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Happy July!

Lake Michigan - Landsat Satellite Photo

Lake Michigan – Landsat Satellite Photo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You may have read that I am crazy about the first day of every month. First days are like a miniature New Year’s Day, when we get a new clean slate and have another chance to work hard and at the same time enjoy ourselves.

July is the month of my birth, so I am really happy when July 1 arrives. Even before cancer, I loved birthdays, mine and everyone else’s, and I never got depressed over an upcoming birthday. Now A.C. (after cancer) I love birthdays even more. They are proof that I have a life, that I am still alive and have not missed out on anything. My birthday is a wonderful time in which to count my blessings…and thank God. 🙂

Thinking of July reminds me of the sweet cherries that my dad raised in his orchard in Michigan (and the peaches…and the apples…and the apricots…and the pears!) and how the National Cherry Festival was always held during the week of my birthday. My mom would take us kids to downtown, we would set up our folding chairs to wait for the parade, and I would take my birthday money and buy myself more Nancy Drew books. How convenient that I had something to do (read) while waiting hours for the parade! 🙂 I didn’t receive an allowance, and the fact that I used the very occasional money to buy Nancy Drew books…well, does that explain why I love books more than practically anything?! 🙂

My dad could not go to the parades with us, as he was busy in the orchard during that time of the summer. He hired migrant workers to pick the cherries; he didn’t have shaker machines. If I recall correctly, July, August, and September, he often worked 18 hour days in the orchard (the peaches came in late August).

Thinking of July also reminds me of Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes. We lived very close to it. My best sunburns were achieved there on the beach, as if memory recalls correctly, I was down at the water all day, every day. 🙂  In my mind, I can still hear the slap of the water on the innertube I was floating in and the smell of the lake water that was occasionally splashed onto the magazine I was reading while floating.  🙂

Oops, I digressed again. Thank you for taking a trip down Memory Lane with me. I do hope that even if your birthday is not in July, that you have a phenomenal month. 🙂


A House Without Books Is… Empty!

Signature of Dr. Seuss

Signature of Dr. Seuss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lately while cleaning out my furnace room full of holiday decorations, I happened upon a cardboard banker’s box.  With glee I discovered the box was filled with books from Dave’s childhood and also his mother’s.  I had always planned to go through the box sometime, but somehow the books were just pushed to the far rear shelf…until today!

Yay!  Here is Dr. Seuss!  Sometimes my poems resemble his, though I never had a Dr. Seuss book of my own…here are some classics…even some short novels.  They have found a place in my bookcase in the family room.  These will never be given away or sold – they are too precious.

Books from my childhood are in the guest bedroom on shelves.  Then, there are my friend Patti’s story books from her children.   I am thinking they will go in the bookcase in my office upstairs…

I have two bookcases, and of course they are all gleaned down to only the ones that are important to me, but the cases are still full.  (I even have one shelf as the “to be read” shelf.)  I have a plan that states I will give away each book as I read it, so as to not to need three bookcases!  Lately, I haven’t been reading books, not even magazines, but only posts from my dear friends and artists on WordPress.  Perhaps, though, I can formulate a plan for my summer like last summer:  back then I read one Nancy Drew book a week until my set was all read, then I sold them.  But you know how summer goes…always lots of plans and determinations, but life gets very busy, and plans (at least mine) go awry.  But, so what that I am working fulltime and have two blogs and am exercising again and want to add tennis to the mix…I’ll have to try real hard to follow up on the reading books part!  But what a nice thing to shoot for!  🙂

As you can tell, books have always been very important to me.  They are like dear friends who comfort you on a lonely day or night, travel bureaus that can take you to places far away, and smile-bringers and relaxation managers who want you only to relax.   Yes, my home is not lacking for books.  For this reason, my house is my home, and it is never empty.