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Art and Decorating Style

I LOVE visual arts and have favorite art styles.

I find it interesting that our house has more than one decorating style.

I LOVE impressionistic art and its fine pastels, hence my impressionistic ocean-themed living room.  I like the artist Thomas Kincaid (“Painter of Light”).

Bright colors intrigue me, and our guest bedroom speaks to the French Country style (like Ms. Engelbreit’s pictures).

The master bedroom’s style is American Country, complete with quilts and decorations not-so-shiny.

Maybe it’s because of the new furniture we are getting that has my mind wrapped up in interior decorating – but either way, what is life if we can’t enjoy color?  🙂

takes your breath away

takes your breath away

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In My House

There are common themes that run through my house:

they would be books and flowers.

The books are in bookcases, on desks and countertops and more,

silently begging to be picked up and read.

The flowers are everywhere too,

in artwork and silk arrangements

and in one very large, live poinsettia still in all her red glory.

What connection do these two themes have?

Appreciation of beauty.

The books contain words that come alive

with imagination and feelings and gusto,

promoting beauty of the spoken and written language.

The flowers are of many colors,

just like nature who is also beautiful.

They recall other seasons and the beauty therein.

I am glad to be in such a beautiful, loving, appreciative space

Flowers are common subjects of still life pain...

Flowers are common subjects of still life paintings, such as this one by Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



A New Addition To Our Family

English: A cat named Kylie. Español: Una gata ...

Our new cat Rachael has this coloring but not any white. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dave and I adopted a little female cat for our cat Micah yesterday.  I say “for Micah” because he and I both were inconsolable after losing Tiger…and Dave’s birthday is coming soon so “Rachael” is also a birthday present.Rachael, who is a little wisp of a 3 year old cat, was found at a local rescue place where the cats can roam free and learn how to interact with other cats.   She is half the size of Micah and came with that name.   We are keeping the name because now both cats have Biblical names!  🙂

The shelter had labeled Rachael as “calico tabby”, but I say she is a Torbie (tortoise shell and Tabby mix).   We pick her up Tuesday night at our new vet’s house.

And speaking of new additions….you may remember me saying how I’m grieving over my friend Patti’s moving away this year.  Well, they are having a new house built for them in their new town and cannot take much furniture or their BIG tv…so I am buying most of it from them.   Now our family room will have matched, wonderful furniture, our master bedroom will be very classy now, and we’ll be able to get rid of my mom’s kitchen set that I always hated and have the set that I always loved….when I had my cat and dog care business, I spent many a week or weekend in Patti’s house and got used to their furniture.   Patti and her husband are like family so they (er, their furniture) will be a part of our home now.

The big furniture transfer will hopefully be on March 7th.  I’ve been having fun planning what furniture will go where, and now we’ve got some rearranging to do to help that to happen!  🙂   Oh, which reminds me, our garage’s storage area needs to be cleaned out too.  Never a dull moment in the Stanton household, and for that I am thankful!   🙂

P.S.  Patti is such an amazing lady.  Before I met her, she had her own photography business.  She bequeathed to me her award-winning, huge picture that I already have put up in the family room.   It’s a wonderful remembrance of my dear, precious friend.