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NaPoWriMo #30

English: The title page of Poems in two volume...

English: The title page of Poems in two volumes, the series of works by William Wordsworth. Original work was published before 1923 (US) and unknown authorship before 1939 (UK). It would be impractical, and I believe impossible, to find who originally held the copyright, and its status now. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Illustration of "The Trusting Child"...

Illustration of “The Trusting Child”, a poem by Lydia Sigourney which appeared in Poems for the Sea, Hartford: H.S. Parsons & Co., 1850. Page 41. See (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Village Blacksmith Poem (Longfellow)

The Village Blacksmith Poem (Longfellow) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Title page, Poems Upon Several Occasions (1748...

Title page, Poems Upon Several Occasions (1748) by Mary Leapor (1722-1746) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Frontispiece to Phillis Wheatley's Po...

English: Frontispiece to Phillis Wheatley’s Poems on Various Subjects… Русский: Филлис Уитли, портрет из сборника её стихов. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rossetti was interested in figures locked in e...

Rossetti was interested in figures locked in embrace; cf. the embracing figures at the bottom of the Mystical Nativity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I did it!  I wrote 30 poems in 30 days!  Here is my last poem for NaPoWriMo 2013:


Here we are

at the end of the month already

and we’ve written so many poems

Feels good, doesn’t it?


All good things eventually end

but we can look forward to next April.

Shall we try the NaNoWriMo in November?

Maybe the adventurous will

(the jury is still out on whether I will be in that group or not).



NaPoWriMo #29


My, but she’s a pretty one

you would never know that she wanted to roll up her leaves

dry up

stop the admiration of others

and just start  life again as a tiny, precious splash of color


She is beautiful but very fragile

very delicate indeed

yet her stem is strong

and she sure has had her times of windy weather

threatening to blow her down


The deer and squirrels have chewed at her bulb

and root rot threatened to destroy

She’s been trampled by kids and stray baseballs

and dogs wanting to use her soil as a place for their bones

but she’s still here


Pretty Flower reached a turning point lately

it happened during the April Snow of ’13

If I can get through this, she thought

then I can get through anything

Maybe all these bad things happening to me

is the secret to my strength


Now I don’t want to curl up and die

it’s much too soon for that

I have a life to be lived

it is right here, right now

and I am whole



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NaPoWriMo #21

Inside of a Grand Piano

Inside of a Grand Piano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oops!  It looks like I did not post a NaPoWriMo for the 21st.  Here it is…


I took a long, beautiful walk this morning

enjoying the spring sights, smells, and sounds

when I was particularly entranced by a grand piano

that was next to someone’s window


I’ve walked past that house hundreds of times

but today for some reason was different

I think I was remembering my piano-playing days

not to mention, when I saw the piano today

the word “glissando” immediately came to mind


The flourish of my right arm

and the graceful twist of my right wrist

used to help my fingers travel up the keyboard

and let loose some beautiful sounds


Oh Debbie, remember loving the piano?

You could display a wide range of emotions

right then and there on one instrument

It was fun to play classical music and even ragtime

popular songs too and soul-comforting stuff

until of course you were forced to stop playing


I wish I had never stop stopped

It’s beyond me now

but I still to this day

wonder if my talent is still around


NaPoWriMo #26


Time goes by faster and faster now

and life doesn’t slow down either

Take time to laugh and sing and dance and dream

really relish the life you’ve been given

Sure, bad things happen
and people and our pets die
this is a part of life we never want to see
but death, too, has its place

Time goes faster than we would like
and our lives don’t slow down either
Make it a reminder for yourself
that going forward, you will really live as you live

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NaPoWriMo #25


Poor Thursday often gets mal-aligned
You’ve already had quite a busy week
and you can taste the weekend
but it hasn’t come yet

So on Thursday you sit
feel like working not one bit
Be careful not to have a fit
Gather together and use all your wit

Be as thorough today as you can be
and pretty soon relief you will see
because in being careful and working hard
the weekend will come and you won’t feel like lard

a nice weekend is coming soon!

a nice weekend is coming soon!

