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A Bedtime Story – Conclusion


“Hey, did I leave the front door open all day?” Debbie said.  “Well, the screen door was probably locked, I don’t have to worry.  But maybe I should check it anyway…”  The door was unlocked, so then she began to worry.

“And Micah!  Did you push Raggedy Ann off her shelf and drag her to the living room?  And why did you knock the music boxes off the mantel?”  Debbie was really worrying by this time.  Micah and Tiger spoke Cat among other cats, but it only sounded like purrs and meows to humans.  Raggedy Ann spoke Doll, yet Tiger and Micah could understand her.  And the music boxes?  They spoke Just Here, so the cats and Raggedy Ann could understand them.  And poor Debbie, the only one who couldn’t hear their languages, is who needed their message the most.

“Well, you guys, “Debbie sighed as she sank down onto the couch, “I have good news for you.  Now I know why I’ve been slow and not feeling myself.   I had a very, very bad headache and I kept seeing lightning bolts out of one of my eyes.  I feel pretty good again.  Oh, I guess I can’t expect you to understand what I’m talking about.  Just know that I, your Mama, still love you.”

But Debbie didn’t realize they could understand what she said.

Tiger closed his eyes in agreement but made it look like he was asleep.

Micah, all of a sudden, through his saucer-like round eyes, saw the gauzy, filmy thing over Debbie’s clothes disappear.

And Raggedy Ann?  Behind her painted-on smile, she really was smiling on the inside.  And the I Love You heart that is painted on her chest was threatening to tear off, because her real heart was bursting with love – and relief.

The music boxes patiently waited for Debbie to pick them up and put them back on the mantel.  Being on the floor made them nervous, because they did not want to get stepped on.

And we can’t leave out the Energizer Bunny.  Even he was celebrating!  But his celebrating was done outside as he bounced way up to the living room window in order to see and hear what was going on.

Energizer Bunny 2     ~ THE END ~

P.S.  I don’t know who the little girl in the picture below is, but she looks identical to me at that age – only my hair was more blonde, almost white.  🙂

Me And Raggedy Ann
Me And Raggedy Ann (Photo credit: KateMonkey)

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Bedtime Story – cont’d.

Description: Musical box. Photographer: Javier...

Description: Musical box. Photographer: Javier Mediavilla Ezquibela Date: September 14, 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Raggedy Ann was in charge of the meeting.  She explained to the cats how even though the music boxes couldn’t talk, they were concerned about Debbie too.   She said that if they all did a little bit extra for Debbie, maybe she would feel better.


A Bedtime Story

A Bedtime Story (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Tiger, would it be possible for you to not sit up like a dog and beg at the supper table?  Debbie probably doesn’t like you to bother her that way.””Okay, I’ll try not to beg so much.  But then Micah has to promise to turn down his purr box so Debbie doesn’t get her sleep interrupted all the time,” Tiger said.

Micah was just about to meow to the arrangement, when all of a sudden, something flew at the screen door.  Whatever it was, then bounced back onto the front porch!

Who or what was there?  It was the Energizer Bunny!

Energizer Bunny

Energizer Bunny (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Micah,” Raggedy Ann commanded, “stretch out the toes in your left foot.  Jump at the screen door’s lock so we can open the door.”  Raggedy Ann constantly wore a painted-on smile on her face, but she could be bossy if she had to be.

Micah was glad to help, because he was known to be quite an acrobat.  So with the door now unlocked, he leaped up to the door handle and pushed against it.  Energizer Bunny hopped into the living room with one big leap.

“I hear you’re having a problem with your owner?”  he asked.

“We’re worried about Debbie – but she’s not our owner.  She is actually our pet,” answered Tiger.

“Well, word gets around.  I already know she’s slowed down, she isn’t as cheerful and sunny as usual, and she’s not singing lately,”  Energizer Bunny said.

“You know, Debbie is just like me, active and full of life and has energy.  Since she represents me, it’s very important to get her back to how she was!”

So Energizer Bunny was told about what the gang decided to do to help Debbie.  They agreed to talk again soon.  Energizer Bunny then hopped up to the screen door and let himself out.

The conference the household members had just had wore them out.  They tried to stay awake but could not.

Then Debbie came home to find everyone in the same seating arrangement they had had at the meeting.

“What happened here?” she shrieked when she saw everything and everyone out of place.

Next up:   The music and sunshine come back home.


For the Young at Heart: A Bedtime Story!

English: Kelley-Bland-Ward House, County Road ...

English: Kelley-Bland-Ward House, County Road 2 (Cahaba Road, near intersection with Dallas County Road 123) vicinity, Orrville, Dallas, AL. FIREPLACE AND MANTEL (LIVING ROOM). Built in 1855 and demolished in 1945. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello again –

I was writing a new poem in my head today but then it changed into a story.  I will publish it in parts so you don’t get bogged down.  🙂

Where Did The Sunshine and Music go?

-by Debbie Loesel Stanton*

When there was a clunk and a clatter in the living room, the cats Tiger and Micah rushed down the stairs to get to the family room – to safety.  They didn’t like loud noises, especially Micah.  They were used to living in a very quiet, serene household.

When the coast was clear, the cats came back upstairs to the living room.  They wondered what had caused the noise, and then they found her.  “Her” was Raggedy Ann, who normally lived on the shelf in the study.  She had apparently jumped down and was trying to gather the music boxes from the fireplace mantel.  The clunk and clatter came from the music boxes falling to the floor, and the one Debbie bought in Switzerland, the one with the four little wooden legs, lost one of its legs.

raggedy ann

raggedy ann (Photo credit: schmish)

“Raggedy Ann!  What are you doing?!”  exclaimed Tiger, who was the eldest cat in the household.  He had been Debbie’s sentry cat for 12 years, and he thought it was his duty to know all the goings-on in the house.  “Don’t you live in the study?”

“Well, I do, but I wanted to call a meeting, right away, and you guys are invited,” she replied.  “I think Debbie is in trouble!”

“No way is Debbie in trouble,” Micah assured the others.  “I sleep with her every night when I’m not on my household adventures in the middle of the night.  I can hear her heart beating, that’s how close I sleep to her, and I would know if anything was wrong with her.”

“But I think even you are missing something,” Raggedy Ann protested.  “Lately whenever she comes into the study to work on her writing, she seems different.  Like she has gossamer angel wings and gauzy stuff over her. “

“But that’s good,” said the cats, “because she loves to write.  We don’t know if writing every day helps her to feel good, or feeling good helps her to write every day, but this is something she’s always dreamed of.  Why is this a bad thing?”

“Because Debbie doesn’t seem quite right.  She seems like she’s slowed down or something, and she’s not singing lately.  It’s like the sunshine has left!” Raggedy Ann volunteered.

So everyone got settled in for the meeting.  Micah jumped to his place on top of the loveseat.  Tiger sat on the loveseat, Raggedy Ann sat on the ottoman in front of it, and some of the music box collection sat in a row on the floor where Raggedy Ann had placed them.

Next up:  the household figures out what to do for Debbie.

*This piece of writing is not in the public domain.  Please contact author for permissions.