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The Adventure of Debb’s Blog and Her New Trail: Part Four

Line art representation of a Quill

Line art representation of a Quill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As writers, we all have ups and downs, flow and no flow, and metaphoric high tides and low tides.  At the beginning of my blogging days, I couldn’t imagine ever having writer’s block.  After all, I thought, I have been instructed how NOT to have writer’s block.  And, I go for a walk and usually get three to four ideas for more posts.  How hard can it be to keep the writing going?   But, as it turned out, I was not immune to writer’s block — the time when creativity seems to have gone on vacation, the muse up and leaves, and you’re the opposite of a prolific genius.

Granted, I haven’t had a lot of writer’s block.  I did quick cover-ups — anything to keep to my internal deadline of posting once each day.  You probably have read the cover-ups:  the story that was filled with references to popular songs; alphabet games; anything unusual.  At least I came up with something, I thought to myself.

You might have noticed that I don’t post on a daily schedule anymore.  It was like pulling teeth when I first left the daily goal unmet.  Then I began to admire the many writers who stated they had writer’s block; by golly, they admitted it!  When things started to change in my personal life (lots of overtime at work, combining two households into one, creating a new vehicle for my writing), I finally waved the surrender flag.  I knew God would understand.  Perhaps the idea of writing every single day had been the way to get me back into writing, period. Now the new vehicle for my writing was giving me impetus to continue being a writer, albeit one for a different kind of blog.

Next up:  What was the reason behind the new website?


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The Adventure of Debb’s Blog and Her New Trail: Part Three

Awarded by on 9/1/13

Awarded by on 9/1/13

When I said to God, “Okay, Lord, I will post something on the blog every day!” I hadn’t planned on what type of writing I would do.  Flying by the seat of my pants, I just sat down to write each day.  (I was and still am very thankful for my computer because my writing hand cramps up and my handwriting is very small unless I take time to write neatly.)  As mentioned before, I’d take a morning walk and come back with three or four ideas at a time.  Perfect, I said to myself, I will schedule the extra posts for the days ahead and I’ll still be posting every day.

From in my heart and down through my fingertips, I wrote in different styles.  A recipe here, a poem here and there, a commentary about the goops in traffic, a bedtime story…once in awhile a questionnaire or poll…and then a story consisting of song titles throughout (THAT was a lot of fun!)…whatever came to me.

This is great!  This is fun!  Who knew?!  I often said, accompanied by excited and happy hand and arm movements (to be exact, my hubby named one of these expressions as The Debbie).

I’m sure you’ve heard of artists and writers who experienced problems while doing their craft.  I was not exempt from this stellar group.

Next week:  Debb shares the not-so-smiley valleys in her writing.


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The Adventure of Debb’s Blog and Her New Trail: Part Two

nature often inspired Debb to write

nature often inspired Debb to write

Want to know how Debb decided what posts would be in her blog?  She explains it below.

I promised God that I would post something every day, since He had inspired me to write a blog.  Amazingly, I was able to accomplish this.  (I try not to make promises lightly, since I am a woman of my word; but this promise to God – well, I thought that maybe I was promising in the heat of excitement and realization, and maybe I wouldn’t carry it out.)

In September I noticed that my early morning walks often yielded an idea for a post (or many posts).  I drafted the post or posts in my head while walking and enjoying nature.  (Oftentimes, the posts did talk about the nature I’d seen.)  I’d come home from work and rush to the computer so I could capture my thoughts.

The more I wrote, the more lively my imagination became.  I no longer cared what my audience would think.  Whatever grabbed my attention is what would show up in my blog.  I laughed at myself within posts (for instance, when I had bragged to my boss I was a good cook, and when he came to dinner, the dinner bombed – haha) and put myself out there as someone who makes mistakes – plenty of them at times!

Next up:  what forms of writing did Debb employ?  See you next week!