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NaPoWriMo #24

He was Italian
and even owned a stallion
He frequented the House of Bernaducci
where the guests wore clothes from Gucci.
That was, of course, before he joined the battalion.

He was a brave man, fearless and bold
there never was a thought that he would get old
He weathered the war then to his home went back
Sadly he suffered a heart attack
simply because his stallion had been sold.

His wife, she was a strange one
never smiled at him till her work was done
She cooked, she cleaned, she stewed
“I work too hard,” was her attitude
She could not loosen up, for she didn’t know how to have fun.

Then one day the Italian and his wife were together
the wife decided to cut her husband’s tether
She wanted to treat him better
told him this without writing a letter
and kissed him, lightly as a feather.

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NaPoWriMo #22




Tiger, my dear cat,

where have you gone?

I know that the traveling vet took you away in February,

but I miss you still.

I keep thinking you are coming back.

If I could only see you once more,

I wouldn’t get annoyed at your tapping on my leg

for food handouts.

I wouldn’t care that your back claws dug into my legs

when I was on the computer.

I miss your soft meows answering my questions,

when your mouth moved to speak but nothing came out.

Are you having fun in heaven, catching micies and fishies?

Are you patrolling the grounds up there

like you were a sentry for us in our house?

Our new kitty Rachael is now the watch cat

but please remember, you were the best.

We had a sad day on April 18th, which would have been your 16th birthday.

You are still in our family

and very much loved —

and terribly much missed.

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NaPoWriMo #20

English: Uppercase and lowercase Greek letter ...

English: Uppercase and lowercase Greek letter wau (digamma), an archaic letter of the Greek alphabet. Times New Roman font alike. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


He recalled the days back in college
before he went to the seminary
how he loved a sweet girl
how she gloriously turned his life upside down

He was in love with another
and planned to marry her
but the sweet girl was firmly in his heart
even though she had told him he had to choose between she and her

He graduated from pre-sem then
nevermore to see the sweet one
Sure, he continued to write to her for a short while
he couldn’t forget her smile
her warmth, her infectious laugh, her wit

One day he decided to become very transparent
but yet he was scared to admit he shouldn’t love her
He wrote her something Greek in one of his letters
surely she would never catch on, but at least he was able to state his feelings

The sweet girl of course had feelings for him too
took the letter to her minister so he could translate the Greek
the letter said “I will always love you”
and the love that was great between them was confirmed

Years went by and he married his first love
and the sweet girl found a husband that adored her
they live in different states
but even now she thinks of him fondly

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NaPoWriMo #19 – Happy Friday

Freezing sleet and hail, oh boy!
but this did not affect my joy
‘Twas very dangerous to walk on the sidewalk
I, Ms. Happy, could not even talk

I even saw a man on a bicycle
what was he thinking, he won’t slip on a nickel?
So I drove my car Claire home, she was left unbathed
slowly but surely we got home, relatively unscathed.

Later came the snow
Hubby took me to dinner
to anyplace farther than the closest restaurant, I would not go
it took us half hour to go a mile, this weather was a dubious winner


NaPoWriMo #18


Clean and polish

vaccuum and dust

why can’t I do it once and for all?

No, this is a regular occurrence


Oh, but nature is like that too

God in his artistic intelligence

created seasons and time

the tide going in and out

the moon and sun moving on their courses


I enjoy his artwork

and I also enjoy the results of my housecleaning

I guess all is well with cycles, seasons, and duties


Hope you are enjoying the fruits of your labor today!  🙂

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NaPoWriMo #17


Some things just don’t make sense

even if you’re on the fence.

It’s hard to stay sane

when all that  people around you care about is the mundane.


Hey brother, can you spare a smile?

Get rid of my inner bile?

Or better yet, take me away

‘Twould be good to see the Bay.


