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sisters are gifts!

sisters are gifts!

by Debb Stanton

There are many types of sisters out there
the kind you are blood sisters with
the ones you choose to consider to be your sisters
and the Sisters in the Catholic Church
(I am not Catholic, but I appreciate the Benedectine order)

The nuns are the lucky ones:
they get to devote their whole lives, their whole beings to God
It’s nice to have a sister in your blood family:
she shares your beginnings
The ones you find along life’s way
to brighten your life and brighten your day —
now THOSE are the major finds of a life!

This is to my sister
(the find along the way kind):
I love how you:
make me smile
make me laugh
make me think
make me feel
bring hope alive
dole out courage
are always there
won’t give up on me
are the ideal friend, too

Know that I love you
I pray for you
I am inspired by you
I am proud to know you
I am blessed to know you
and I am healed

* Lovingly dedicated to you-know-who


My Morning Constitutional

English: An illustration of a European Robins ...

English: An illustration of a European Robins by Henrik Grönvold (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My walk today was wonderful –

English: Mated pair of Pileated Woodpeckers.

English: Mated pair of Pileated Woodpeckers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

not because I got a lot of thinking and planning done

but because I felt like I was on a science class trip.


I saw and heard the great Canadian geese

come back for the season and trumpet

The lone male mallard

was just standing in the middle of the street, waiting

I even saw two loons (the bird type!)

hover over one of the small ponds around here

(Apparently they live down here in the Twin Cities now

Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

instead of just up north around the lakes)


The rest of the birds

mourning dove (who didn’t mourn today)



and the rest of the regular variety

performed their own impromptu concert

They didn’t remember

that this neighborhood is known to be a quiet one

I guess I’d rather have bird songs break the quiet

and woodpeckers drilling on trees

than cars driving, music blaring

and people yakking


The ones from the amphibian world

the frogs that are always mating or dating

were still asleep – imagine that


And the weeping willow:

she was not weeping today

she is still trying to find the spring


As for my friends

I wish they were right here

but I will settle for them being in my heart

where I have a nice, comfy place for them

which I guard intensely


Dear friends,

As you greet the new day

remember I love  you

you’re never farther

than a thought away

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Happy Birthday, Mom!

English: Pink roses in the garden

English: Pink roses in the garden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unidentified pink hybrid tea roses against lea...

Unidentified pink hybrid tea roses against leaves and sky. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It’s your birthday again
but you’re not here to celebrate
you live in a perfect place
very far away – and I miss you very much

If you were still here
you wouldn’t believe our weather:
snowstorm in April
Sandra would have seen her birthday
covered in snow!

you were the original “lady in pink”
I’m sure you’re feeling in the pink now
and loving those heavenly roses

Happy Birthday!


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Story Poem: The Peach and the Tide


English: Autumn Red peach. Français : Pêches E...

English: Autumn Red peach. Français : Pêches Español: Durazno cortado por la mitad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


One day Peach begged Cucumber

to give her a big push toward the seashore.

(She could only roll, so round was she.)

Cucumber agreed,

only because the sand was flat

and she wouldn’t be able to gain any momentum on her own.


Peach desperately wanted to meet Tide

because Tide competed for attention from Debbie.

When Peach rolled down to the water’s edge,

she met Tide who was wearing sunshine sparkles currently.


“So you’re wondering why Debbie likes me so much, eh?”  Tide asked.

“She can hear me in easy listening music anytime she wants

and she can look at me and feel calm,

and apparently I center her back to sanity.”


Peach bit her lip, because she was getting nervous.

Juice dribbled down her chin, which gave her an idea.

“The kind of complexion Debbie has, is named after me,” she said.

“I am her favorite fruit, and she also likes my scent.”

Peach was getting to be so competitive,

that her motivation literally rolled her a few more inches!

And she got sand in  her mouth,

poor thing,

and the sand muffled her words:

“So I think I am best.”


Tide, being much bigger than Peach,

ebbed and flowed for a bit,

making a pretty picture of his playfulness.

He was quite wise, you see

and all of a sudden ROARED!

He was tired of all these other things

enchanting Debbie

but yet he had a gentle soul.


Tide made a deal with Peach:

“I think she loves both of us.

Why not put that to good use?