…and Another Prayer Request

I’ve just been informed of a pastor battling mental illness and his book discussing it, the stigma that pastors and ministers have (“gee, you’re a pastor, how can you be mentally ill?”) about it, and the incredible story and experience he has had.  Look it up at:  I plan to help him out.  I know a lot of us out there are under financial pressures, but this is a worthy cause — just sayin’…

The related article listed below tells all about this pastor.



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The ‘L’ Word

English: Israel's Escape from Egypt, illustrat...

English: Israel’s Escape from Egypt, illustration from a Bible card published 1907 by the Providence Lithograph Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A page from a 14th century German Haggadah

A page from a 14th century German Haggadah (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we hear of the ‘L’ word, we usually think of love.  Like when someone loves someone but isn’t ready to say it out loud yet.  As you probably already know, I believe in speaking out your feelings, especially if they could benefit the hearer of your words.

My maiden name was “Loesel” (in the old country it was Lo[umlaut]sl.   Today I would like to write about ‘L” words.

Make sure to write a list of the blessings that have been lavished upon you.  It doesn’t take a leap of faith to realize you are truly blessed.  Some people, however, think it is their lot in life to grumble, not appreciate, and not laugh.  Leaping lizards, maybe these grumblers are the ones who earn early laugh lines on their faces.

Luxury exists for those who can appreciate what they are given.  However,  luxury is in the eye of the beholder.    A street person used to living in a big cardboard box would think a small cabin very luxurious indeed.   And not everyone who appreciates things winds up living in luxury.   Climb the ladder of success and see what luxury comes your way.   For the feast of Passover, leave out the leavening from the bread you bake.

Get your lariat ready and rope in your dreams, even if just the seeds of them appear.  Run by the lake and then sit upon the shore to drink in all the peace and beauty.  Laugh when you feel like crying, accept when you lose something or someone valuable, and make lemonade when life hands you lemons.

Protect leopards and other wildlife.   Do not languish or your life will pass by too swiftly.   Do not take long to apologize should the matter call for it.

I do not believe in luck, but rather the state of being blessed.   And love?      Of course, I love you.



Editorial: I Don’t Believe It


Grief (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I’d like to address the issue of grief and the common misperceptions about it.

I ran into a friend the other day who was grieving the loss of her dog.  I expressed my condolescences, being an animal lover myself.  “No, no,” she assured me, “I am doing just fine.   I’m in a new season of my life now, and I really like it.”   That might have been believable, had she not been overly exuberant about her new exercise routine and all the changes she was making in her life – almost like she was trying to talk herself into being “okay” about her loss.

Some people claim that God does not want us to be sad or get depressed.  This is what I don’t believe.  God gave us various emotions for a reason, so we could feel all the highs and lows that life dishes out.  Even Jesus wept and grieved.  I don’t believe we are to always be happy.  Nice goal, but totally inaccurate.

What I do believe is that we live in the real world.  Sometimes it is great and we are able to grab the brass ring.  Other times, it is human to have feelings on the negative side.  It is okay to be human.  It is not okay to always put on a brave front.   It is not okay to deny yourself feelings.  Besides, it is how you act on those feelings, and not the feelings themselves, that is important.

September is National Mental Health Month.   Speaking of that, I’d like to quickly address the subject of depression.  There is a type of depression that has nothing to do with what’s going on in your life (situational).   Some depression is caused by imbalances in the brain.   That kind of depression (major depression) and other mental illnesses cannot simply be swept under the rug or denied — much like I could not wish away the cancer that my body came down with four years ago.

Just to recap my opinion about grief…to get over a loss, walk right through it.  Sure, it’s going to hurt.  But living in denial of your feelings can have negative consequences in your future, too.


Debb Stanton


Poetry Saturday: Happy Birthday Again!

English: Breat Cancer ribbons

English: Breast Cancer ribbons (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many August twenty-fourths ago
I lost my dear sister to cancer

Then on that same day four years ago
I received my breast cancer diagnosis

August 24
is my second birthday of the year
I got a second chance at life
so I can call it a rebirth.

