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Prose Poem: Full Circuit

Prose poem:  Full Circuit

On Saturday morning, I woke early on my day off and wanted to take a walk to enjoy the beautiful weather.

I then got sidetracked by the computer and finally ate breakfast – because my body needed it.

I set off for my walk at 9 a.m. – still fairly early for most people.  However, I had wanted to leave earlier so I could enjoy nature by myself.   Some of my best writing happens on these walks, from my heart into my brain, and my writing takes off – if only in my head at first.

What lushness awaited me!  Fifty one degrees, and I only needed a long-sleeved shirt.  The sun played on everything – suburban streets, interesting architecture (I’ve always been fond of studying it), trees of many varieties among the rolling hills and streets and the city path in the woods that somehow connects everything.  I got to see a few of the trees turning color and apple trees supplying humans and birds with delicious vitamins.

English: Apple cultivation in Nepal

English: Apple cultivation in Nepal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Normally I take only 30 minute walks – big mistake!  What I’ve been missing since I haven’t been on my 1-2 hour jaunts on the weekends for a couple of years now!

I’m glad to be alive and see/hear/smell my surroundings.  And I took a walk – because I needed it.  Wow, such enjoyment to be had while doing something good for your body!

I will also be starting yoga soon – because I need it.  My body needs to come back to alignment and stretched often.   Ahh, I feel peaceful just thinking about it!

The nearby tennis courts beckon me to pay them regular visits in the spring, which I plan to follow up on.  Wish you guys were near enough to play with me!

The cartwheels that I always want to do when I’m happy:  they have to wait to be done by this body again, but they will be done!  Age matters not.

I feel like I did a full circuit today – not in the exercise sense, but in the way my spirit, soul and body all seemed to be fed today.  Today I’m drinking it all up – because I need it.   I even want to!

I like taking walks with friends or alone.  When alone, I can contemplate a lot and still be silent.   I thought back to one of my friend’s posts the other day, how I resonate with her concept of allowing others to be different from you and judging no one.

And as always, I wish you blessings, peace and love and all the joy your heart can hold.

Your friend,