The Sunshine Factor

where sunshine is a way of life

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The farmer in the dell

The choir director in the choir loft

My cats in their sleepy nap places

The writer in her favorite writing spots

The housewife in the house

The flowers in the garden

The bus driver in his bus

The baby in its bassinet

The page in the chapter in the book:

What have all these things and people in common?

They are right where they are supposed to be

Not second-guessing

but accepting

and growing and thriving

They are doing what they are called to do

and even if they can’t think about it

(i.e. flowers)

they are all the richer

for being in their right place at their right time

Isn’t it nice to know we each have a purpose

even if we haven’t spotted it yet?

Never fear, friend so dear

You are purposeful too

and I am very glad our paths crossed!




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NaPoWriMo #11


Writing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If you ask me, I’d rather be writing

I’m not into fighting.

To write is the greatest thing in the world

Let the flags be unfurled.

It is important to find your place

whether it’s running a country or running a race.

To be who you are meant to be

Is for everyone my humble plea.

Remember you have power

even in the shower

to hear your heart’s call

and for nothing less fall.

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You Are Something Special

Christmas gifts

New Series:  Abilities, Talents, and Gifts


“You Are Something Special”

Abilities we have many,

Talents a few,

and Gifts

One or two.

Abilities help us to survive,

Talents help us to enjoy our lives,

and Gifts help others to enjoy their lives.


we need to realize

that there is a plan for each of us.

The abilities, talents and gifts in our lives

serve a purpose.

In blessing us with them,

God tells us something:

“You are special,

you are loved.

There is no one in the world like you.

I have created you the way I have

for my eternal purposes

and because all your characteristics add up

to be one beloved child of mine.

Do not try to be like someone else,

that would make me sad,

as if you weren’t good enough.

But you are exactly what I had in mind

for you.

Sure, there are rough edges in you yet,

a cloudy diamond to be polished,

but what work of art doesn’t have improvements

made along the way?

In my eyes,

you shine and sparkle

and give me joy.

Please increase my joy further

by not wasting your gifts.

Embrace them and be thankful for them,

for in doing so you honor Me.

You are forever in my heart,

and I love you so much,

because you are something special.”

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To the Creator of Me


God’s artwork

Hi God,

It’s just me again.

I want to thank you for this blog I write,

Because I “surrendered all” to write it for your purposes.

You have sent so many nice people my way

Who don’t mind reading what I say.

You created me for a purpose and call me by my preferred name.

You are perfect but still accepting,

Almighty and powerful but still gentle,

Hating sin but loving this sinner,

And thankfully – in your eyes I’m a winner.

You saved me from drowning twice,

Once as a child in deep water and once as an adult

as the sailboat I was on nearly capsized.

You’ve cared for me during and after all my surgeries,

so many that I consider myself a hollowed-out pumpkin 🙂

(and now my outer shell has been altered as well – grin).

Now all I ask is you give me the words to say

that will show my friends your love and help them along their way.

I want to reflect you, Lord, so please help me

to be your scribe,

and thank you for always walking with me.