The only problem is
Sandra couldn’t be cured of her cancer

So now I live life for both of us
waiting patiently to see her again in heaven

Trying to live fully
so that my life counts

Forgetting the bad and the have-nots
and remembering with gratefulness the haves and the good

Happy 4th Birthday!

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Quote Series Day 17 – and Debb’s Prayer Poem

“Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven.  But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in heaven.”

—– Jesus  (Matthew 10:32, 33)

THIS DAY by Debbie Loesel Stanton

Dear Jesus!

Here I take my stand, dear Lord ~ ~

I acknowledge Jesus as the Lord of my life,

and therefore I acknowledge you, Jehovah G-d, too, on this day and for all time.

You are the one who inspires this blog

and brings the sunshine I am always talking about.  🙂

I ask for help and guidance in my blog,

You have saved my soul

and saved my life from the ravages of cancer;

I dedicate Sunshine Factor WordPress blog to you this day

and may I be your instrument

to bring joy and your love and blessings to others on their own journey.

In Jesus’ name I pray (simply saying what’s on my mind and heart; talking with you),


P.S.  Lord, I also ask you to bless the other Sunshine Factor – the company who makes animal and bird feed and vitamins.  🙂


Scripture Memory

Hello friends,

I am curious about scripture memory — what method do you use – how often do you choose a new verse to memorize, and how, for example – could you help me? I have the Topical Memory System but didn’t get past the third verse —

Thank you,


“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

John 8:32


The context in which this was written defines freedom as holding to the teachings of Jesus and being his disciple.  I know that for me personally, when I live my life this way, I do feel a freedom.  As Christians, we do not and should not expect freedom from pain and loss and hardship.  But freedom from inner worries and turmoil is the freedom I feel.  When nagging thoughts from the past come up, I can be free of those, too.

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Day 8 Antiperfectionism Series

What are you trying to prove?

If your answer is “that I excel at everything I do,” “that I am perfect”, “that I’ve arrived”, then let’s hold the phone a bit, Nellie.  The only thing we humans can prove is that we live in an imperfect world and the only One who is perfect, is the Almighty God himself.   But, we can turn a negative fact into something positive:  it makes life interesting and fun when you try to be the best you that you can be, and search for good, search for learning, and scale the heights.

Have a wonderful day in your acceptance of non-perfection!  🙂


The Beauty of Jesus

Chinese depiction of Jesus and the rich man (M...

Chinese depiction of Jesus and the rich man (Mark 10) – 1879, Beijing, China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Beauty of Jesus

Beautifully,  nature glorifies God

Even the rocks and hills cry out

Always enduring with love

Uttering words of comfort to the soul

There’s no one as wonderful as He

If I took a million years to tell Him, to

Fully express my love for Him, I’d still need more time

Understanding can always be found with Him

Love is His nature, and I am His.


Newsflash – Tiger is Gone.

orange tabby

In Memoriam:
Tiger Feist Stanton
4/18/97 to 2/6/13


With tears in my eyes and hoping the keyboard won’t short out from the moisture ~

I wanted to let you know that the veterinarian just left our house.   Tiger had to be put to sleep because it turns out he was getting liver failure or a tumor, and his eyes and gums had already jaundiced.    😦

I talked to God about Tiger.  I seemed to sense that God was saying, “Don’t worry, Tiger will be with Me, and you will see him again some day.”  I don’t care what theology would say about that, I’m going to believe it.

Meanwhile, Micah seems upset by the goings-on tonight (and “Mama and Daddy crying, and where is my brother?”) but was comforted by the veterinarian’s assistant, who gave him a wonderful, calming massage, got his shots caught up and put him on a better food plan.

Thank God for loving, traveling vets.

This was one long day.  I woke up with a very bad headache so called in sick to work, then the letting go of Tiger tonight.  I slept with Tiger all morning, and he didn’t leave the bed all day.

Dave said a wonderful sentiment about Tiger that I will translate into a poem post in a couple days, hopefully.  If you don’t see me tomorrow – well, please just pray for dear ol’ Debb and Dave, please, and even “Baby” Micah.  Thank you!

