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Cat Stories

Hi folks,

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about my two cats.

Rachael, the little one, our “princess”, now shares her cat bed (complete with soft pink baby blanket that Mama gave her) with Micah, our rather big male tabby.  I have her bed right next to a giant red heart pillow on the large table next to the entertainment center in the family room.  It’s really cute to see them napping right next to each other.  Rachael actually likes the heart pillow, now that she wants to share her bed with Micah.  However, I would like to see the cats try being in their bed at the same time!  Dave figures they probably already know it would be a tight fit for the two cats at once…

Rachael has been known to ask her “brother” for her face to be washed.  He lovingly obliges — until, of course, he is batted by her and she runs off.  I think she needs to learn some manners here.  🙂  Why can’t she simply walk away when she is done with the face washing – why must she strike out at Micah?  Seems like her boundaries could be loosened a little more…

Since Rachael came from a shelter that gave her moist cat food once a day and dry food throughout the day, I follow the same practice.  Micah has really hit his jackpot — oh boy!  Tasty food once Mama comes home from work at the end of the day!  He has a cute way of giving me direct eye contact, meowing and tossing his head to accent some of the meows.   He only talks to me this way, of course, when he’s hungry.  On weekends he will start to beg for his supper a few hours ahead of schedule.  His eagerness to devour his food has led me to feed Rachael on an extra chair.  That way he doesn’t push her away from her dish when he is done with his.  Smart mama, you say?  I think it’s more a case of cat mom indulgence!

Oh, and one more thing.  You know how people say “Now what?” when things keep happening to them?  Well, at the Stanton household, the new catch phrase is “Meowww what”.  (You might have to be there, I don’t know!)

Meoww for now!

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Poetry Saturday: Aware


Micah watches Rachael constantly

Rachael comes to Micah’s aid whenever he cries

They have a sturdy communication system going on


Even when sleeping

they are totally aware

of the other’s presence


Like siblings do,

they want equal attention

and more of Mom’s time


Who are Micah and Rachael?

They are my fur babies:

totally aware cats

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Humanizing Wednesday: The Cat Who Could Cook

Cat food for sale at an Istanbul animal market

Cat food for sale at an Istanbul animal market (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Micah the cat

not generally a brat

put on a cook’s hat

and cooked for his sister.

He thought he was smart enough

because he watched his human mama

open cans of moist cat food

that smelled delish.


But he wanted to actually cook..

The delicacies his mama made for people

sent him scurrying to his favorite cat cookbook:

The Cat of Cooking.


Mama didn’t see all the proceedings

but a rare sight greeted her when she came home.

Micah had gotten into the refrigerator

and somehow got some pancake syrup in his hair.

When he made homemade pasta,

the flour went up his triangle nose

and some unused, cooked pasta

hung around his tail.


The smell of beef came from his mouth

but his sister rejected him, saying,

“I told you to cook fish for dinner!”

Micah, I guess, was not a winner.


Then Micah became content again

to wait patiently for his cat supper.

Only the best for this interesting cat

and his darling, princess-like sister!

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What About Micah?

As you may recall, Micah is my oldest cat.  On February 6th his friend Tiger died.  About three weeks later we acquired Rachael, a very petite adult younger cat.  The two get along famously, but I can tell that Micah still is not the same as before.


Today he woke me up in the tradition of Tiger, meowing right in my ear instead of snuggling with me like he always used to do.  And, to take Tiger’s place with me in my office (or as closely as possible), Micah now sits on my desk, right above my pullout tray for my keyboard.  Our computer has a cordless mouse now, and when I am writing, Micah nuzzles my hand for some scratching that he loves.  In the process, however, the mouse gets bumped out of my hand, or some categories of the post I am writing get checked, when I know that the categories are not right.  Well, you can guess who my ghostwriter is – Micah Bean.  (I add the name Bean to his name and say it lovingly.)

Oh yeah.  Micah wants you to know that he does NOT like lamb and rice canned cat food like his sister does.  Oh well, there’s a critic in every crowd.  🙂


Micah's Look-A-Likes

Micah’s Look-A-Likes


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Rachael the Wonder Cat

Our “little one”, Rachael, is so amazing!  I hereby list why I think so:


*  She does not cry in the car in her little cat carrier.  She is a joy to drive with, the only cat who didn’t cry the whole way to the vet and back.

*  After her declaw surgery, she does not walk with any tenderness in her front feet whatsoever.   She jumps on the beds and to high places even after surgery.  Wow!