I need you so very much

to you and my friends I need to clutch

till this problem is over

and I can run and laugh in fields of clover.

Dear readers:  please add me to your prayer list today; it would be much appreciated.  Debb


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NaPoWriMo #16


It occurs to me

I could live in a tree

but then I wouldn’t be able to sleep

because the dark outside would be way too deep.

I could live in a rustic cabin

but my conscience would be a’jabbin’

I like to be home for my hubby and cats

at home you can never have too many welcome mats.

I could live anywhere, I guess

but it sure would be a mess

not to have a place I belong to

where I can appreciate the dew


Hope this finds you happily adjusted, wherever you live.  🙂

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NaPoWriMo #15

Uncle Sam - personification of US

Uncle Sam – personification of US (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


On April 15th, in the US it’s Tax Day

It’s when Uncle Sam gets his say.

You report your income

then y0u may get as a refund: a big sum.

Doing taxes is by many delayed

but hey, it’s part of getting paid.

Now hurry to the post office to mail your return out,

You’ve finally done your duty, there’s no doubt.

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NaPoWriMo #14


They say coffee gets them going

and with writers, their thoughts start flowing.

Me?  I don’t like the stuff

Water, milk and juice is enough.


Sugar is what I am quite attracted to,

sweets for the sweet, they say ~~

Giving sugar up is very hard to do

Having fun with sugar is my way to play.


Salt is what some people crave

the road to a higher blood pressure, it will pave.

It gives meals a taste to savor ~~

and you don’t even have to waiver.


Nothing is bad if done in moderation —

that’s a right dandy quotation.

However, as I try to learn this small trick,

I feel like a sad, water-logged candle wick.


English: Main complications of persistent high...

English: Main complications of persistent high blood pressure. Sources are found in main article: Wikipedia:Hypertension#Complications. To discuss image, please see Template_talk:Häggström diagrams. To edit, please use the svg version, convert to png and update both versions online. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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NaPoWriMo #13

Richard Warren, among 10 passengers in the lan...

Richard Warren, among 10 passengers in the landing party, when the Mayflower arrived at Cape Cod, November 11, 1620 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The people coming over on the Mayflower

were a brave people

guided by their faith and aspirations.

They chose a road little traveled

because it would lead to a goal ~

freedom and life.

In America, they learned new ways

and built community amongst themselves.


I am here now

as a modern-day pilgrim.

My course is set

and my faith is ready to lead the way.

There are obstacles to overcome

but this is just part of life.

A whole new world awaits me

though the path may get rough.

I forge ahead,

knowing that trials and learning experiences

will build my character,

and with pain comes beauty out of ashes.


I am — a pilgrim.

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NaPoWriMo #12

English: Charlotte Youth Ballet, company membe...

English: Charlotte Youth Ballet, company members performing in Sleeping Beauty (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hoof it

move it

love life

jump for joy!

Fox trot:

can you do this at a hot spot?

Probably not

but don’t let your legs rot.




until the music halts.

Dance like no one’s looking

when waiting for your next booking.

We’ll say, “I remember when

he started dancing in his den.”

Ooglie cooglie

I’ve made a mess of this

Please forgive your sis

when she’s a Silly Millie.

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NaPoWriMo #11


Writing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If you ask me, I’d rather be writing

I’m not into fighting.

To write is the greatest thing in the world

Let the flags be unfurled.

It is important to find your place

whether it’s running a country or running a race.

To be who you are meant to be

Is for everyone my humble plea.

Remember you have power

even in the shower

to hear your heart’s call

and for nothing less fall.

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NaPoWriMo #10

The laughing jester // Art museum of Sweden, S...

The laughing jester // Art museum of Sweden, Stockholm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The family who lived in the palace was weird

but that is because their memory was seared.

They were also a strange lot –

the family that time forgot.


The king was very jolly

born around the time of Hi Ho and Holly.