By the way, I have another prayer request for you that I don’t have time to put in Prayer Corner yet.  Please pray for Alex as he decides his future course for his college career and struggles with numerous things.




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Her Goodbyes

A female Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardina...

A female Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) on a wooden rail. Photo taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50 in Johnston County, North Carolina, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The cardinal mom cries

she’ll have to say her goodbyes

to her little peeps that need her.

It is so cold, here in the north

when sleet, rain, hail and snow

all come at once.

The cardinal family’s legs

are all so spindly

and their feathers pretty thin.

God of the heavens where I fly,

why is it already time to die?

My babies are much too young

to get along without me now

Please help me find a snow-covered little den

where I can house my beloveds.

Keep them safe and warm

when I fly back to You, my Creator.

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh.

Please give them a good mom

when you take me away from them.

I put myself in your safe, comforting hands.

I’ll see you soon!

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Daily Prompt – December 29th

“Tell us about the role that faith plays in your life – or doesn’t.”

Top of the World

Faith plays a big role in my life.   Through the abuse in childhood to a couple near drownings, abandonment as a teen, miracles, and complete cancer recovery, I just “know that I know” that God was with me every step of the way.  I owe my life to him, as without him I would probably be dead already.

My faith has always given me something to hang onto even when I felt very unloved and like there was no one on earth that wanted me around.

My faith nicely took away my problem of worrying.

It got me through my breast cancer and allowed me to remain positive and inspired through it all.

My faith helps me to see that it’s not all about me, and there is a grand scheme to this thing we call life.


What’s In a Name?

Argentinian nativity scene

Argentinian nativity scene (Photo credit: Eduardo Deboni)

December 25th is the day that Christians celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth. I researched lately and found that the name Jesus means “Savior”.  Another name for him is Immanuel/Emmanuel – “God with us.”  These definitions are right on.

What about other names?  Do they appropriately describe the people they are connected to?   In my husband’s and my case, for example, I think they do.  Debra/Deborah means “seeking one” (yup!  I’m always looking for answers, always asking questions) and “the bee”.  Another truism, as bees are always seeking out flowers.  David means “friend of God”.   This describes my David quite well, as he has always loved God from a very young age.

Time to comment:  I’m curious if your name matches you, whether its meaning is one you live up to, or if it doesn’t describe you at all.  It’s so fascinating to use your favorite search engine to type “meaning of —-” and it comes up with the meaning.

Let me hear from you, and meanwhile – please enjoy a blessed Christmas!


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My Wedding Prayer Poem


This was the poem I wrote for my wedding – it started out to be a poem but then became a very long prayer.


Words and feelings of David A. Stanton and Debb Stanton

Composed by Debbie Loesel Stanton


It took us a long time to arrive at today.

Seventeen years of joy, heartache and remorse.

Nine years of continued friendship but separation, realizing what we had lost.

We thank God for cancer and unemployment, since those were the vehicles that brought us back together again.


Thank You, Lord, for never giving up on us

and for your grace that saves and frees us.

You give us free will

but you always remembered the covenant we first made together.

As it says in Romans 8:28 (with our loose paraphrase),

All things work together for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.


We believe it is your purpose for us

to walk this road together as one

to love and be with one another eternally.

The road we are on now is just the beginning, as Heaven is our true home and we

will be together there as well.


Jeremiah 29:11 states that you have given us a future and a hope, that you desire

good for us and not evil.

How well we can attest to that in our lives!

Debb has always called You “The God of the Second Chance” – because You let us learn through choices and just living in general, and You never turn Your back on us,

but let us try things again.


Dear Lord,

We would like the love you have given us for each other to be examples of how You

love your bride, the Church.

We are eternally grateful to you

and so desire to bring glory to Your name.


Thank You for this marriage,

and may we always live this life to honor You.

We love You now and forever

and are thankful the road is long

because it starts here and goes into eternity.




