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Everything New (well, almost everything)!

Mall of America interior

Mall of America interior (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have many things ready to become new to our house and life pretty soon.

1)  My business looks to be thriving; I won’t be sure until mid-March, but so far I’m thankful for you folks who have visited my shops and maybe even purchased something.

2)  Our new cat Rachael hasn’t arrived at the Stanton’s yet due to how we wanted to get her medical care at the vet before we bring her home.  We pick her up this Saturday.  🙂

3)  I’ve been asked to represent my department at work for a special study they are doing.  This involved going to the other corporate office (the one that’s next to the Mall of America) last week for a training meeting, and today I am starting my workday out there for a half hour meeting.

4)  Remember I told you my good friend Patti is moving away this year?  Well, March 7th most of her furniture is being moved to us where we will give it a good home.  I bought practically a whole house’s worth of furniture, and I am so excited!  I feel like I’m going to be re-nesting!  🙂

Items 2 and 4 will take the most getting used to, but it’s fun!  It’s almost like another New Year already!

You just never know what a month or two can bring!  In preparation for what may occur, keep on smiling!  🙂