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My Muse Was/Is On Vacation

I, yes even I,

suffered from writer’s block lately.

Never thought I would see the day

or have to use the skills I learned

to get over it.


So just where did my Muse go?

I think she went somewhere where it is warm and sunny;

she went off to play tennis

and then visit the ocean.


Meanwhile I have cooked up

a marvelous new project,

and I am writing an exciting post for tomorrow.

so Muse will have to come back

and not worry about competing with the new project.

Little does she know ~~

she is going to be a big part of it.

My readers will have parts to play, too,

if they desire.


Stay tuned, dear friends!

Come back, dear Muse!



Debbie Dearest!   🙂






English: Imagination (1896). Olin Warner (comp...

English: Imagination (1896). Olin Warner (completed by Herbert Adams). Bronze door at main entrance of the Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.

— Albert Einstein

I agree with this one.  Without my imagination, I would not be a writer today.  My imagination fuels my dreams and aspirations, gives substance to my goals and all around is a very pleasant thing to have.

The photo I have chosen for this post is very fitting, as this person is holding a musical instrument – maybe a lyre?  It seems the Muses in Greek mythology always had music going on, too, along with their creative ideas.  🙂

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My Muse Is Missing!

Yesterday I wrote “Here’s Your Chance!”, and now, a day later, I realize – I believe Music (what I named my muse) is missing!  The ideas are not flowing quickly and furiously as before.  Now I understand the dilemma other writers have shared.  That is why I posted a quick poll yesterday, thinking maybe a series would get me on track again.

I am posting a new poll/survey right within this post, and I ask that even if you filled out yesterday’s version, please complete this one.  The one below gives you a chance to brainstorm – throw out any ideas that come to your mind – and that will help me in turn.  I guess I’m admitting that I need some lifelines to be thrown out to me – please.  🙂  Thank you in advance for filling out this very quick form.

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My Muse

A representation from the 1500s of the Muses d...

A representation from the 1500s of the Muses dancing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I finally named my muse

because he is with me a lot lately.

My muse is a “he” because I remember my father

who was a man of wisdom.

I know the muses of mythology

were female, but I can change things up


What is Muse’s name?


He gives me joy like music does

(didn’t the muses in Greek mythology

sing or play instruments?)

“Music” is helping me

flow with or in my writing

and now,  in my day to day life

whispers wisdom to me

and clarifies my understanding

Thank you Music!


New Series – Anti-perfectionism – To Start April 1st

New Series – Anti-perfectionism – To Start April 1st

by Trudy Ellis, roving reporter for FAPI

APRIL 1, 2013  (FAPI)

Mark your calendars and keep your eyes peeled – this is the date that word on the fake street has labeled as the start of a new series on a humble little blog called Sunshine Factor (on WordPress).  When I interviewed Debbie Loesel Stanton, author of Sunshine Factor blog, she had a delightful little story to tell me about how the idea for this series came to her.

“I usually get my ideas and inspiration for my posts either in the shower, on the road, or at work,” the author said as her eyes sparkled, “but on Easter morning in the pre-dawn the idea for this series came to me.  Still in my bed, I dismissed it as a weird dream and felt sure when I woke up the idea would make no sense to me.  Strangely, though, even when up and around the idea appealed to me.  It’s as if my Muse came to me and gave me an assignment.”

A reporter that has seen and heard a lot of strange things, I had to get to the heart of the matter.  “So is this really what you’re going to do?”  I asked Ms. Stanton.

“Yes, I am committed to the idea.  Who am I to say that my Muse is wrong?  I have a feeling that what I will learn is meant for me, but I am glad to share it.  Anyone who wants to come on this journey with me is welcome.   If learning how to get rid of perfectionism is not your bag, then you can look forward to my regular writing on Saturdays.”

“What’s special about Saturdays?” I had to know.

“Saturday is “Poetry Saturday” here on Sunshine Factor.   I write an original poem each Saturday, and sometimes I practice with a specific poetry style,” she answered, beaming.

This author is one bright lady!  It was as if I had walked into a wall of sunshine, so bright was her countenance!

Debbie Loesel Stanton will write one anti-perfectionism short for each day in April.   Considering the subject matter, is she being perfectionistic about her April writing goals?  No, she assures me, she writes a post a day regardless, so for her it will be continuing a practice she already has in place.  You can find her blog at  Join us, won’t you?

Trudy Ellis