a picture flashed through my mind. I imagined a whole backyard full of peony bushes. I had always loved them at my aunt’s house, had read that they could live hundreds of years, and were a science lesson – near the blossoms’ opening date each June, you would be able to see ants working hard at opening the petals. I said to Dave, “we could call this house Peony Palace!” It turns out we didn’t buy that house, but later on I did plant a perennial garden under the bay window of our kitchen, and there were many peony bushes. 🙂

I’ve told you recently how Dave and his mom gifted me with many, many, MANY big flower pots as my birthday gift. Well, one of the two smaller plants is a hibiscus. It delights me every day with a new blossom. I am glad that in the story Eric and I are writing, I mention a hibiscus. 🙂 So yes, now my house has a new name, Hibiscus Haven.

It’s interesting how years and age can change things. When I was a little girl, I didn’t understand why my mom loved flowers so much and why my dad was such an enthusiastic gardener for her. Well, now I know! It’s something unexplainable, my love for flowers, but it’s come full circle for me. What a colorful life!





Poetry Saturday – Rose


Pink rose petals

Pink rose petals (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Amorpha fruticosa flowers. Note that unlike mo...

Amorpha fruticosa flowers. Note that unlike most other plants of the bean/legume family this one’s flowers only have one petal. Usually a bean flower has a large “standard”, two “wings” and two “keel” petals. Here, only the large standard petal is developed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When the dew

sparkles on your fragrant petals

I know it’s June


I think of my Aunt June

whose name I have for my middle name

(she was born in June, I was not)


Dear rose

you have so many lovely varieties

I like the peace rose most of all


Light yellow petals

with a soft pink in the middle of the flower

the fragrance even more delicate than other roses


To look upon you

I feel peace —

just like what is your name


Please try

to hang around longer this year

that way

I will remember to be

happy and smiling all year ’round