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Daily Prompt: Ballerina Fireman Astronaut Movie Star

Prompt book for Handel's opera Radamisto, King...

Prompt book for Handel’s opera Radamisto, King’s Theatre, London, 1720 Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Museum number: S.501-1985, Link (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The question is: what did I want to be when I was 10 years old, and what am I now?

At age 10 I wanted to be a writer
and two years later I wrote 11 pages of a book

At age 13 my writing teacher published my composition
in the city newspaper

As a kid I had seven pen pals at one time

In my college years
before personal computers came along
I wrote letters to my friends and family
in the form of a newspaper with columns

As a church secretary
I published a monthly newsletter

I continued to love words
and I read a lot of books

I journaled as an adult occasionally
but never really got into a daily habit

I started writing books in my head
and enrolled in a writing class online

After cancer disrupted my class for a year
I finished the course later

Last year I began to blog daily
and boy, has it been a fun ride!

I have a list of at least 12 books
I want to write

I am now a book reviewer
and soon to be professional proofreader

I have been in clerical work
for all of my adult life to pay the bills

but a “real” writer I am
so my dream is fulfilled daily
even though I’m not published yet


Like the First Day of School In a Good Way!

Kids bookshelf with German and American childr...

Kids bookshelf with German and American childrens books (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Picture of graves decorated with flag...

English: Picture of graves decorated with flags at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good morning!

Today in the U.S.  it’s Memorial Day.  I wish to thank all of the people who died in service to our country and the people who still serve.  Freedom is such a precious gift!

Even though it’s the informal start of summer today, I feel like it’s the first day of school – making plans for how I will spend my spare time in this new season and what I want to accomplish.  Can you tell, I loved school and college?  🙂

I want to read one new book a week.  This is possible because a) I have one bookshelf devoted entirely to books I haven’t read yet, and b) I am a speed-reader.

I want to comment on posts that I like instead of just liking them.

I want to get my spring housecleaning finished before autumn arrives!  🙂

My goal of more, good quality sleep is still on the agenda.  To be booted out:  freakish nightmare-type dreams.  Not good!

I want to work on my list of writing projects more and find an agent.

Most importantly, I want to continue my quest for antiperfectionism.  That means, I understand at the outset that I cannot possibly get all these things done, but I have a list of things to do when and if I get the chance.  🙂

Happy, happy summer!


A House Without Books Is… Empty!

Signature of Dr. Seuss

Signature of Dr. Seuss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lately while cleaning out my furnace room full of holiday decorations, I happened upon a cardboard banker’s box.  With glee I discovered the box was filled with books from Dave’s childhood and also his mother’s.  I had always planned to go through the box sometime, but somehow the books were just pushed to the far rear shelf…until today!

Yay!  Here is Dr. Seuss!  Sometimes my poems resemble his, though I never had a Dr. Seuss book of my own…here are some classics…even some short novels.  They have found a place in my bookcase in the family room.  These will never be given away or sold – they are too precious.

Books from my childhood are in the guest bedroom on shelves.  Then, there are my friend Patti’s story books from her children.   I am thinking they will go in the bookcase in my office upstairs…

I have two bookcases, and of course they are all gleaned down to only the ones that are important to me, but the cases are still full.  (I even have one shelf as the “to be read” shelf.)  I have a plan that states I will give away each book as I read it, so as to not to need three bookcases!  Lately, I haven’t been reading books, not even magazines, but only posts from my dear friends and artists on WordPress.  Perhaps, though, I can formulate a plan for my summer like last summer:  back then I read one Nancy Drew book a week until my set was all read, then I sold them.  But you know how summer goes…always lots of plans and determinations, but life gets very busy, and plans (at least mine) go awry.  But, so what that I am working fulltime and have two blogs and am exercising again and want to add tennis to the mix…I’ll have to try real hard to follow up on the reading books part!  But what a nice thing to shoot for!  🙂

As you can tell, books have always been very important to me.  They are like dear friends who comfort you on a lonely day or night, travel bureaus that can take you to places far away, and smile-bringers and relaxation managers who want you only to relax.   Yes, my home is not lacking for books.  For this reason, my house is my home, and it is never empty.

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Here’s a Great Deal!

Hi folks – Debb here.

I would recommend this book highly because I loved another book of Ken’s, “Moments in Time.” I find I can relate to his feelings that he puts forth, and the “10 Concepts” will be helpful, too, I am sure.

The Road Crew

This weekend, Saturday and Sunday,  I am making my book,  ” 10 Concepts That Can Help Improve Your Life in 10 Minutes A Day ”  free on Kindle. I am in no way trying to pass myself off as a self help expert,  far from it. I am just a guy that’s still trying to figure out life himself.  These are just 10 changes in my life that I made that helped me. Take from them what you will,  or take nothing at all.  It is after all, free.  I will include a link to the Kindle book.  And as always, thanks for your continued support.



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