*   She is the size of a maturing kitten – very petite.   She is the first cat we’ve had that wasn’t “portly”.  (Maybe I can take a lesson from her)

*  She is three years old but has the bounce and energy of a kitten.

Okay, so maybe there aren’t  lot of reasons why she is so special…I hope she can gain some patience for getting ear drops twice a day (her Catmom needs this, too) for an ear infection I discovered.

I should brag on our elder cat, Micah.   On Day 6, he and Rachael met each other and have been friendly since.  He already lets her sleep close to him, and it took years for Tiger to get “permission” from Micah for close contact.

Dave and I are SO blessed!  In addition to the new furniture and new cat, Dave also brought home a brand new computer that has the latest and greatest loaded on it already, and it is incredible!   Thank you so much, Honey, we’re sure going to enjoy this!

Over and out, God Bless,


P.S.  What is special about your pet or pets?



Are We Forgetful, Too?

I have a feeling I’ll be writing more about our cats Micah and Rachael because they’re such a big part of life at the Stanton household…

I’ve only had Micah for approximately four years, and he already has forgotten that he, too, was once a new cat in the household.  Back when he arrived, our dear cat Tiger wanted to welcome him.  But, being the nervous type, Micah the newcomer is the cat who hissed and growled (out of fear).

He is reticent to give little Rachael a chance, but is getting more accepting.  Dave has referred to me as “the cat whisperer” (person who can help or understand animals), but Micah’s situation just needs patience.

Micah  now has reacted to his primal instincts – to defend territory – he did not reason like a person can.

But what about people?  Do we forget things when dealing with others?  I’m referring to a Bible story where a man was forgiven his large debt but then turned around and did not act gracious to the person who owed him money.

Then, there is the story of the lepers.  Only one of them, after being healed, came back to thank Jesus.

I’m just wondering if we forget to be thankful or forgive or give grace like we receive it.   I know the leper story always got to me; I vowed to not be like the ones who didn’t come back to say thanks.

And as long as we’re on the subject of thanks…thank you to my readers who are ever-loving and affirming and faithful.  You make me smile.    🙂


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The Stanton Cats’ Feline Frolics

Hello –

I haven’t been posting the last couple days because my Internet was down, plus I was letting Micah and little Rachael get aquainted.  Micah is not believing that Rachael could actually be a new friend of his, but he doesn’t growl as much as he had, and only hisses half the time now.  Meanwhile, little Rachael is so adorable – she comes close to Micah and just looks at him with a yearning in her eyes that says “please, can we please be friends?”  She follows him everywhere so indeed, he must be her big “brother”.  Also, the shelter where we got her let the cats be free and not have to be in cages, so she is already very sociable.  Overnights and when we’re gone at work finds her in her own room, put there by me, “Catmom”.  Yesterday she ran up and down the stairs and in all the rooms continually, so much that she skipped all the naps that cats usually take, and was out like a light by 8:30 p.m. last night.

Please pray for my dear new cat, as she still has a kitty cold, so her surgery had to be postponed.  Also, she could use some prayers to get Micah to warm up to her sooner than later.

Thanks from Catmom!  🙂     Meowww…


Newsflash – Tiger is Gone.

orange tabby

In Memoriam:
Tiger Feist Stanton
4/18/97 to 2/6/13


With tears in my eyes and hoping the keyboard won’t short out from the moisture ~

I wanted to let you know that the veterinarian just left our house.   Tiger had to be put to sleep because it turns out he was getting liver failure or a tumor, and his eyes and gums had already jaundiced.    😦

I talked to God about Tiger.  I seemed to sense that God was saying, “Don’t worry, Tiger will be with Me, and you will see him again some day.”  I don’t care what theology would say about that, I’m going to believe it.

Meanwhile, Micah seems upset by the goings-on tonight (and “Mama and Daddy crying, and where is my brother?”) but was comforted by the veterinarian’s assistant, who gave him a wonderful, calming massage, got his shots caught up and put him on a better food plan.

Thank God for loving, traveling vets.

This was one long day.  I woke up with a very bad headache so called in sick to work, then the letting go of Tiger tonight.  I slept with Tiger all morning, and he didn’t leave the bed all day.

Dave said a wonderful sentiment about Tiger that I will translate into a poem post in a couple days, hopefully.  If you don’t see me tomorrow – well, please just pray for dear ol’ Debb and Dave, please, and even “Baby” Micah.  Thank you!

By the way, I have another prayer request for you that I don’t have time to put in Prayer Corner yet.  Please pray for Alex as he decides his future course for his college career and struggles with numerous things.