In loving us both, she can use all her senses for the enjoyment.

And we can each be wonderful in our own way.”


Peach agreed, saying,

“You’re right, Tide.

There is beauty in everything,

and there is nothing to prove.”


Soon it was time for Tide to go out

and Peach to get home for dinner.

They separated with a clearer understanding of Life

and a new-found friendship.


And Peach found Cucumber

getting all oiled up

so he could be more attractive at the grocery store.


The Myth of Delicate – Part One

English: Surf at Clipperton Island in the Paci...

English: Surf at Clipperton Island in the Pacific Ocean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She was a lady of the ocean, the girl that the song phrases “Brandy, you’re a fine girl” and “green-eyed lady, ocean lady” were written about.  Yes – she did work as a cocktail waitress at a seaside bar, and she had beautiful green eyes like that of the sea she loved.  Her long hair of copper hue made her look like a princess.

This girl was named Delicate at birth, and indeed she lived up to her name.  Her limbs were long, and she had a charming delicacy about her.   She loved the ocean and birds and animals, often wishing she had a horse that she could ride up and down the coast.   Delicate rented a room above her grandmother’s duplex, so her waitress salary was adequate.  She spent her spare time at the ocean’s edge, frolicking in the surf or painting an oil picture of her favorite subject.

Delicate had many friends and was loved by all, young and old and anywhere in between.  This is why a well-known fact was a mystery.

Delicate had only two great loves in her whole life.

Her first love was actually just a school-girl crush, and he wasn’t actually hers.  She was a pretty although timid girl, so did not make moves on anyone.

Her second and last love was what all love stories are written about.   They had the love of the century, and of course Delicate thought it would last forever, till the day he came to her and announced to her his intention of leaving.

He, the seaman, who had treated her so well and gave her a silver locket bearing his name, had resolved that he was ultimately more in love with the sea than with her.

Delicate understood this because she loved the ocean with the same passion and fervor too.   But she didn’t understand why he couldn’t love both of them.  How could the ocean, this fluid, wonderful friend of theirs, be her enemy and competitor?

Delicate was in an awful state of mind.   She stopped eating and sleeping, lost her dreams and her passion of music and artwork.  To be sure, she stopped swimming in the surf.  She even said goodbye to her dolphin friends and to her grandmother.

Delicate unceremoniously quit her job at the bar and ran away to the forest, to where the sunlight only partially came beaming down on her.  This was a pretty dark place, matching her mood exactly.  She lived there for days with the beasts and birds of the forest and ate berries for sustenance.

Weaker and weaker this girl got, and she yearned for the ocean.  The sound and sight of it had always calmed her down before…but this time, when in the forest she could hardly hear the ocean anymore, it provided no help.

Delicate decided that even though she was mad at the ocean for taking her love away, she needed to go to it.  To lay at surfside and let the water wash over her and tickle her feet.  To splash its water and maybe even frolic in it once again.

By this time, Delicate was fading fast.  She was so weak, it took her a week to crawl back to the water.  When the ocean saw her, it rejoiced.  It celebrated with exploding waves that imparted happiness to Delicate.  She got in the water, and then something incredible happened.

See you on Saturday with the conclusion of this tale

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It’s possible my situation is a result of the pink cloud I was on after my wedding – now still very happy but without the adrenaline that had been filling my days since December. 🙂

I’m also going to cut down on my TV watching at night – that should help with the time and energy thing.

But for sure, the most important thing for me to do is remember my blessings – not just the big ones I’ve received lately and being a newlywed – but every day little things that I appreciate in my life. Of course, I count you guys as my blessings from above, so once again I thank you for your friendship and readership, as you really mean a lot to me!

Ciao for now, dear friends ~


Happy Birthday To My Love

English: A chocolate birthday cake

English: A chocolate birthday cake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You are obviously not 13 anymore, but I had to picture a chocolate birthday cake 🙂



Another year has gone by

To recap all that happened, it would be hard to try

Times of despair

Times to care

But most of all Love

Sent straight from above

A woman who adores you

You even avoided the flu

You’re blossoming like a flower

Here it is, now is the hour

I hope you have a great, great day

The past has to stay away

God bless your new year

Your Dear is ever here, never fear.

