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Letter to Daisy

This letter is written to my inner child.¬† Yes – I believe in nurturing the part of one’s self that is still innocent and searching and can still feel the pain of the past.¬†¬† The better my inner child feels, the better I feel!

Dear Daisy,

I wanted to let you know how proud I am of you.  You are so creative, and you are the one that prods me to keep moving in my writing career.  My life is so exciting now, and I never feel negatively prodded by you, but encouraged.  I believe that you are one of the muses who puts the stories and poems in my heart.

Exuberant!  Funny!  Sweet! Creative!  When people say this of me, in my heart I am giving you the credit.  (Well, you and the Lord, that is.)

When I was a child, you and I were one.¬† Then part of me grew into an adult while you stayed behind.¬† I didn’t even realize you exist until a few years ago.¬† Now I find that when I am learning to reparent¬†myself, it is you I am lovingly training and reaching and embracing and encouraging.¬† You are learning quickly that the adults in the past who abandoned me or totally rejected me (especially my 4th grade teacher who called me DUMB in front of the whole class) and the kids who called me names, were totally in the wrong.¬† I didn’t have to believe what they said about me, but it’s all I had to go on, and so I did believe them.

Getting over the past happens more quickly when I affirm you and let you know that you are beautiful inside and out, that I love you, and I am living to take good care of me Рand you.  Never will I abandon you or fail to take care of you.  I apologizing for not treating you better.

Thank you, Daisy, for bringing your joy into my life.  I think when I am a little silly or having fun, you are right there.   And I love you for it!

Thank you also for not bucking me when I started my recovery program.  You are easy to teach, and you are very willing.  Together we will see our dreams come to reality and our hope soar.




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When Your Heart Cries


When your heart cries

do you listen?

Are you surprised at what it’s telling you?

Or do you disregard

this very important part of you?


Please, do not put regulations or rules on your heart.

Let it live free

and know that

for this time you are supposed to be here

created to be just the very way you are,

please do not think you’re unimportant,

because you do really mean so much to us.


I get sad when I think about

people who put themselves down,

they think their head should rule their heart

and¬†they’re sometimes busy

putting up a facade-like wall.


They say I’m a good judge of people and character,

thank you very much,

and I already know

that I have not found anyone on WordPress

that I dislike.

You each make my day

in your own unique way

and I wouldn’t give you up for anything.

Neither will I throw your trust away.


I’m hoping and believing for the day

when the only thing we cry about is

the joy we see, feel and experience,

and the total awesomeness of

everything around us.



know that I love and appreciate you

and I’m happy to be walking along with you.