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Pen Pals

A rose engine was used to produce the complex ...

A rose engine was used to produce the complex background and border patterns of early British postage stamps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Postage stamp, Coasta Rica, 1937, 2c,...

English: Postage stamp, Coasta Rica, 1937, 2c, brown, diamond shape stamp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A French 1-centime postage due stamp from 1882.

A French 1-centime postage due stamp from 1882. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Does anyone out there remember what pen pals were?  If you had a pen pal, you and they would write back and forth to each other.  Actual pens were used, and not computers or texts.   Oftentimes you didn’t know this person but would get to know them through corresponding.  When I was a girl, at one point I had seven pen pals.    One day my family took a little day trip to visit my favorite pen pal, Ann, about two hours away.  My dad had rigged up this first meeting for me, as he knew Ann and I were great buddies but had never met.  What a sweet day that was!  And how nice of my dad to get us together.  Maybe my dad understood…he liked to write letters like I did.  He got it!  🙂

Yesterday I went to the post office to mail a card to my friend Lyn in Australia.  I found out I could buy postage stamps (called “global stamps” — who knew?!)  and mail letters to her often.  Great!  Now I just need to get disciplined to write “snail mail” letters again.  But with such a good friend, how can I not?  🙂  For years now I have preached about bringing back the fine art of handwritten letters.  Though my handwriting is not a very nice specimen, I do intend to actually WRITE more letters.  I will keep you posted!  Perhaps you can respond to this post and let me know of your experiences?


“I have yet to see a cat, any cat, who has insomnia.”


I don’t know who coined that phrase, but I think it’s a former U.S. president.  This phrase is so very true, at least for my two cats!  Our cats have been known to encourage human beings to take naps; their total laziness does impart a sense of relaxation.    Meoowwww, it’s time to take a nap now…   🙂


My Morning Constitutional

English: An illustration of a European Robins ...

English: An illustration of a European Robins by Henrik Grönvold (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My walk today was wonderful –

English: Mated pair of Pileated Woodpeckers.

English: Mated pair of Pileated Woodpeckers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

not because I got a lot of thinking and planning done

but because I felt like I was on a science class trip.


I saw and heard the great Canadian geese

come back for the season and trumpet

The lone male mallard

was just standing in the middle of the street, waiting

I even saw two loons (the bird type!)

hover over one of the small ponds around here

(Apparently they live down here in the Twin Cities now

Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

instead of just up north around the lakes)


The rest of the birds

mourning dove (who didn’t mourn today)



and the rest of the regular variety

performed their own impromptu concert

They didn’t remember

that this neighborhood is known to be a quiet one

I guess I’d rather have bird songs break the quiet

and woodpeckers drilling on trees

than cars driving, music blaring

and people yakking


The ones from the amphibian world

the frogs that are always mating or dating

were still asleep – imagine that


And the weeping willow:

she was not weeping today

she is still trying to find the spring


As for my friends

I wish they were right here

but I will settle for them being in my heart

where I have a nice, comfy place for them

which I guard intensely


Dear friends,

As you greet the new day

remember I love  you

you’re never farther

than a thought away

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NaPoWriMo #23

free for use My photos that have a creative co...

free for use My photos that have a creative commons license and are free for everyone to download, edit, alter and use as long as you give me, “D Sharon Pruitt” credit as the original owner of the photo. Have fun and enjoy! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The more I wrote this poem, the more I kept thinking of “Leave it to Beaver” and his buddy Larry!


Mother said: “You won’t sled and be done
until you have some fun.”

So out he went into the cold and fell off the sled
‘Twas all because of his obtuse friend Fred

Oh, they got chilled to the bone
too cold to have an ice cream cone.

They struggled up the hill flat on their bellies
while Fred, as always, was dreaming of delis.

When they finally got to the hilltop
and in the distance saw a candy shop
Fred got so excited, he fell backwards
and landed on the farmer’s herds.

Mother’s boy had not had fun
he knew this before the day was done

More sledding would have to wait till next year

till his heart saying “Let’s go sledding!” he would hear.