(XX OO to RA)


Poetry Saturday: Poverty

Cat, with its mouth open

Cat, with its mouth open (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s poem will use abstract or indefeinite nouns in a concrete or definite sense – i.e.

“He slaughtered his gluttony for it to be forever gone.”


She sat in the dark bedroom, pinching the pennies in her checkbook

hoping against hope that for getting out of this mess, there would be some salvation.


He wanted to fly amongst the clouds into infinity

and not have to worry about this thing called unemployment


Their little girl escaped into her safe place

to imagine the bill collectors falling off the steep front porch

after they beat down the door.


Her older brother struck out into the air with his fists

to punish Poverty for attempting to bother them.

He kicked the state of being morose

into the yawning, dark pit of hell.


The family pets,

a cat and a dog,

meowed and whined at the hunger in their little stomachs.

They wanted to go back to their ancestors,

to the jungles and hillsides

where there might be a little more food than here.


Salvation did eventually arrive, not a moment too soon

and made their hearts shine.

Charity saved the day

and blessed the giver of the money

as much as it had blessed this precious little family.




Newsflash – Tiger is Gone.

orange tabby

In Memoriam:
Tiger Feist Stanton
4/18/97 to 2/6/13


With tears in my eyes and hoping the keyboard won’t short out from the moisture ~

I wanted to let you know that the veterinarian just left our house.   Tiger had to be put to sleep because it turns out he was getting liver failure or a tumor, and his eyes and gums had already jaundiced.    😦

I talked to God about Tiger.  I seemed to sense that God was saying, “Don’t worry, Tiger will be with Me, and you will see him again some day.”  I don’t care what theology would say about that, I’m going to believe it.

Meanwhile, Micah seems upset by the goings-on tonight (and “Mama and Daddy crying, and where is my brother?”) but was comforted by the veterinarian’s assistant, who gave him a wonderful, calming massage, got his shots caught up and put him on a better food plan.

Thank God for loving, traveling vets.

This was one long day.  I woke up with a very bad headache so called in sick to work, then the letting go of Tiger tonight.  I slept with Tiger all morning, and he didn’t leave the bed all day.

Dave said a wonderful sentiment about Tiger that I will translate into a poem post in a couple days, hopefully.  If you don’t see me tomorrow – well, please just pray for dear ol’ Debb and Dave, please, and even “Baby” Micah.  Thank you!

By the way, I have another prayer request for you that I don’t have time to put in Prayer Corner yet.  Please pray for Alex as he decides his future course for his college career and struggles with numerous things.





Poetry Saturday – “Faith, Hope and Love”

Today’s poem uses the “negative description” style – example:  “love does not live under stones.”


Faith does not hide in the gutter

and it usually doesn’t disappear in the hard times.

Rather, it burns brightly in the heart

and gives the soul something to hang onto.


Hope does not drown in the ocean

since it does not disappear somewhere in the tide.

Hope springs up like a tiny tulip

in the last of the winter’s snow.


Love does not discriminate

and it is not just for a certain age group.

The demographics of love

are rooted in the universal language.


Faith, hope and love exist today

like the Good Book says,

But these three entities are not equal.

The greatest of these is Love.


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A Prayer for February

Dear God,

We thank you for protecting us and keeping us alive to this point.

Thank you for all your provisions,

and we thank you for loving us.

You are the author and creator of Love,

and we ask that we can see more love,

and show more love to others.

To those who don’t feel loved,

help them to know that they are.

Please help us to love the unlovable

and show mercy where needed.

Keep hate and its effects away from us, we pray.



Happy February!


Српски / Srpski:

Српски / Srpski: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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When Your Heart Cries


When your heart cries

do you listen?

Are you surprised at what it’s telling you?

Or do you disregard

this very important part of you?


Please, do not put regulations or rules on your heart.

Let it live free

and know that

for this time you are supposed to be here

created to be just the very way you are,

please do not think you’re unimportant,

because you do really mean so much to us.


I get sad when I think about

people who put themselves down,

they think their head should rule their heart

and they’re sometimes busy

putting up a facade-like wall.


They say I’m a good judge of people and character,

thank you very much,

and I already know

that I have not found anyone on WordPress

that I dislike.

You each make my day

in your own unique way

and I wouldn’t give you up for anything.

