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Inspiration – a Poem

I think it would be inspiring to visit a castle like this!

I think it would be inspiring to visit a castle like this!


Inspiration like wisdom

is sometimes fleeting

you have to give it all you’ve got

to not lose what you’ve been given


Inspiration is like a friendly spirit

who aims to bless people

if they will but take notice of her

and let her help them beautify their world


Who can beautify their world?

Everyone whom Inspiration visits

those who are considerate of others

those who listen to guidance from above


Taking the high road takes courage

but it is better than taking the easy road

the lower road, one that leads to a cliff

Inspiration tends to live on the high road


Do not scoff at Inspiration

or tell her to go away

if spurned or ignored often enough

she will do just that

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Book Review on Author Collette A. Henry

Hello friends,

Yesterday I read Get Outta My Head:  My Journey Living With Brain Cancer by Collette A. Henry.  Collette has a great blog here on WordPress, and I would like to share with you the review I wrote about her book on

I am so glad to have been given the opportunity to read Collette’s book.  Like her friend Allen O. Green states, she does have a winning smile, and this book shows me that she has a winning life!  Her attitude, passion for helping others, and engaging way of talking with her readers, make this a very inspiring book.  In fact, I am a breast cancer survivor, and I learned more cancer facts through Collette.   She is helpful to all people, in my opinion, sharing exactly what cancer is and how you can do healthy things for yourself to hopefully keep cancer away.  Collette has a very great story that needs to be read.

I was hoping for a cancer experience book that could make you feel comfortable with the author.  I was not disappointed.  If I could, I would give Collette and her book a standing ovation.  🙂


New Series – Anti-perfectionism – To Start April 1st

New Series – Anti-perfectionism – To Start April 1st

by Trudy Ellis, roving reporter for FAPI

APRIL 1, 2013  (FAPI)

Mark your calendars and keep your eyes peeled – this is the date that word on the fake street has labeled as the start of a new series on a humble little blog called Sunshine Factor (on WordPress).  When I interviewed Debbie Loesel Stanton, author of Sunshine Factor blog, she had a delightful little story to tell me about how the idea for this series came to her.

“I usually get my ideas and inspiration for my posts either in the shower, on the road, or at work,” the author said as her eyes sparkled, “but on Easter morning in the pre-dawn the idea for this series came to me.  Still in my bed, I dismissed it as a weird dream and felt sure when I woke up the idea would make no sense to me.  Strangely, though, even when up and around the idea appealed to me.  It’s as if my Muse came to me and gave me an assignment.”

A reporter that has seen and heard a lot of strange things, I had to get to the heart of the matter.  “So is this really what you’re going to do?”  I asked Ms. Stanton.

“Yes, I am committed to the idea.  Who am I to say that my Muse is wrong?  I have a feeling that what I will learn is meant for me, but I am glad to share it.  Anyone who wants to come on this journey with me is welcome.   If learning how to get rid of perfectionism is not your bag, then you can look forward to my regular writing on Saturdays.”

“What’s special about Saturdays?” I had to know.

“Saturday is “Poetry Saturday” here on Sunshine Factor.   I write an original poem each Saturday, and sometimes I practice with a specific poetry style,” she answered, beaming.

This author is one bright lady!  It was as if I had walked into a wall of sunshine, so bright was her countenance!

Debbie Loesel Stanton will write one anti-perfectionism short for each day in April.   Considering the subject matter, is she being perfectionistic about her April writing goals?  No, she assures me, she writes a post a day regardless, so for her it will be continuing a practice she already has in place.  You can find her blog at  Join us, won’t you?

Trudy Ellis


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Where Does She Get Her Ideas?

Have You Any Ideas^^^ - NARA - 534177

Have You Any Ideas^^^ – NARA – 534177 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wrote a post last fall, when Sunshine Factor was pretty young, about going for a walk and getting a lot of good writing ideas.

Today I found out that I can get a lot during my meditation time.

And yesterday as I was on my blog I got the words “wax bikini”.   Weird, huh?  But I decided to go with it.  The result was the limerick I put on my other blog for today’s post,   I figure, I get these thoughts for a reason.  🙂

Inspiration hits me through many venues, so I go about my life aware of the possibilities.

Audience participation segment:

How do you get your inspiration for what to write?  Or, if you are not a blogger but get ideas for other things, i.e. hobbies, how do the ideas make themselves known?  It would be fun to find out.