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Writer’s Block or Other Stuck Places – Part Two


The person pictured above looks like he just got unstuck – which brings me to the second half of our discussion.

Being stuck in anything, or maybe in your life in general, can feel terrible.  You don’t know how to change things or wonder if you will always feel this way.  Maybe the tip from yesterday about writing for 10 minutes, everything and anything you can think of, could be switched up a little.  Try this:

1.  The routines in your life are there so you can devote the extra time you need to do brainstorming and trying new things until you have a solution.  In other words, structure is good – don’t throw out your normal duties or activities.  They will keep you grounded.  At times, I still am trying to learn this one…

2.   Over and over, do what you know is right to do, i.e. take care of yourself physically and spiritually.  If possible, allow yourself to ease away from extra commitments and activities that aren’t helping you.  (By the way, you don’t have to defend your decisions.  “No” is enough on its own.)  Treat yourself well as you would treat another friend.

3.  Write down what you feel stuck in/about.  If you can’t stand journaling, then writing that sentence or word is enough.  If you do like to write, pretend someone is interviewing you, and write down more details about your situation and what you think you could do to change things…or accept…

4.  Consult a) a person who is a good listener and b) someone who might have gone through what you are going through right now.   If this person is trustworthy, then that’s your person!  Two heads ARE better than one if you are open to the possibilities.  If it’s hard for you to talk to anyone about this, then it’s time to pray!  Pray expecting answers – they might not come right away, or they can come overnight like it happened to me a little while back.  🙂

I was fortunate to have a good friend of mine fit both a) and b).  For about a year, we met every couple weeks or so for coffee and discussion.  On the days we walked both floors of the mall twice, we got our exercise in, too – all in one fell swoop.  Our support really kept us going.  Here’s to you, ___, and thanks!

5) After doing all you can, now it’s time to relax.  Not everything will last forever.  “This, too, shall pass”.  You are exactly where you are meant to be, right now.  Just grab a little faith and hope, and realize you’re okay….stuck or not.

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Writer’s Block or Other Stuck Places – Part One

I have not had writer’s block yet, but I have heard several educated discussions on ways to overcome it, and I have a few ideas of my own. I’ll share them here for your consideration the next time you have writer’s block – or another situation of “stuck”.
[You’ve probably heard this one already]
* Write anything, any words that come to mind, and use no punctuation or editing, just write and write and write…for 10 minutes straight. “But I can’t even think of one thing to write about,” you say. Well, then write what you just told me; you should keep writing that, repeating as often as necessary. Or, you may find that you just may want to elaborate on one of your strings of thought as something to write after the 10 minute exercise. Maybe it’s not the project you were thinking you should write on today; but this will get you flowing.
* Exercise – if you are feeling sluggish, then a walk is in order. If you just can’t settle down, then relax or meditate for 10-30 minutes.
* Write down 10 things that you are thankful for today. That may give you an idea on something you could write about.
* If you have a pet, did it do something amusing today? A lot of my children’s storybook ideas are from situations I saw with my pets or while outside on a walk.
* Go to a public place and casually people-watch. What could the couple in the booth behind you have been arguing about? What might be the story of the lady going down the street and using a walker?
* Use “The Hand Method”. For the thumb and each of the fingers on your hand, write what you notice around you with each sense. i.e. write 5 things that you see, 4 things that you hear, 3 things that you smell, 2 things that you feel, and 1 thing that you taste. I’ll give you an example:
I see a park bench, pair of birds, green grass, a tree, and a kite in the sky. I hear birds singing, kids in park calling to one another, a tennis ball thudding as it goes back and forth in a game behind the park, and a fire engine. I smell freshly cut grass, rain in the air, and apple blossoms. I feel my soft jeans that I finally got soft enough and the plastic, stiff feel of my raincoat. I taste my stale chewing gum.

And there you have it. Tomorrow: getting unstuck in any situation.