He loved his wife

although she caused him strife.

She had a constant laugh like a cackle,

so into her mouth he poured some spackle.


The king’s daughter was named Heather

she was petite and light as a feather.

But her face was scary

so she would never marry.


Herbert was the king’s son

who refused to be outdone.

He tied up his nanny

and put her out on her fanny.

(His timing was uncanny.)


Oh yes, there was a court jester

who let his anger fester.

He grabbed his good mead

and jumped on his steed.

Not remembering his past

in this loony bin he would not last.


The cook served the royalty

but they sure knew about spoility.

He couldn’t stand them anymore

so fed them a boar

drizzled with poison right down to the core.


So, you may ask, why did the palace

contain so much malice?


They finally figured out

and really, without a doubt,

that they really were not royalty.

Their time on vacation

was quite a narration

as their minds they lost

and there, their memories were tossed.

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NaPoWriMo #9


David had bronchitis and was napping in the chair

and Debbie had reactive asthma, so no, it wasn’t fair.

The two cats always on the bed with her lie,

All afternoon, they sure make time fly by.

Debb was wheezing and thought it was Rachael snoring

but it was her lungs who Debbie they weren’t adoring.

Micah snored too, and so the bedroom was noisy ~

I wonder, could they hear us in Boise?

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NaPoWriMo #8

English: Is a photo of a turkey Català: És una...

English: Photo of a proud tom turkey Català: És una fotografia d’un gall dindi en epoca d’aparellament (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


You remember that Rachael is our newest cat?

She is very small and classier than the Cat in the Hat.

Every early morning she rushes to her favorite place

to see her favorite wild turkeys almost face to face.

Almost all year three tom turkeys stroll past

and look for food by our front deck.

Lately the hens hang out, they make their visit last

and watch the tom with the scrawny neck.

The hens could about Tom care less

Even as he puts on his courting show.

His tail feathers fan out for who he admires, Bess,

He really hopes she won’t say no.

Today Tom again came calling

but lo, his confidence is falling.

The hens had already come and gone,

They weren’t interested in his feathery brawn.

Rachael waits for the hens to come back,

she seems to be on their side.

She’s concerned about the hens and their lack

and wants her Mama to bring them inside.

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NaPoWriMo #7

Papyrus Migraine Therapy

Papyrus Migraine Therapy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



what a pain.

It is them I disdain.

I have had both kinds

sort of like if I were to eat lemon rinds.

One is of the migraine headache kind,

a more painful thing you cannot find.

The kind I have had lately,

is the kind that is in your eyeball sedately.

It gives no pain,

but you sure get a fantastic light show.

You don’t feel quite yourself

unless, of course, you are an elf.

I now, once again,

practice all the things I can to keep them away.

When they go away for good,

it will be a grand day!

(But no light shows to celebrate, okay?)

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NaPoWriMo #6



Eating Disorder, Ed,

let go of your hooks in me.

Your thinking is strange and perverted

Making me wonder how I ever listened to you.

It was difficult as a child

not to listen to you

since your comfort was there

anytime I needed it.

Much later, sure it was fun

weight lifting and doing cardio

till I was buff and “hot”,

but it was an empty victory.

I had worked on my physical self

and didn’t even know about my insides.


Now I know

there is more to life than physical looks.

It is inner beauty I am aiming for instead.

I am embracing health and good practices

not to reach a deadline or number on the scale,

but to enjoy and last for a lifetime.

I am gathering some of what you stole from me

as my eating disorder program providers

tell me I’m doing great.

Food does not take me to Nirvana,

but it is simply fuel for my body.


You asked me why I’m not on a diet.

I am not into quick fixes,

and the scale is a hideous way to measure success.

That’s how you survive, Ed,

by having people search for quick fixes.

Well, Ed Monster,

I am through with you.

I’m choosing life today,

a physical, emotional, mental way to live well

and a life everlasting.

Go to hell, Ed!



