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Focus for Wednesdays


As a writer for both children and adults, I often give human traits to plants and animals. My imagination seems to soar, turning things I see in my everyday life into a story or poem.

Instead of writing of series of “humanizing” posts, I will reserve each Wednesday for my humanizing writing. I have two ideas so far, and having a focus for Wednesdays will prompt me to keep on finding more stories.

My first “humanizing” post will be Wednesday, August 21st. I hope you will join me.  🙂

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A Happening Kind of Weekend on Sunshine Factor! :)

On Saturday, which is always Poetry Saturday, I will have either one poem written to the tune of one song title, or maybe three.  Your pleasure will be to guess what tune each poem is written to — I will have a voting box set up.  🙂  I got the idea from my collaborator, and it’s right up my alley!   Thank you E! 🙂

Speaking of our story blog, by the way, please visit us at and check out how the story is going.

On Sunday we’ll have another Sunday Showcase/Showdown — that is, if I receive any links.  For those of you not familiar with this, I have people send me a link to their favorite post of the past week – either one they have written or one they have read.  Pictures are also welcome.  And….since WordPress has such geniuses on it, perhaps you REALLY like MORE THAN ONE.  Well, that’s the power of the press, so please bring it on! 

See you this weekend with Sunshine on your faces,


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