What I Am Thankful For


Friends (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WordPress Logo

English: Diamond Engagement Ring with side sto...

English: Diamond Engagement Ring with side stones – In Platinum – 1791 Diamonds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: pink ribbon

English: pink ribbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is a holiday in the U.S. that promotes thankfulness.

I wish giving thanks were on the forefront in other parts of the year too.

The holiday is known for feasting (and usually overeating).

Personally, I sort of gag on turkey and prefer other meats (if at all).

Back to the subject of giving thanks – here is my list of the past year (in chronological order):

1.  After dating a couple of years, my former husband and I decided we should marry again (see my countdown in the right margin).  It’s so much different, and better, this time around.  We wonder if it’s because of the difficult things we have had to go through the last five years that made us appreciate each other once again.

2.  I was in my first photo shoot in February; I saw my picture on a billboard on the way to work every day for 2 weeks in April.

3.  I found my new favorite author – Ken Barr of  – and I asked him if he blogged and if so, where.  He said “WordPress”, and I was immediately hooked into this wonderful community we call WordPress.

3a.  Having three different blogs has really been a blessing in my life.  I have hit my writing stride and feel so artistically complete (and dreaming of and working on other projects too).  Thank You, God!

4.  Last April Fool’s Day I marked my 23rd year of work at the same company.  They have treated me very well.   I also have them to thank for my cancer care and recovery!

5.  At my job I have been learning many new tasks.  It is an exciting time there for me.

6.  I am thankful for all the incredible blogs I have been reading and for all the friends I’ve made through them.  So, in other words, you are my #6.

7.  My first follower on this blog, my first blog, is a phenomenal person.  (You know who you are)  His support and enthusiasm is a constant.

8.  I live in the U.S., which has its problems of course, but I love it here.

9.  I serve a God who loves me and wants the best for me.

10.  Last but not least, I am so glad I have life in my body, that I am here to write to you.   It’s an amazing journey!

Thank You, God,

and thank you, friends,





English: Wildflowers, Nisqually National Wildl...

English: Wildflowers, Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, Washington, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She is like the wildflowers that grow

in sunshine, rain and heavy snows.

She worries not about what she will wear,

With God on her side, she has no care.


She delights all who see her,

she even makes them smile.

She is beauty in the midst of the starkness

and lack of color.


She is gentle and delicate

and unseen by others,

but she was created by God

and this is her great legacy.




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You Are Something Special

Christmas gifts

New Series:  Abilities, Talents, and Gifts


“You Are Something Special”

Abilities we have many,

Talents a few,

and Gifts

One or two.

Abilities help us to survive,

Talents help us to enjoy our lives,

and Gifts help others to enjoy their lives.


we need to realize

that there is a plan for each of us.

The abilities, talents and gifts in our lives

serve a purpose.

In blessing us with them,

God tells us something:

“You are special,

you are loved.

There is no one in the world like you.

I have created you the way I have

for my eternal purposes

and because all your characteristics add up

to be one beloved child of mine.

Do not try to be like someone else,

that would make me sad,

as if you weren’t good enough.

But you are exactly what I had in mind

for you.

Sure, there are rough edges in you yet,

a cloudy diamond to be polished,

but what work of art doesn’t have improvements

made along the way?

In my eyes,

you shine and sparkle

and give me joy.

Please increase my joy further

by not wasting your gifts.

Embrace them and be thankful for them,

for in doing so you honor Me.

You are forever in my heart,

and I love you so much,

because you are something special.”

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The Declaration of Intelligence and Intuition

Myst Online URU

Myst Online URU (Photo credit: samdecle)

Are you a do-it-your-selfer?  Or are you like me and do tons of research for the “correct” set of written instructions for which to perform your task?

I’ve decided to be a do-it-myselfer, unless it involves putting an object together – then I feel that written directions are the best way for me to go.  Otherwise, I’ve come to accept that when I follow someone else’s directions, be it for money management or household management or even skin care, things just don’t work out too well.  When I go with my gut feelings, the methods for the task I am working on just seem to come to me – and I suppose it’s because I’m the expert on me, myself and I – and that is why my ideas work (for me, that is).

