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How Does a Cat Die?



I am Cat Mom to two cats,

and I refer to myself as “Mama” to them and other pets I take care of.

Life at the Stanton household is strange lately.

Our oldest cat Tiger is either

having a cold or is dying.

About a week ago Tiger woke me up from sleep

with coughing, different than coughing up a fur ball.

Friday night Dave and I ate our supper in peace

because for once Tiger didn’t pester us for a handout.

He wasn’t even near our table.

(He is a cat but sits up like a dog when begging, which is at every meal.)

Then on Saturday I knew something was up with Tiger.

I was having lunch in my recliner,

and I was delighted to see Tiger jump up again.

(He hadn’t slept on the bed the night before like always,

and I hardly saw him.)

But he actually, really, truly, ignored

the piece of meat I offered him.  He jumped down without eating meat.

This is not like Tiger.

He will be 16 years old on April 18th.

I know that when cats are sick,

they often hide.

I hope it’s just a cat cold

and nothing worse.

How does a cat die?

The other cats we’ve had

died by the age of five,

and they had had to be euthanized.

It is now 1:41 a.m. and I’m writing this in my office.

Unable to sleep,

I got up and did happen to see Tiger near his water bowl.

(This is the second night in a row Tiger did not sleep near me.)

Micah, his “brother” and my younger cat,

is in the office with me and crying a lot.

Maybe he also senses that something is amiss?

I pray Tiger will be okay.

Thank you for your concern.