Neither will I throw your trust away.


I’m hoping and believing for the day

when the only thing we cry about is

the joy we see, feel and experience,

and the total awesomeness of

everything around us.



know that I love and appreciate you

and I’m happy to be walking along with you.





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Poetry Saturday – “Love”

Today’s poem practices the poetry style of “the emotional state couched in techincal terms – example:  “the mathematics of sorrow” or “a pneumatic joy.”


Love is the guard station of the heart;

it allows visitors to find a home.


A lighthouse is what guides love

over the rough seas of life

to safe harbor.


The building blocks of love

are not uniformly sized and shaped;

there is no blueprint of the divine.


The philosophy of love

encompasses the ages

and embraces the future.

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The Tribal Dance [or:]/Let’s Stop the Hate!

English: This shows the population concentrati...

English: This shows the population concentration of Native Americans and Alaskan Natives in the United States during 2008, by state. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know if Hollywood is accurate

in portraying Native Americans,

their tribes and ways and dances;

If these portrayals are accurate,

then I think the Native American culture

is one I respect and admire.

Their movements are so fluid,

their fellowship thick and a shelter,

and their sense of community shines through.


Each dance of a tribe signifies something specific,

each telling a story.

A dance could be a request for rain

or one of sorrow

or even war.


Many of my good dreams come true,

so I am dreaming, especially lately,

of a tribal dance that we of many

tribes and colors and languages

can all share in.

Instead of many tribes dancing in many circles across the land,

we would form one gigantic loop across this country,

arms intertwined and hearts in agreement.


First we would dance the dance of anger and injustice

against people who would kill others for no good reason.

Then we would express our wish for peace

with our bodies and united souls.

With this powerful force we can stop the hate.

We can and will conquer this land as a harbor of peace,

where children and adults are safe in their schools and places of business.

Where we can all grow to fulfillment and realize our dreams –

if we can just put down the hate.


Lastly, we would join with others and make come true

the wishes of the Great Spirit,

where peace would reign, love would inspire and heal,

and hate would disappear as does the smoke around a campfire.


Amen – Lord, may it be so.


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Letter of Gratitude for My Sweetheart

Oldsmobile Intrigue photographed in College Pa...

Oldsmobile Intrigue photographed in College Park, Maryland, USA. Category:Oldsmobile Intrigue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

GelGems (I love them) on train.

Ex-Buick Babe can feel the love! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh my,

I am so amazingly touched by your generosity and your love for me.

The latest evidence of this is “Claire.”

You know how I’ve named the two cars before this, my new one.

I named her Claire because that is my favorite name.

Then, when I looked up the name’s meaning, it said:

“bright and light”.  And with the car being white –

just like this picture –

it’s the perfect name for a perfect car.

You bought her for me from a Florida citizen,

and the lack of salt and rust on her old body is amazing.

She looks brand new!  Low mileage!  What an awesome deal!



I hope in our future I can show you just how much I care

and always will.

Love always,

(R.A.) Debb




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Love Is Forgiveness

"Forgiveness" by Carlos Latuff.

“Forgiveness” by Carlos Latuff. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Love is Forgiveness”

When I was rude to you,

Unkind and impatient,

You forgave me.

When I made you very angry,

you did not keep a record of my wrongs.

You forgave me.

When my behaviors

scared everyone away but you,

You forgave me.

When others shook their heads,

You could still see my good side;

You forgave me.

I wonder what makes you so forgiving and honorable?

It must be something deep down inside you

that lets you turn the other cheek.

I do believe the answer is:  Love.

You love me.

— Debbie Loesel Stanton


Kindness is one thing, if used,

that will not produce regrets.


It follows the Golden Rule

while at the same time kicks hate

out of the playing field.


Kindness nourishes the hungry in heart,

calms the anxious,

gives hope to the hopeless,

rest for the weary,

and strength for the weak.


Kindness does not look for reward.

It asks, “how can I help?  What

would I like in this situation if in their shoes?”

It suggests by action,

“you are loved, you are worthwhile, and

you are meant to be living on this earth.”

Thank you for your kindness to me

Without trying, I catalogue each event in my heart and brain

and never forget…





“I Like Boobies” bracelet confiscated!

English: CNA’s building is often illuminated t...