The other day, Sunshine Factor had a post about the new “red and pink thinking” – being in the middle of a large spectrum.  I do believe this is part of anti-perfectionism, which is my main theme in life lately.  If I were to write the Declaration of Independence for me personally, like the USA’s was written in 1776, this is what I would declare:

The Declaration of Intelligence and Intuition:

I, a person in my own right,

do solemnly give up on perfectionism.

It is a degrading, anxiety-producing lifestyle.

Instead, with the help of God,

I vow to accept his gifts of Intelligence and Intuition

and use them to my fullest capability.

I have enough intelligence and enough life experiences

to know how to best handle any situation – for me.

I have enough intuition to back up intelligence

and provide a springboard for human potential and growth.

I vow to trust myself, because “God does not make junk”,

and I vow to support others trying to find their own way too.

I will not inflict perfectionism upon them,

because I know how I hate it being thrust upon me.

In God I trust,

and with sincerity and fidelity, I remain:

An intelligent, intuitive non-perfectionist.

— Debbie Loesel Stanton




Dying Person’s Prayer – In Three Perspectives


My Prayer For All The Dying

Dear God,

I pray for all dying cancer patients –

If they’re sad, may the sadness lift,

May they turn to You in their last moments,

May they feel calm in the safety of your hand.

Give the gift of the peace from your love

And may they catch a glimpse of you and heaven

ahead of time, if that will encourage them.

Keep them safe in your care

until it is time for them to finally go home

and see their friends and family

waiting for them on that far shore.

The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.




Blueprint of design Heilig Hartkerk, Eindhoven...

Blueprint of design Heilig Hartkerk, Eindhoven, Netherlands (modified by me) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remember the paper that blueprints were printed on?  They always intrigued me because here was something put on slippery, weird blue paper…Houses must have been on my mind a lot, because I remember discovering at the tender age of seven which my two favorite house styles were:    Colonial and Salt Box.  Then, I discovered my mother’s “Better Homes and Gardens” and “House Beautiful”, and I loved poring over the house plans they always had in the back of the magazines.  Kinda strange for a kid…who couldn’t draw (and still can’t) to save her life and never even thought of becoming an architect.  My parents weren’t gifted with drawing ability, either, so it’s hard to tell where my love of architecture came from.  I still love to explore different neighborhoods and see if I can name the different styles.Life is a little bit like that.   We don’t always know why we do things or love certain people or things, but we just simply do.    I believe God is a great Master Architect…he does have a plan for each person on earth, but it is one that constantly changes because we humans change, and we are able to make our own choices.  So when we choose the wrong path and mess up, for example, and we get the blueprints all smeared up with our wayward peanut butter and jelly, God is able to revise the master plan.  He knows our weaknesses and strengths, so he helps us build our lives accordingly.  He would never install a fireplace without a chimney or put luxurious carpeting in the garage, because he knows what will work and what won’t.  Likewise, things he plans for us (blessings AND tests to help us grow strong) are thought through and not just thrown at us.

And now, my friend, you have just witnessed the closest thing I will ever get to a sermon on my blogs.   And that’s just fine.   My intent is never to preach, but in this case, I just found things interesting…

May the blueprint of your life remain interesting and flexible, with stains and rips and too much ink kept to a minimum.   🙂







A Breast Cancer Patient’s Prayer

English: The Auntie Jane Breast Cancer Wreath

English: The Auntie Jane Breast Cancer Wreath (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Breast Cancer Patient’s Prayer

—-  by Debbie Loesel Stanton


Oh dear God,

I haven’t talked to you in awhile,

but even if I had,

I would still feel like

I had been washed in a turbo washer

and hung out to dry, miles above the earth;

so totally alone,

even though I know you are actually with me

and I have my family and friends and care team pulling for me.