NaPoWriMo #5



I wish you could see

how you’re really displeasing me now.

You are not on a diet – how come?

Don’t you, shouldn’t you,

want to be perfect like Hollywood folks?

You never crash dieted and didn’t want to, either.

But you did lose a lot of weight three times in your life,

so I wanted you to know that I was the one behind it.

I whispered into your soul

that you could be happy and win love and friendship

just by being tiny.

The people who under-eat or don’t eat at all

have been guided by me as well.

Can’t you tell?

I want you to stop going to your eating disorder program.

Don’t believe what they tell you there,

because I really do want you to be happy.

To be happy means to strive to be perfect

until there is nothing left to prove.

Your health?

You don’t need those vitamins and minerals to be healthy,

neither do you need nutritious food.

That’s just a bunch of hogwash.

What you need is a lot of junk food

that clogs up your system and addles your mind.

Or, you absolutely don’t need any food at all!

You will never be thin enough,

so you’d better start struggling with a diet.

It’s the only way to go –

indeed yes, many people go out of life that way,

they just can’t try any more.

Join me tomorrow to hear someone else speak out.  Debb


NaPoWriMo #4


Yes, we have some bananas

We have some bananas today!


Yes, I know some poets

I’ve met them all on WordPress

I want to thank you all for following me

because you’re the greatest around!


I’m not writing stories currently,

Poems and anti-perfectionism need me;

but I’m wondering in my fair audience

if someone wants to be a storyteller with me.


We would have a blog on WordPress,

same blog and different story tellers.

Oh, the twists and turns a story could take!

I am REALLY hoping you”ll partake.


Please take good care of yourself,

remember you are friends with a silly girl called Elf.

She will make you laugh, guaranteed

for your laugh you won’t have to plead.


Tally ho, dear friend Moe ~

let’s write some poetry on the go.



NaPoWriMo #3

English: Photograph by Mario Vaden, at Simpson...

English: Photograph by Mario Vaden, at Simpson Reed Discovery Trail: Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park of Northern California. Image shows a large coast redwood trunk, with arborist Mario Vaden, aka M. D. Vaden, for size comparison. Category:Images of California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Clouds in the sky,2

Clouds in the sky,2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Renoir's painting of cabbage roses, Roses in a...

Renoir’s painting of cabbage roses, Roses in a vase (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A tree is a tree is a tree

whether sturdy, willowy, fragrant or pretty

A flower is always a flower

to make someone smile, this one has the power

Clouds roll in and clouds roll out

it’s hard to always guess their route

The sky is the king of expanse

at weddings, guests under it love to dance

Debbie – she does love to rhyme

she constantly does this – one rhyme at a time.

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NaPoWriMo Poem #2


The place – the horrid, horrid place

where no light ever comes

and everything is buzzing around or lost


This place resides within him,

this drug addict of old

What is this wasteland?

It is in his brain

the place where death and life are congruent


A map was never forged for this wasteland

and indeed, it was never wanted

but addiction made it impossible

to make good choices that used to be there


Nothing attainable anymore

No dreams, plans, wishes

or even Love

Wastelands generally don’t allow visitors

even if someone did want to visit


Barren, ancient, brittle

no longer can meet in the middle

Burned eggs stuffed in crevices

make up this former brain

All synapses are shot

Receptors don’t know that they are supposed to receive


It is possible

for a person to live when his brain is dead

but what kind of life can it be for him?

I wish I could give some hope,

understanding that he could feel

and the knowledge that actually,

yes indeed, God still cares



NaPoWriMo Poem #1


Poetry, we hail thee

as the messenger of good

the comfort of the ages

to whom we can go

with our pithy problems.


We can read thee

and never again be the same.

We can write poetry

and really notice a change.


I love you,

I devour you,

my thoughts are always on you.


My muse knew what she was doing

when she pointed the way

back in time to a little girl

rhyming and writing at a very young age,

for now I again need you

for full expression of everything inside me.