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Exciting New Project!

I’ve been bursting at the seams for quite awhile now, wanting to tell you about a new project I am developing. I can wait no longer – today is when I introduce you to my new “baby”.

In the new year, The Sunshine Factor blog will join a new website.  The blog will still be around but be just one part of something much larger and better!  Look for a countdown next month…

The new website will be written by me and contributed to by writers, photographers and storytellers.   It will have some of your old favorites like humanizing stories, poems, and recipes.  Bursting in on the scene will be new regular features and columns, sure to become new favorites.

Here is where you, my reader, comes into the picture.  I am looking for writers who can contribute specified works to the project, writers and photographers who are interested in seeing a great new site become FABULOUS!  Unfortunately, I cannot pay you literal cash for your contributions, but our reward will be seeing another strong community be built in the name of inner sunshine, wonderful works of art, and a real sense of accomplishment.  It will be something that you will tell your friends and family about.  Nothing will be able to stop us!  🙂

I’m forming a group of interested parties who I will  contact as a group via email.  I will set forth the writing guidelines needed and describe the various columns and features of which you may want to take a part.  Please consider this valuable opportunity…

I’m also looking for members to form an advisory panel that I will consult with.  I would like the staff of my new site to include more than just me.!  Together we can be strong!  United!  Solid!  Enjoying our literary world!

Please fill out the form below, which will take two, maybe three seconds.   It is a lightning-quick way to invest your time into something great.  Thank you for your consideration!


Debb Stanton


P.S. The full credit for the beautiful photo above is: © T for


My Muse Was/Is On Vacation

I, yes even I,

suffered from writer’s block lately.

Never thought I would see the day

or have to use the skills I learned

to get over it.


So just where did my Muse go?

I think she went somewhere where it is warm and sunny;

she went off to play tennis

and then visit the ocean.


Meanwhile I have cooked up

a marvelous new project,

and I am writing an exciting post for tomorrow.

so Muse will have to come back

and not worry about competing with the new project.

Little does she know ~~

she is going to be a big part of it.

My readers will have parts to play, too,

if they desire.


Stay tuned, dear friends!

Come back, dear Muse!



Debbie Dearest!   🙂