I hate it when people say

“It’s God’s will”, because I know

that you do not want people to hurt and get sick;

that’s just the way things go in this world.

God, my cancer isn’t your fault,

but can you please help me anyway?

I have many, many people and things to live for.

Can you make sure I can stick around here for awhile?

I want to make a bargain with you,

but that’s silly, because what do I have to offer you?

My faith and trust are on a downward slope right now,

they are threatening to disappear

like a rock on a slippery, icy mountain slope.

And, I also feel like I’m drowning;

please don’t let the waters of fear or illness

overtake me.

It’s been real hard to pray this, Lord,

because my thoughts wander all over the place;

my head is spinning and my nerves are as tight as violin or guitar strings.

I’m ready to explode into a great big puddle.

Please, please take your little girl’s hand

and lead her away from the shadow of death.

They say you’re walking with me through this valley,

but I don’t feel you, God!!  Please help!

Maybe someday when my thoughts aren’t so muddled

you can tell me why this is happening to me.

For now, I imagine me climbing up into your lap and being rocked to sleep

I know you care for me, it’s just very hard to believe that right now.

I know you understand…

Oh, and one more thing Lord.

Please keep these people away from me:

ones who say they know just what I’m going through,

when actually they have never had cancer.

And the ones who ask if I need anything but then don’t follow through,

also the ones who give me advice about wigs and breast reconstruction

because they have never had to consider these things.

In trying to be helpful, they say anything they can think of.

Help me to be patient with them; they know not what they do.

Help me to obey my doctor’s orders

so that this very long road will not have to be even longer.

Please help your little warrior fight this battle.

Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the Lord my soul to keep…

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You’re My Family

Capt. Kate Gowel, bottom row, left, poses for ...

Capt. Kate Gowel, bottom row, left, poses for a picture with her siblings at her parents’ home in Lorton, Va. Gowel, a military lawyer, was the first of six siblings to join the military. See more at West Point grad, family bring new meaning to word service (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I enjoy looking at words and seeing if they can have additional meanings…the word that I have considered lately is “family“.

I was born into a family; that’s the automatic meaning of the word.  Yet, I am a member of many other families, and gratefully so:

  • the body of people I worship with
  • the people I work with
  • the people I love (which is practically everybody)
  • the family of God
  • those with interests similar to mine
  • cancer patients and our doctors and nurses
  • pets, past and present
  • writers
  • bloggers (I think WordPress bloggers are the coolest people around!)
  • and of course, this list gets added to as the days go by.

Who is in your family?  It will be interesting to hear from you.  I’m just fascinated by this topic!

I want to again thank you, my WordPress family, for letting me be a part of you.  I’m so glad we’re associated!



WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)


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To My One and Only

Love for Arts

Love for Arts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To My One and Only

~ dedicated to D ~

To the man who likes to rhyme,

I’ll say it again yet one more time:

I love you and will love you longer than days are long

Into my life you’ve brought sunshine and into my heart a song.

We do what we have to do

But this can leave us feeling blue.

I work here,

and you have to work there.

But soon will come the end to despair,

when once again you can come home

months no longer having to roam.

Soon I can again take your name,

but right now life without you here is not the same.

I’m seeing things through a rose-colored haze

I am happy but yet in a daze as I am in the alone phase.

Please bring back those sunshiny rays.

We talk on the phone every night

Thank goodness we never fight.

I’m trying hard to be strong with all my might,

I am not thankful for your absence as I am for my sight.

Your favorite coffee cups hang under my cupboard, they wait for you there,

without you this lovely house seems bare.

The cats are crying for you,

I tell them they have to wait for Daddy, it’s the right thing to do.

My God, I’ve loved you forever;

to be a good wife to you I will always endeavor.

I pray that you can find work again here

that’s close to me, close to us and very near.

Even though gone is my one and only

because of your love I am never lonely.

Come back soon so I can see you face to face,

because with our love God has given us grace.