English: CNA’s building is often illuminated to reflect civic happenings or to acknowledge a meaningful calendar landmark. This design recognizes Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since it is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I am a survivor, I thought it’s only fitting to brag on my “nephew” Landon, what he did for me three years ago.

My godson Brodey and his brothers Kasey and Landon all wore those pink rubber bracelets supporting breast cancer survivors, in honor of me.   Kasey and Brodey were in junior/senior high at the time, and Landon I think was in 5th or 6th grade.

Landon got in trouble at his school because his bracelet said “I like boobies.”  The teacher didn’t “like the language” on it and confiscated it the very moment she saw Landon wearing it.  Poor Landon, he was just being a very supportive nephew, and he didn’t care what other people thought.  I just felt bad that his teacher couldn’t have been more understanding, because there was a reason those particular words were on the bracelet.  Thanks anyway Landon!  🙂

I got another very positive, warm fuzzy feeling from the boys’ mother, my friend Caprice.  (You remember her – the feisty redhead who was with me at the oncology surgeon’s office?)

In a music store at the mall, Caprice and I were wasting time until a movie started.  Across the store two teen boys were making fun of my bald head.  It was one of those times you knew you were seeing and hearing right and not assuming anything…Caprice strolled over to the boys and said, “Listen!  How would you like it if your mom had cancer!  Leave my friend alone!”   They kind of mumbled “sorry” to her and ran out of the store.  Thanks Caprice for being my advocate!  If I was the Velveteen Rabbit in that store, I would have become “real” at that very moment, I felt so loved.

Dear readers, here’s hoping you are not judged for what you do or what you look like.

Your friend,


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You’re My Family

Capt. Kate Gowel, bottom row, left, poses for ...

Capt. Kate Gowel, bottom row, left, poses for a picture with her siblings at her parents’ home in Lorton, Va. Gowel, a military lawyer, was the first of six siblings to join the military. See more at West Point grad, family bring new meaning to word service (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I enjoy looking at words and seeing if they can have additional meanings…the word that I have considered lately is “family“.

I was born into a family; that’s the automatic meaning of the word.  Yet, I am a member of many other families, and gratefully so:

  • the body of people I worship with
  • the people I work with
  • the people I love (which is practically everybody)
  • the family of God
  • those with interests similar to mine
  • cancer patients and our doctors and nurses
  • pets, past and present
  • writers
  • bloggers (I think WordPress bloggers are the coolest people around!)
  • and of course, this list gets added to as the days go by.

Who is in your family?  It will be interesting to hear from you.  I’m just fascinated by this topic!

I want to again thank you, my WordPress family, for letting me be a part of you.  I’m so glad we’re associated!



WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)


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To My One and Only

Love for Arts

Love for Arts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To My One and Only

~ dedicated to D ~

To the man who likes to rhyme,

I’ll say it again yet one more time:

I love you and will love you longer than days are long

Into my life you’ve brought sunshine and into my heart a song.

We do what we have to do

But this can leave us feeling blue.

I work here,

and you have to work there.

But soon will come the end to despair,

when once again you can come home

months no longer having to roam.

Soon I can again take your name,

but right now life without you here is not the same.

I’m seeing things through a rose-colored haze

I am happy but yet in a daze as I am in the alone phase.

Please bring back those sunshiny rays.

We talk on the phone every night

Thank goodness we never fight.

I’m trying hard to be strong with all my might,

I am not thankful for your absence as I am for my sight.

Your favorite coffee cups hang under my cupboard, they wait for you there,

without you this lovely house seems bare.

The cats are crying for you,

I tell them they have to wait for Daddy, it’s the right thing to do.

My God, I’ve loved you forever;

to be a good wife to you I will always endeavor.

I pray that you can find work again here

that’s close to me, close to us and very near.

Even though gone is my one and only

because of your love I am never lonely.

Come back soon so I can see you face to face,

because with our love God has given us grace.

— Debbie Loesel Stanton




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Asking For Forgiveness

Asking For Forgiveness (Photo credit: hang_in_there)

"Forgiveness 3" by Carlos Latuff.

“Forgiveness 3” by Carlos Latuff. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is Yom Kippur, a day of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is an important element in all religions,

for without it we wouldn’t have much to aim for

and no grace to receive,

from being forgiven and the grace that comes from forgiving others.

