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“Saving Mr. Banks” movie

Yesterday I was given a real treasure.  I finally felt better after battling a virus January 1-10th.  My friend Pat and I saw the movie “Saving Mr. Banks”, and I must give my five-star recommendation!

This movie explores the story of how Mr. Walt Disney, after 20 years of discussions with Mrs. P.L. Travers (author of the Mary Poppins books), finally talks her into letting her Mary Poppins character  2013-08-07-MaryPoppins come alive in a movie, a movie that became a favorite of children and adults alike.  “Saving Mr. Banks”  was a very warm and touching movie, as it explained P.L.Travers’ life as a little girl and the events that shaped her psyche and her ability to write.  The audience also got to know a little more about Walt Disney — his loving and compassionate nature that never gave up on people.  imagesSZY1V5UP

In my humble opinion, a new year of quality, high value movies has begun with this wonderful movie.  Please go see it!  🙂



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A Wonderful Friendship

English: The Queen of Hearts, from a 1901 edit...

English: The Queen of Hearts, from a 1901 edition of Mother Goose, New York: McClure, Phillips, 1901. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My best friend (second to my husband) is moving out of state.

This news was announced to me lately

and it didn’t make it into the “good news” column.


This news jumped between my earlier abandonment issues,

loss, and sadness.

Hope kept trying to pop up amongst the ashes,

but this girl didn’t want to listen.


This will be something new that I have to recover from.

The questions pound in my head:

Who will get me like she does?

Who will understand my jokes?

Who will take time out of her busy schedule

to see movies with her favorite movie pal?

Who will provide such awesome wisdom that

I was getting used to receiving from her?


The answers will show up later

I don’t need to know them now

I just need to keep using email and phone calls

to stay in touch,

but Skype – no thanks.


She and I will survive

in this land of new challenges and dreams and blessings

But thank God,

She is alive

and I never have to forget her.


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The Unstoppable Debbie

Cover of "The Unsinkable Molly Brown"

Cover of The Unsinkable Molly Brown

English: Debbie Reynolds

English: Debbie Reynolds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was born during a time when many girls, especially blonde ones, were named Debbie.  I myself was named after Debbie Reynolds.  I guess that’s why I’ve always liked her movies.  🙂

I liked all the characters that Debbie Reynolds played.  Her roles seemed to portray her as a spunky and strong teen, then woman, adding to my admiration of her.

“The Unsinkable Molly Brown” was one of my favorites of her movies.  After that movie I wanted to be just like Molly.  Well, part of that has come true so many years later…however, I’m more like unstoppable.   Getting cancer didn’t make me stop living and having a purpose.   When I had to give up my writing class for awhile, it didn’t stop me from getting back to it later.   Once I get an idea or a dream, I pursue it.  You can’t stop me from being sensitive and loving people, animals and nature.  You can’t get me to stop writing long posts, haha!   :0)

So – I’m wondering what your particular trait is?


About Me and My Blog

Hi, I’m Debbie Loesel Stanton.   My friends call me Debb…

I am a:  writer, small-time philosopher, small-time get out of debt and  stay that way advisor, big-time lover of  people/animals/nature/beautiful writing/beautiful poetry/beauty-period/peace/photography; a reader, cancer survivor, comforting and encouraging friend, bringer of sunshine to the soul and spirit, and appreciator of life.

I am for:  peace, love, joy, and other such blessings; fairness, equality, and respect.

I am against:  hatred, violence, abortion, abuse of people and animals, wasting the earth’s natural resources, and judging one another.

My political stance:   I believe we each need to study the arguments and vote according to what our conscience states, and not what side we think we are supposed to be on.  Suffice it to say, just make sure you get out and vote.

What my blog is for and about:  a smile for your day, loving thoughts and encouragement, sometimes whimsy,  sometimes a recipe or two, a movie review here and there, and always a love of life that I hope to pass on to others.  I’ve been writing a lot of poems since being on this blog but I also write in other forms.   I post daily because there is so much we can talk about. . . I welcome your comments.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure we call life. 

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Bringing Up Baby

Cover of "Bringing Up Baby (Two-Disc Spec...

Cover via Amazon

Good day!

I remarked to a friend the other day that for me, a sign of a good movie is if you can get my heart involved and make me cry.  In the past, if I needed a good cry but couldn’t get anything out, I would rent a movie that I know could make me cry.  (By the way, now that I’m writing again, and taking care of disturbing or hurtful memories, I don’t think I’ll need to rent “crying movies” – for that purpose, anyway.)

When I had cancer – now that would’ve been a good time to watch some old movies.  But I just took a lot of naps after work and forgot to watch a movie.  🙂

And now I’ll get to the main point of why I’m posting today.  If you’ve never seen the movie “Bringing up Baby” with Katharine Hepburn,  click on these links – I’d advise you see it.  This was the first movie I ever saw Ms. Hepburn in, and she made me a fan for life.   This movie is a madcap comedy that made me laugh almost immediately, through the whole show.  The chorus of the song she and Cary Grant sing often during the movie makes me smile when I think of it.  “I can’t give you anything but love, baby”…

If you laugh and smile today, know that I will be doing that right along with you.