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I Love Thursdays!

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Kindle 3 moved all major operates to the bottom. No comments on this point. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thursday is the day in the week that I have off from work (in addition to weekends).  I love to sleep in if I am able.  (I get up so early during the week, that 7:30 is sleeping in for me!)  Then I can take a long walk outside where I never get bored, since it seems there is always something new to see.  (When I walk from 4:30-5 a.m., although my neighborhood is safe, dark is dark and you can’t see a whole lot other than the blanket of stars and sometimes the moon in the sky.)

I can go to lunch with a friend or dine out alone with a handy book or Kindle to keep me company.  I usually manage to get my groceries, gas, and cash for the week, when everything is less crowded and lines are not long.

I  squeeze in some writing time, which is like an appealing reward coming my way.  I lose all track of time (and sometimes appetite) when I write, and it’s a wonderful way to while away some hours.

I  meet with friends on that day, too, so the smile on my face is in place the whole day.

I  love my day job and appreciate having it, but once in awhile it would be fun to not have to go to work – and spend my time like I do on Thursdays.

What is your favorite day of the week, and why?