— Debbie Loesel Stanton




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Asking For Forgiveness

Asking For Forgiveness (Photo credit: hang_in_there)

"Forgiveness 3" by Carlos Latuff.

“Forgiveness 3” by Carlos Latuff. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is Yom Kippur, a day of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is an important element in all religions,

for without it we wouldn’t have much to aim for

and no grace to receive,

from being forgiven and the grace that comes from forgiving others.

We release ourselves from a prison in our heart

when we forgive.

We let the transgressor out of his chains

so he can go about his life and we can be free to live ours.

We need to love one another

and that includes forgiveness.

Without it there is no peace.

Let us see forgiveness as a river flowing gently through our lives

cleansing the soul as it goes on its way.

–Debbie Loesel Stanton


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A Poem for 9/11

Flag of the United States of America

Flag of the United States of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prayer for America

by Debbie Loesel Stanton



In you we trust

Even when horrific events happen.

We do not understand

why the Tormentor has been able to win

but we know someday the tides will turn.

You will be able to send Evil back to where it belongs.

I pray peace upon this nation

that you have given us

and ask for your help

so America can indeed be

The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

I pray for the families of those lost in the 9/11 tragedy,

English: Looking south from Top of the Rock, N...

English: Looking south from Top of the Rock, New York City {| cellspacing=”0″ style=”min-width:40em; color:#000; background:#ddd; border:1px solid #bbb; margin:.1em;” class=”layouttemplate” | style=”width:1.2em;height:1.2em;padding:.2em” | 20px |link=|center | style=”font-size:.85em; padding:.2em; vertical-align:middle” |This image was created with hugin. |} NYC wideangle south from Top of the Rock.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

that even now when their hearts are still hurting

they will be able to find peace – and You.

Protect us from our enemies and

bring us to repentance as well,

so America can be the gift to us

that you meant it to be.

Help us to put away all strife, envy, bitterness, evil and greed

that threaten to undo us with every passing day.

God, in you we trust.



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To the Creator of Me


God’s artwork

Hi God,

It’s just me again.

I want to thank you for this blog I write,

Because I “surrendered all” to write it for your purposes.

You have sent so many nice people my way

Who don’t mind reading what I say.

You created me for a purpose and call me by my preferred name.

You are perfect but still accepting,

Almighty and powerful but still gentle,

Hating sin but loving this sinner,

And thankfully – in your eyes I’m a winner.

You saved me from drowning twice,

Once as a child in deep water and once as an adult

as the sailboat I was on nearly capsized.

You’ve cared for me during and after all my surgeries,

so many that I consider myself a hollowed-out pumpkin 🙂

(and now my outer shell has been altered as well – grin).

Now all I ask is you give me the words to say

that will show my friends your love and help them along their way.

I want to reflect you, Lord, so please help me

to be your scribe,

and thank you for always walking with me.



I Hope You….Love Yourself

three amigos (amigas?)

three amigos (amigas?) (Photo credit: harmonicagoldfish)

“How can anyone ever love you for who you are,

if you become someone else to be with them?”

–Stephen C. Paul,

Author of:  Illuminations: Visions for Change, Growth and Self-Acceptance

It seems like there are a lot of fakes out there, people who don’t think they’re good enough as they are.   I like this book because it confronts that issue and encourages us to be ourselves.

I had to learn that it’s alright to be Debb.  (I’m the only one that can be her, so why not accept it, right?)   In fact, it’s the only way I can be.   When I tried to be something other people wanted me to be, it never worked out well.   I always felt invisible and like I didn’t matter.   Actually, when people didn’t like me, they weren’t liking the impostor I had become.  Debb was invisible because she was portraying some other person.

So, I accepted that I am silly at times and sing a lot and am a morning person who bothers people with her cheerfulness when it’s too early.  Now I celebrate that I have a very good memory and remember phone numbers and birthdays of people from my childhood.   (Weird, huh?)

Are there things about yourself that you don’t like?  Well, I encourage you today to “seize the day” and know that you are loveable just the way you are.  After all, “God doesn’t make junk”!!