We release ourselves from a prison in our heart

when we forgive.

We let the transgressor out of his chains

so he can go about his life and we can be free to live ours.

We need to love one another

and that includes forgiveness.

Without it there is no peace.

Let us see forgiveness as a river flowing gently through our lives

cleansing the soul as it goes on its way.

–Debbie Loesel Stanton


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The Importance of Touch

English: Cover from label "Touch It Recor...

English: Cover from label “Touch It Records” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I consider myself to be a very tactile person.

I love to give and receive hugs and touch the arm or hand of whoever I’m communicating with – even though I used to hate it when my mom did that to me!

I don’t shop for clothes very often, but when I do, I’m sure I’m known around here as “the Sleeve Toucher”.    There’s nothing better than to grasp the sleeve of something on the rack and feel the texture – I especially adore the soft and snuggly fabrics.

When someone is grieving, they can feel the thousands of unspoken comforting words you have for them in a hug.

A handshake can say, “pleased to meet you”, or “so nice to see you again” or “I acknowledge that you exist.”

Babies in the hospital nursery get a “failure to thrive” diagnosis if they are not picked up and held enough.

A hospital patient can experience comfort when someone kisses their forehead or brushes the hair away from their eyes.

We can also touch people with our actions, but that is for another post!

Remember that old commercial, “Reach out and touch someone”??  Well, that is still good advice for every day.

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Soap Box #2

Fred at the Soap Box

Fred at the Soap Box (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now it is time to write about another soap box of mine.

Its theme is love, and how that needs to be expressed before it’s too late.

When my sister was dying in a hospital, I received a lot of courage into my being.  It made me talk to strangers and people in the family waiting room that didn’t know me at all.  I didn’t care, because the message I wanted to stress felt so important.  It still is.

You can’t assume that your friends and family and mate know you love them.  Sometimes people wear a very thick shell around them so they can’t always feel the emotions you are expressing to them.  (I should know, I wore this shell for many years.)  Some don’t trust anymore.  Some guess that you love them, but they don’t know for sure.    That’s why it’s so important you let them know – now!!

It sounds ridiculously simple and unnecessary.   But don’t be afraid…it can make their day or give them a cushion of love to snuggle into.

If you were raised in a generation where those things weren’t spoken, it’s not too late.

If you feel self conscious or stupid, write the words in a card and mail it to them.

Kind words bless both the receiver and the speaker.

Oh, and don’t forget, I love you.

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Prose poem: Does She Have It All?

English: Willow Tree - Glebe Gardens

English: Willow Tree – Glebe Gardens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went for a walk today and did a lot of thinking.

The temperature was perfect and the sunshine gentle and blissful.

The house with the Dutch-roofed house and big willow tree made me feel like I was home.


I began to realize that I have it all.

Certainly not how folks usually consider something as “having it all”.

I own my home and have a wonderful mate and job,

but I don’t have riches that I don’t know what to do with or

travel plans for the next 10 years.


I do have what money can’t buy:

Trust, hope, love, faith, joy.

I don’t have an agenda to change my mate

and I don’t manipulate to make things happen.


I am very blessed, and that makes me rich.

Yes sir, I do believe I have it all.

And most likely, so do you.  🙂


Dutch people

Dutch people (Photo credit: Nikola Nikolski)


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To the Creator of Me


God’s artwork

Hi God,

It’s just me again.

I want to thank you for this blog I write,

Because I “surrendered all” to write it for your purposes.

You have sent so many nice people my way

Who don’t mind reading what I say.

You created me for a purpose and call me by my preferred name.

You are perfect but still accepting,

Almighty and powerful but still gentle,

Hating sin but loving this sinner,

And thankfully – in your eyes I’m a winner.

You saved me from drowning twice,

Once as a child in deep water and once as an adult

as the sailboat I was on nearly capsized.

You’ve cared for me during and after all my surgeries,

so many that I consider myself a hollowed-out pumpkin 🙂

(and now my outer shell has been altered as well – grin).

Now all I ask is you give me the words to say

that will show my friends your love and help them along their way.

I want to reflect you, Lord, so please help me

to be your scribe,

and thank you for always walking with me.